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7/16/13 10:35 A

I know this feeling. I've experienced it A LOT.

In the end, NOBODY cares.

I was never worried that someone would "see me" and laugh or anything. It's that I would get in someone's way, or not "know the ropes". Found a gym (Planet Fitness) that's really aggressive about being 'non judgemental'. I'll leave the debate about whether they go too far to others. But when I got there, I found that my knowledge from reading stuff on Sparkpeople and a few high school/college gym classes that I was far more knowledgeable than most people there.

As for going outside and running (which I'd never really done), my natural route is along a road with a huge shoulder for biking/running/walking. Lots of people. I figure as long as I stayed out of people's way (staying to the right), I'd be fine. I was more than fine.

You'll find all these weird things like how runners acknowledge runners. Most will wave/smile/nod at you. Some will make supportive comments. It's kind of fun, actually.

Interestingly, though, as I've trained for a triathlon, I've been running and biking. Cyclists around here acknowledge cyclists, but not runners. And runners acknowledge runners, but not cyclists. It's kind of funny. And tracking those kinds of observations give me something to think about when I'm out there.

Just did my first tri and was really worried about the unwritten rules. While there are some, (stay to the right), pass quickly, don't spread your stuff into other people's area in the transition area....they're pretty common sense.

Sure, there's a few joe pros who aren't as "friendly" as the huffers and puffers like me. But they're not "unfriendly" either. They've got lots of friends and fellow competitors they've seen around a lot and they tend to interact together.

I met lots of people, and we shared a lot of our stories about our journeys. Coming across them on the route was a blast. High fiving and supportive cheering.

Get out there. Pretty soon, you'll be the 'judgemental' one, getting grumpy about people who don't control their dogs on biking/running/walking trails, or walk on one side...letting their dog walk the on the other side where the leash then creates the perfect decapitation device for the unwary jogger/biker. Or the people who walk 3 abreast on a fairly crowded trail.

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7/16/13 10:15 A

The high school girls will only be looking at the high school boys and the high school boys will only be looking at the high school girls. When I see people exercising, I admire them no matter what size they are. People may be looking at you because they admire you and no other reason. Have a good run!

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7/16/13 10:07 A

The only people whose opinions of me that have any impact on me are the people I care about. I do not care what a total stranger thinks about me so they are free to think what they want about me. But given that people do have thoughts about you it might be that they see you out on the track and admire you for getting out there and giving it a go. If someone happens to have negative thoughts then their opinion does not really matter anyways. Do not let that one negative person hold you back from pursuing your dreams.

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7/15/13 11:46 P

I was completely tempted to give a one word response just because people did it twice just to get points...what is with that. Seriously, do you even read the posts before you give a one word response? At any rate, I feel you. I used to have complete social anxiety to do anything in front of anyone. I was afraid I would look stupid, or I wouldn't be good enough, or I would be encroaching on someone's space, or the list goes on and on and on....mostly I hate being humiliated in any way around other people (or even perceived humiliation). So, long story short, I know how you feel. The only way to get over it is to just do it. Or, get a buddy to go with you, and have the buddy go in first, LOL.

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7/15/13 11:28 P

Not at all!!!!

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7/15/13 9:47 A


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7/12/13 8:30 A

What do you mean in trouble, how can that get you in trouble when your school taxes pays the teachers & any other thing ,tax dollars built that school & if any thing needs to be worked on at the school.
This is what you do you go run that track & run it like you own it because you do own a a piece of it with school tax dollars !!!!!!
Why are you allowing fear to stop you, you think for one moment in time if I owned a piece of something I would not use it?????????????????????? You get out there today & emoticon with the breeze in your hair & the sweat dripping down then go take a cool shower & as you are standing in the shower grin like a mule eating thistles because you did it.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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7/10/13 3:02 P

no? what the heck does that mean? Just getting your points?

Most all high school tracks are open to the public and are heavily used by walkers and runners to get their workout. I used to walk 12 laps daily. That shouldn't be a concern. Just do it when teams are not practicing.

If you are self conscious, I would question your fitness. Timing how fast you can run should not be a motive unless you are already up to running. If you haven't worked up to running you risk injury in that one mile. I've never been a runner, but I can walk a very fast 4 miles.

SDGAMBLE Posts: 637
7/10/13 2:44 P


7/10/13 2:05 P

Just Do IT!

But please remember to wear clothes, that'll get you into trouble a.s.a.p.! believe me, I KNOW!

OBIESMOM2 SparkPoints: (255,047)
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7/10/13 2:01 P

here's the deal - just about everybody is too self absorbed to pay any attention to anyone else. AND the folks at the track are pretty much all there for the same reason as you - to get some exercise

take a DEEP breath. Get some good tunes playing on your MP3. And JUST DO IT!

you'll never regret trying to get in some exercise. You'll just about ALWAYS regret that you didn't.

KDRICH24 Posts: 267
7/10/13 1:46 P

I don't know why but I have wanted to go to the highschool track that is out side and time myself running a mile and I'm really nervous that I will interrupt someone or that Im gonna get in trouble. SO DUMB

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