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8/24/12 5:47 P

I've been a loyal Magic Bullet user for years....but I burned out my second one this week. (That's out of 15 years, so really not too bad for a cheapish appliance.) I love it for single serve recipes. I mainly used it for protein smoothies and making homemade nut butters. I could never master chunky salsa in it though. I am going to switch to the Ninja. One of my friends has one and literally put a shoe in it. The thing totally shredded the shoe. I'm hoping the Ninja will be easier to clean, and that the sealing mechanism will hold up better than the Bullet's.

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6/14/12 3:09 P

Thanks, you have really been helpful with me deciding which machine to purchase.

5/29/12 10:37 A

I received a magic bullet for Christmas and it's okay. I hate and love the ability to make individual smoothies. (I'd rather dirty one blender than multiple containers, but my daughter and I never agree on ingredients-so it's good for us.) It has power and crushes (blends) ice and frozen fruits like a champ. I haven't tried nuts or veggies in it yet though.

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5/26/12 6:51 P

I had a magic bullet for a long time, but felt like I need a larger capacity container. SO I bought the Ninja pro AND just love it. It's got various sized containers AND the motor is so powerful! It does an awesome job!

Good luck making your choice!

5/26/12 1:56 P

I purchased the Nutribullet about 3 weeks ago and I absolutely love it! I make drinks with spinach, strawberries, pineapple, bananas and even avocado. They are smooth and delicious. I also add almonds or walnuts. The drinks are green but they taste like the fruit. Mine came with a hardback book that shows what different ingredients do for the body. Since I got my Nutribullet, four of my friends and family have also purchased it.

5/24/12 12:24 A

I have checked out the Nutribullet and the limited Ninja professional if I was to purchase one, it would be the Ninja. Why? Ninja is more powerful and versitile. The Ninja warranty is 5yrs! You may pay a little more but in the long run I think its worth it!

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5/22/12 4:40 A

i am a ninja addict. I had a Hamilton Bead Food Processor that I was completely in love with until my DB and SIL got me the ninja for Christmas. I remember opening this thing on Chirstmas morning thinking "wha am i ever gonna use that for?". Was i WRONG! I use this thing for EVERYTHING and the poor hamilton beach is like a sad ex-boyfriend sitting on the shelf. My 13 yo daughter also uses it regularly to make milkshakes! I wouldn't use a bullet simply for the fact that they don't look like they hold nearly as much...

4/15/12 4:08 P

I thank you all for your responses, they are helpful. I saw a infomercial today for the latest thing called the NutriBullet. Supposedly leaves no debris when pulverizing nuts, veggies etc.which is basically what I am looking to do as I cannot chew nuts or some veggies. Does anybody use their nija or billets for the same thing or have any of you tried the nutribullet?


2/20/12 3:17 P

Have never used either, but after reading through some of these posts, I am convinced that I need a Ninja.

YORKITEER Posts: 353
2/12/12 11:59 P

Thank you for the info on the Ninja. I did get it and am making the smoothies. It's going well and I'm glad I made that choice! I do add a little cold water and it is good. The texture is different but doable especially when you are telling yourself the good stuff you're putting in your body! It does also seem to keep me full for a while when I have it with a low calorie meal. Thanks!

LENKA763 Posts: 2,395
2/4/12 11:47 P

bullet broke down and I have hamilton beach food processor that does the job

2/4/12 7:01 P

I have both. As a matter of fact, I have everything (thanks to wedding showers and years of family gift exchanges)... Ninja, Bullet, old (yet still totally good) Juiceman Jr, food processor, Krups blender, hand mixer, hand chopper, and my good old fashioned knives (which I still prefer for chopping veggies). That said, I *definitely* like the Ninja over the Bullet. I saved the Ninja receipt, in case it ended up not being that much better of a solution, but am keeping it.

While neither is a juicer by far, the Ninja does make a *smoother* smoothie. I use Garden Of Life RAW sprouted grain vegan protein powder in my smoothies, which always remained a little chalky in my Bullet. I got used to it, but it was never really pleasing. The Ninja, however, pulverizes this stuff into a much smoother consistency one would expect from typical protein powders. WIN! I can only imagine how much nicer typical protein powder drinks come out (I highly recommend Healthy N Fit 100% Whey Pro Amino, if you use dairy - it's good, smooth, packed, and uses stevia instead of sugar or unnatural sugar substitutes).

