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12/11/12 8:44 P

Thank you for replying Coach Nancy. Yes, I do eat enough. I stay within my calorie goals that Spark People has set up for me. I also do eat enough carbs and protein both before and after my work outs. I am of a healthy weight now, so it is not that I am trying to lose a whole lot. The whole thing is very odd. If I don't stick to this particular routine of doing a 20-30 minute strength training video per day plus some running per day, I will gain weight. For example, I strayed away from the routine and did P90X for a couple months and gained 5 pounds instead of maintaining or further losing, so now I am 116. I guess at this point, I am content with my weight as I am a tiny woman to begin with. I initially joined Spark in the beginning of 2012 to go from 125 to 115 and I had accomplished that. I actually got down to 111. Now with these additional 5 pounds, I feel I am taking steps back. I am very curious as to why I experience these flu like symptoms only when I do the one routine that actually helps me lose/maintain.

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Are you eating enough? Are you refueling after your workouts with some carbs and protein?

Remember your body makes the adaptation to exercise when you are not working out so if you are not allowing enough rest time between workouts you may actually slow your progress down. Know that restricting calories and doing a lot of exercise raises our stress hormones which can actually slow our progress down.

Lastly, could it be that you are at a healthy weight and do not need to lose any more weight? Know that the number on the scale is just that--a number. It cannot and will not measure our health, fitness and wellness.

If after taking some time off and trying some carbs and protein after your workouts and you still are having issues, you may need to contact your doctor.

I hope this helps!

Coach Nancy

NICKYMARIE011 Posts: 28
12/11/12 8:17 P

I should also add, that doing a Jillian video per day PLUS running seems to give me the best results. It's a big bummer that I can only get great results by doing a routine that makes me feel ill.

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12/11/12 8:13 P

Lately, I have been noticing that after workout's I can barely function. I tend to get so sore and experience flu like symptoms. This ONLY happens when I do a Jillian Michaels video PLUS a 30-40 minute run in one day. I wonder if I am over training or if I am over working my body and this is why I am so sore and feel sick. When I was doing a P90X video per day and not running, I did not experience these symptoms. It's hard for me to find a happy medium, I cannot figure out if I should stick to Jillian videos plus running and deal with the painful symptoms or just run or just do P90X. I also wonder if I should work out every other day instead of every day so my body can heal. If I do that, then I feel like I am not getting enough calorie burn per week as I only burn about 350 calories per day running and doing a Jillian video. I just want to lose these 5 pounds lol, sometimes I feel like it's a constant battle!

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