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2/6/10 11:57 P

When entering foods on the nutrition planner, I type in Fiber one Bar, and have to wade thru a list, that's not even alphbetized..Can you alphabetize from what is entered to make it easier to make a selection. Not all the brands are listed, and for instance, "steak" gives me only 2 choices..I had rib eye steak..home made. But the choices were only flank, and t-bone?
Thank you

SILLYBERRY Posts: 1,321
2/6/10 11:46 P

I would LOVE to be able to search foods shared by other members based upon the measurement type (oz, grams, etc)

I generally track based on grams, so it would be nice (and save a lot of time!) to only see the foods that use that measurement.

BASKETLADY6 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 5,769
2/6/10 6:13 P

how about earning Spark Points for responding with a comment or I like this on the My Friend Feed? (limit of p point each, up to 5 per day)

GBOOMER Posts: 6,967
2/6/10 6:48 A

It would nice to be able to post larger photos in our blog posts.

The personal relationships we develop here by posting blogs, reading other peoples' blogs and commenting, etc. would be enhanced by bigger and therefore clearer pictures. It is always nice to SEE each other. Right now, looking at peoples pictures feels like having vision problems because the pictures are so low resolution.

It isn't like they would have to be that much bigger. The limit could be just big enough to fill a screen.

And, if we couldn't post them on Spark, alternately, it would be nice to be able to insert our pictures from other sites, such as our Flickr photos, etc.

MOM210 SparkPoints: (0)
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2/5/10 9:10 P

As for the button at the top to see the original question in a thread... I always just change to sort first post on top instead of sort most recent post on top. It's on the right hand top of the message boards.

TIGGS99 SparkPoints: (0)
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2/4/10 10:58 P

I would like to turn on/off the meal plan per meal instead of the whole day. I like to do just cereal for breakfast, but it throws off my shopping list then because it adds those items on it.

2/4/10 8:10 P

I would like to be able to email my weekly food plan, rather than printing it out. Then I can read it off-line from my ipod Touch. It would save on paper. Currently I am taking a screen shot of each day and mailing it to myself instead.

LCDM83 SparkPoints: (44,800)
Fitness Minutes: (68,638)
Posts: 3,217
2/2/10 8:00 P

I would like to have a spot to log fitness minutes that are difficult exercises to detail- for example, I did a strength training video today and do not remember all the moves, but I know I did 20 minutes of upper body strength training that I would like to be logged onto my fitness minutes.

GENIE118 Posts: 732
2/2/10 6:52 P

I would like to have web site on my local time. I live in Arizona, so when I'm entering my food and exercise at 10 p.m., the web site suddenly changes to the next day because it runs on EST. Often I don't get to finish my daily accomplishments because of the time change.
Thanks for an excellent site - regardless!!

2/2/10 4:21 P

andiegor1 that would be one for me too!

RD03875 SparkPoints: (413,744)
Fitness Minutes: (158,566)
Posts: 36,592
2/2/10 9:36 A

A larger, visible Delete button on my SparkMail page at the TOP of the inbox where I can just click the box and hit delete if I don't want to read the e-mail rather than having to scroll to the bottom of the page and TRY to find it.

ANDIEGOR1 Posts: 131
2/1/10 2:28 P

I would like to be able to save a recipe someone else posted and then tweak it. So far the only way have figured out how to do this is to re-enter it.

COVINGTON69 Posts: 328
2/1/10 11:36 A

I'd like for a different type of calorie counter where I just enter the food I eat for the day instead of trying to find it. I eat relatively healthy and sometimes I can't seem to find what I'm looking for.

SEEMERUN25 Posts: 117
2/1/10 7:22 A

How great would it be if once in a blue moon every possibility on the SPARK login wheel was 20 points! It would make my day. :)

RUTHKB2 Posts: 134
1/28/10 9:02 P

I have an idea--to have different options for "serving size." It currently gives you oz, cups, etc., but sometimes it would be nice to say "pieces," or "item." Like if you have homemade cupcakes--you have to remember that one cupcake is one serving, because all you can record in the nutrition info for "entering an item not listed" is "one serving = 1 serving," or I have to weigh my cupcake. It would also help when using things other people have entered into the nutrition tracker--I don't know what they mean by "one serving." Some people put amounts in the title of their food, but others don't.