In addition, if you don't want to go through the mess of using a real juicer, and don't want to spend the moolah on a Vitamix blender, you can get a juice-like drink out of the Ninja by adding some water to your mix. Ice is great, and you'll probably want some, but the Ninja turns too much ice into a very good, finely crushed snowcone consistency, which isn't exactly "juicy" (but awesome for snowcones!). Add a little water, and the consistency will be more like what you expect from juice.

Oh, and the Ninja that comes with a whisk, dough paddle, and larger blender jug - great for all the extra things, yet small enough to leave out on the counter for frequent use making drinks, smoothies, soups, sauces, etc.

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YORKITEER Posts: 353
2/1/12 2:58 P

I am thinking about the ninja to make veg/fruit juices. I want all the goodie in the drink so I don't want a juicer. Anyone using one for this and have comments?

1/26/12 3:11 P

I've had my Ninja over a year and it is used about 4x a week, every week and I've never had any problem with pieces coming off in food. It still works and looks like new basically.. I do have the first Ninja that is blue and blue/gray colors not the newer back one so maybe the newer one is cheaper made? I also use our magic bullet all the time without issues.. I've never tried juicing with either of them since I also have a Jack LaLane Power Juicer so I can't help with the juicing questions. I know I did try it at first with the bullet and it didn't go well, plus cleanup kinda sucked! emoticon

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1/15/12 12:45 P

Be careful with the Ninja. I bought one about a year ago and loved it, but found people complaining about the plastic part that holds the blades breaking down and getting into the food. That's exactly what happened to me after using it about a dozen times. They replaced the part, but I'm afraid to use it for any foods -- I just chop ice in it so that I can pick the black pieces out! I found many complaints on the internet and although it has a lifetime warranty all they do is send you another of he same parts that could do the same in a short period of time.

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9/25/11 12:18 P

I have the magic bullet and the magic bullet express. love the way they work, but the juicer is poorly made. it has plastic "notches" that hold the blade/extracter in place, which clooged and broke. good thing that the rest of the machine works still. i have purchased a cheep wally world one for $50. a GE and it works great. i still use the magic bullet for smoothies and its just fine.

KELEKONA Posts: 605
7/15/11 2:04 P

I use a rocket blender, cheaper than the magic bullet, and it's pretty much only good for pureeing. (If I overblended my spinach smoothies, the spinach seemed to turn into hair.)

Some people are going to wear out their blenders no matter if they get an industrial one, some can use the cheapest available and have it last a decade.

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7/15/11 9:08 A

i was planning on getting the baby bullet so i can make my sons baby food since he will start eating next month, but then my older sister told me why not get the bullet ninja and i told her i wanted to get the things that came with the baby bullet. At the end i decided to get the bullet ninja, not only cause my sister told me it was way better than the magic bullet, it was the price also. It would have cost me a little over $100 just for the baby bullet with shipping included, and for the bullet ninja i just have to go to a local store and buy one for $40 + less that the baby bullet! i also wanted to know if it was has good as my sister told me and according to what people have said on here it will be a definite purchase! emoticon

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7/12/11 6:30 P

The Ninja Professional (newest largest one) is phenominal! It crushes anything in a minute! Makes perfects shakes, salsa, even bread dough!

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6/7/11 5:23 P

magic bullet!

6/7/11 12:34 P

So glad i found this thread... I just bought a Ninja Professional blender. Its only a blender and i can'd buy additional pieces for it.

Any tips for making green smoothies? I like to put greens and seeds in my smoothies and I am not getting a good result with the Ninja.


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5/27/11 10:29 A

I have the ninja and love it! It makes my nutritional shakes so smooth! If your looking for a great nutritional shake check out my website, these shakes taste like cake batter that you can add so many flavors to so that you don't get bored with the same flavors over and over. I can give you lots of recipes for them if you want. It's a highly reputable company backed by Blyth Inc. and was created by top doctors and scientists. I think you'll love it!!!

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5/10/11 6:00 P

Well, I got the recipe book. YAAAYYY!!!! BUT! WOW! Those recipes are going to need a little work to get them within a calorie range that I will eat. lol! I probably should have expected that, but honestly, for some reason, it never occurred to me. It IS a good 'jumping off' place though, so I'm up for the challenge!

Phatgirl, I don't know if the dough paddle is available for a smaller version, but I hope you find one!

