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6/20/13 6:19 P

Bunnykicks, you were right on. I had a healthy snack no more than 200 calories and now I feel much better. While I might go over some on calories today, it won't be CRAZY.

It's my all or nothing thinking sneaking it's way in. My thought process goes like this "Well, if I can't stay below my calorie range then I'm not going to lose weight and all of my hard work (really only been a few days) will be down the drain. So since I can't do it perfectly, I'm going to just eat some nachos."

Not the best thought process, but that's how it has gone in the past.

Thanks for taking me off the crazy train. I'm doing much better!

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6/20/13 2:47 P

I glanced at your trackers, and you seem to be putting together some fairly well-balanced days, well within your calorie range (assuming your range is 1200-1550, as many of us seem to be assigned).

So. You've been eating less and exercising and after a few days get hit with the return of Legitimate Hunger? That's... pretty normal!

What I would recommend is DO NOT GO CRAZY and use it as a license to eat "anything and everything" in sight. If you are truly hungry, you should probably feed yourself. But feed yourself WISELY. No junk food, no cookies, no ice cream, no french fries, no Family Size box of Froot Loops. Go make yourself a smart, sensible (and delicious) snack. I'd recommend something with serious volume (like, a giant salad or a big pot of soup) to "fill the hole" and make sure it includes lots of complex carbs (veg, fruit, whole grain - NOT sugar, refined flour, potatoes), and lean protein.

You might "go over" but if you go over "sensibly" with good, nutritious food choices, you probably won't even go over by all that much. Whereas if you turn your hunger into an "excuse to go crazy" you could very easily consume thousands of calories in destructive junk before you even realized what happened. Don't go there. Feed yourself, but feed yourself WELL.

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6/20/13 2:22 P

I'm looking for tips and ideas. I'm just back on track this week after fluctuating in weight 5-7 lbs over the last 6 months. So i thought I would start tracking my food and wearing my Bodymedia armband. I'm very motivated and feeling very positive about losing weight and getting healthier.

All day today I've been hungrier and added some extra calories to breakfast and had a bigger lunch. It doesn't seem to be helping and I don't want to sabotage myself. Previously I would have just said, "Well, I'm eating too few calories and now I've messed up my metabolism. I guess I should just pig out today." It would become an excuse to go crazy.

So I'm trying to avoid that and wondering what ideas you all have for me. I plan on drinking water throughout the afternoon to keep the munchies away.

Could it be that I only have been able to exercise on Monday and haven't fit it in yesterday or today? I have my nutrition tracker public so that you can view it.

I'd love suggestions. Thanks in advance. emoticon

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