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9/16/13 4:19 P

I feel your pain with this one, although I have not lost as much as you. I have been getting bored with my routine and really feel like I need to shake some things up. I'm hoping once I do that it will help a lot. Maybe try some different foods, or even a different type of workout than you would normally do? Every little bit helps right!?

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Hello Melanie,

Good news, since at least 80% of weight loss is about nutrition and you are having time to eat, by making better food choices (whole unprocessed food) in proper proportions, you can still lose weight. Exercise truly adds to a healthy lifestyle but if you just are not fitting that in, focus on your nutrition and you can be back on track. There are also isometric exercises you could do on your hour drives to and from work.

Food is fuel, health is wealth... emoticon

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9/16/13 3:16 P

Hello all,

I have been at this weight loss game for over four years now. It's actually not a game, it's my life!!

I had lost 95 pounds and had less than twenty pounds to go to reach my goal of 160 pounds on my 5'7", very "solid" frame. However, starting about 2.5 years ago, I became very good at maintaining, and not really moving beyond that loss. It wasn't a true plateau though, because I wasn't working as hard as I had been and between work trips and holidays, would gain some and lose some. However, since about January of this year, I've put back on nearly 20 pounds and haven't been going to the gym at all.

My excuse, lame as it is, involves a sore knee (which I'm trying to get more details about) and, more likely, boredom with my routine! The trouble is, I get up at 0410 every morning to get to work, which is an hour drive each way. So getting up earlier is not an option. Lunch time is only a 1/2 so I need time to eat, not exercise. After work workouts have been best in the past, it's just getting myself to get there, that is the problem. If I get home before exercising, the exercise just doesn't seem to happen no matter how many deals, conditions, commitments I make to/with myself. The whole reverse psychology thing just isn't working these days!

At any rate, I need to get my mojo back and am looking for suggestions on what has worked for other people!! I really KNOW what I need to do, it's just DOING so that is the problem!!!


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