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5/10/11 1:01 P

I have the "baby" ninja! I got it from wal-mart as did my best friend. I am looking for recipes:-) lol i make smoothies & iced lattes:-) I wonder if i could get the dough blade (the one that comes with the 1100 model!) for mine! i would love to make my own pizza dough & i love baking so i would use it for everything emoticon

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5/3/11 3:58 A

I have owned both. I love my ninja!!! My magic bullet broke, the seal broke. The bottom of the attachment broke. I've had my ninja for over a year and the blades are still so sharp. It shredds through ice like it did when I first bought it.

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4/13/11 5:57 P

I found where I can purchase the recipe book and ordered it. It will, hopefully, be here in a week or so. At that time, I will be trying some of the dough recipes and let you know what I think. :)

KISSFAN1 Posts: 6,257
4/13/11 5:45 P

I don't have either one, but had thought about buying one of them so I am appreciative of this thread. I hate to buy anything without reading reviews first because I have limited space in my home and have to really think through any purchase I make.

4/13/11 5:12 P

I am thinking about getting one of these machines. Has anyone used the dough feature. I love making bread and have an industrial size Cuisinart mixer, but sometimes would like a smaller batch. How does it do? Are the blades/paddles easy to change out? Is it easy to clean? Is it easy to get to much dough in it that you wind up having a mess? Thanks for any info.

LEAHLEGS Posts: 184
3/8/11 4:14 P

I've had the magic bullet and I'm not a fan. The seals broke! Plus it had such a small capacity. I recommend the small Cuisinart instead. It can take on much more projects, doesn't take up any more counter space, and is only a little more money. They're built to last too.

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3/7/11 2:57 P

So glad to have found this thread. I've been trying to decide if I should by the Ninja or not. I don't have a Bullet either but used to have an oscar and loved it. I was afraid to fall into the whole, if it sounds too good then it probably is, senerio.
Thanks all, looks like I have an order to make!

2/15/11 11:44 P

I have the Magic Bullet. It works great and I have had it for years.

WILLOWCAT1 SparkPoints: (17,746)
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2/5/11 7:20 P

I have the latest model, the Ninja Kitchen System 1100. I LOVE it so far (I've had it for about 3 wks). The blades are SOOO sharp (they kind of scare me! LOL!) It has done fantastically on everything I've tried in it. Here are my notes so far...

- Smoothies are VERY smooth and wonderful!
- Watch it if you chop veggies in it, or it will juice them! (if it does, just make soup- lol!)
- It did leave some bits and pieces (small) of raw kale that I put into a smoothie, I probably was impatient, though (I didn't mind, I just chewed a tiny bit, at least it was getting kale into me!)
- It could care less if you use frozen fruits or veggies, it will blend them right in to whatever else is in there :)
- does great with guacamole if you like a very smooth guac. I like mine chunkier, so I'll watch it a little more closely next time. (hey, I'm still learning)
- this thing really IS very powerful!
- the construction seems to be very good
- very easy to use and a snap to clean :)
- has very good safety features to keep you from making a complete mess (locking canisters, and won't start unless the lid is locked on properly)
- doesn't take up much room on the counter top (I keep mine right by my stove in my tiny kitchen, so I can chop up a bunch of veggies in there(with no mess or extra counter space)and add them right into whatever I'm making - works GREAT!)
- using frozen fruit makes the consistency of ice cream depending on the amount of liquid you use. (Its too cold for me to make ice cream now, but come summer??? I'll be ALL over that!!)

My only regret is not buying it from the infomercial so I would get the recipe book. Anyone know where I can find all of the recipes? Their web site only has a few, and I REALLY want to try everything!

I hope that helps :)

1/12/11 8:10 P

I am glad I found this thread....

Now that it has been a while, I wonder if anyone has any new information....

My nutritionist has suggested that I start having protein, I need a blender, as mine died a slow miserable death years ago...

Now, I am more interested in buying something that can also chop and make things like omelets and such.....

My question is.....does anyone use either of these products? How are they? Which do you think it better?

My friend has a Magic Bullet, and she loves it, but she just got it, and is not much of a cook, and does not have anything to compare it to, I believe this is even her first blender....I have heard from another friend that the Ninja is way better....

Any information at all would be great!

GABRIELLE42 Posts: 11,023
7/19/10 4:10 P

I just bought the Magic Bullet and have been enjoying using it. So far I have chopped onions, scrambled eggs, made a smoothie and chopped walnuts. If you follow the directions it works well. After I had chopped the walnuts, I read that you should only chop 1/2 cup at a time to get even pieces. I had tried a full cup and part was finer chopped than the rest. I'll do it right the next time.

