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10/8/11 1:21 P

When I am feeling really hungry, I usually want something sweet. I love to eat a special K fruit crisp. crunchy, sweet and only 100 calories!!

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10/8/11 10:23 A

My way of thinking is if you are hungry--really physically, tummy grumbling, hungry, you need to eat something. And I don't know about you, but an apple or a glass of water doesn't cut it. It helps me if I have something with protein, a glass of milk, crackers or rice cake with peanut butter (maybe with a FEW chocolate chips). Yummy, not too many calories, AND you're no longer hungry! Keep on keeping on!

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10/8/11 12:19 A

This is something i think a lot of people have an issue with including myself! I like to get something that takes me a little time to eat like an apple or sometimes i like to get a glass of low fat milk and that helps too. Dont feel bad about eating if you are hungry go get something to eat just watch the portion size and grab something healthy :)

10/7/11 11:46 P

That happens to me a lot! So I end up eating lots of filling veggies or soups. If I really want something sweet still I will have a bowl of fruit and milk. But still try to stay within your calories or all that working out will not help with weight loss though it will make you stronger!

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10/7/11 11:27 P

I'm so hungry on days that I work out. I am sitting here and my stomach is growling. I already had a snack a little bit ago and I drank 2 big glasses of water. Does this happen to anyone else? I just recently started doing cardio and on the past 2 days I've done it, I've starved all day. That's good right? Does that mean my metabolism is increasing? I'm kind of worried because I feel a binge coming on. I mean I want to eat the entire bag of chocolate chips that I know is hiding in my pantry. It is taking all I have not to eat a ton. I guess when losing weight, you're supossed to be hungry, but I'm so annoyed. I'm so afraid of failure. I seem to fail every diet and I am really concentrating on getting healthier and losing weight. I do not want to fail. What can I do to help these feeling stay away? I AM STARVING!!

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