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7/15/10 11:39 A

I use mine to chop the pepper and onions for fresh salsa. It gives it a nice fine chop. You have to watch it though, you can go from salsa to soup very quickly.

3BUTTONS1 Posts: 27
7/15/10 11:34 A

So far the Ninja has been great for making smoothies. I bought it hoping to replace my blender and food processor with just one gadget. Have not tried it for food processing yet but the ad says it is great for chopping also.

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7/11/10 10:42 P

I love my magic bullet!

4/13/10 12:32 P

I just bought a Ninja the other day when my blender decided to die. I have been using it daily to make smoothies to take care of my ice cream fix. I use 1 cup soy milk, 4 or 5 ice cubes, a dash of vanilla and a Tbls of SF FF pudding mix. All whipped up together, it makes a great shake. The Ninja has two blades so it makes the ice super fine. In the mornings, I mike 1 cup soy milk, 4-5 ice cubes, 1 Tbls SF International coffee mocha mix and a tsp of instant espresso mix. Mcdonalds can keep their mocha frap. emoticon

SRSAMSON Posts: 823
4/8/10 6:05 P

I had a pretty horrible experience w/ my bullet. Got it as a gift from my M-I-L and used it for a while. It was "ok" for most applications. The juicer left a lot to be desired and the spindle broke within a year. When I tried to get replacment parts, I was basically told it's out of warranty, best of luck. When I said that I would be willing to buy them, I was then told that there were no parts and a replacment base was $80. No thanks.

I, personally, would be very reluctant to buy either one ever again.

TAQUITO6 Posts: 9
4/8/10 1:14 P

It's interesting to read all of you that say you love your Magic Bullet. My husband and I registered for one for our wedding and got it, but we couldn't really get it to do anything! We have a Little Oscar chopper and a regular blender and went back to using those. I didn't have success at all with the Bullet. Maybe it's what I was trying to make? What do you use yours for? I've never seen the Ninja.

JUNEAU2010 SparkPoints: (246,283)
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3/18/10 7:09 P

I've never heard of the Ninja, but I LOVE my Magic Bullet. I even bought some attachments that were not available whne I bought mine - a juicer and something else on Ebay. The website for Magic bullet did not allow me to buy "parts"!

3/16/10 11:06 P

Thanks everyone. I might just give the new Ninja a try, even though I've been a loyal bullet user.. Bullet is still going though so it might be awhile.. emoticon

AURORA629 Posts: 2,393
3/16/10 8:23 P

I never tried the bullet, but I have the Ninja now and I love it. I looked up lots of reviews before buying it and just about all of the reviews were very positive.

3/16/10 1:37 P

I had a Magic Bullet, but it burned out soon making Margaritas, and smoothies!

I know have the Ninja and I LOVE IT!!It does most everything the Bullet does, but a bit better as it had more blades to makes things smoother. The other thing I like is that it comes with a small miixing jar and a large pitcher so I can make smoothies and salsa at the same time!


MSSIS2 Posts: 480
3/16/10 12:25 P

I love the Magic Bullet, use it often and it makes the perfect amount quickly.

CAMELIA23 Posts: 4
3/16/10 8:53 A

I haven't heard of the ninja, but I have a magic bullet and it rules! I use it daily and have had for over a year now; it still works as if brand new

LADY_RAINE Posts: 38
3/16/10 2:06 A

We loooooove our Ninja! The blades make the perfect smoothie.
My daughter watched the infomercial after we bought it, and she said that every claim they made was true.

3/15/10 10:38 P

Well, I guess you know what she is doing for a living, lol! That's kinda funny. emoticon

ANTJANE Posts: 27
3/15/10 10:03 A

I saw those infomercials as well for the Ninja; the funny thing is that the woman on the ad was my High School Homecoming Queen...
I haven't tried it yet... I am holding out for a VitaMix...

3/13/10 9:17 P

I've been a faithful user of the Magic bullet for years, I love it! BUT, I've seen infomercials on the new Ninja. My question is, has anyone switched from the magic bullet to the Ninja and your feelings on it.. Is it better? the same? not as good? My bullet is going to need to be replaced soon and wondering which would be better. Thanks to any and all who can help! Lisa

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