1/27/10 3:01 P

virtual weight loss model.

TRIGFROST SparkPoints: (0)
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1/27/10 1:48 A

Words in { }...Examples: Praying for you...Recipe...
Person on a walking Path...
Ribons {say) 2nd. 3th. 4th. 5th...
Cereal Box, Crackers, Slice of Bread...
less baby stuff,

also-- Daily Spark com {to copy articles theres)
and to get Points for them...

also-- More points for Spark-Book "Chapters"--When you are reading them...I run out to quickly....

Also-- My emails points...not enough either....

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FERRETLOVER1 SparkPoints: (442,900)
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1/26/10 8:33 A

Online Now  • ))
I would like to see more rewards for those of us who have reached our goal and are still maintaining.

JANETL1 Posts: 397
1/26/10 7:59 A

I have discovered the "Stay on Track" calendar under reports and love it! It lets me see calories and fitness minutes every day of the month at a glance, and I can click on the calories to go directly to a day if I see I forgot to enter fitness minutes.

I'd love to also be able to add daily steps to the display on this calendar.

CGREEN717 Posts: 1,090
1/22/10 9:38 P

I'd like to be able to select numerous friends at one time and put a comment on their page without having to go to each individual page. I also don't like the fact that I'm limited to subscribing to 100 blogs at a time. I have over 200 friends and every last one of them is equally important to me.

AHAPPYLIFE SparkPoints: (107,411)
Fitness Minutes: (110,534)
Posts: 5,579
1/21/10 6:56 P


I'd like to see what muscles each exercise targets on the Exercise Demos menu page, instead of having to click on each exercise.

Also, I'd like links in the Exercise Demos section for workouts by different equipment, like in my signature below -- I found these accidentally and bookmared them, but wonder if there are more.

FITVALGAL SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (52,708)
Posts: 2,490
1/21/10 2:05 P

I'd like to see what muscles each exercise targets on the Exercise Demos menu page, instead of having to click on each exercise.

Also, I'd like links in the Exercise Demos section for workouts by different equipment, like in my signature below -- I found these accidentally and bookmared them, but wonder if there are more.

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1/20/10 5:38 P

What are Canadian Foods?

1THIRTY3 Posts: 308
1/20/10 12:08 P

would love to at very least be able to update my status via the iphone app- even better would be to blog.

SEEMERUN25 Posts: 117
1/19/10 7:26 A

I would really appreciate more Canadian foods in the nutrition finder. How do foods get added? Is there a place to recommend certain brands? I am pleased to see that there is more President's Choice and Tim Horton's foods.

AHAPPYLIFE SparkPoints: (107,411)
Fitness Minutes: (110,534)
Posts: 5,579
1/18/10 9:23 P

I'd like a column in the nutrition section to keep track of points for the Weight Watchers diet. SP doesn't have to keep this info in their database with the food (unless SP really wants to :) ). This is a good sound program that millions of people follow but it can be expensive for both online and group meetings.

I sent a message to my team leader this morning because I couldn't find a way to put in this request to the website. Other than board posts, there's no way to contact SparkPeople. Did I miss something here?

1/18/10 5:48 P

A general "Sugar" category in the nutritional tracker for people following the Belly Fat Cure.

LISAINSEATTLE SparkPoints: (15,485)
Fitness Minutes: (7,196)
Posts: 296
1/18/10 4:25 P

I would love to have the ability to calculate calories burned on different activities without adding them to the tracker. Because once you add the tracker you are awarded points and even if you delete the exercise the points remain in the total tally. That feels like cheating to me.

LOGOULD SparkPoints: (111,310)
Fitness Minutes: (64,191)
Posts: 4,494
1/18/10 1:11 P

I'd like a place I could go at the end of the day when I'm just a few grams shy on protein or carbs etc to find what I could add to get my balanced nutrients in .

OLYMPIAN18 Posts: 17
1/17/10 11:33 P

i'm with you coolbreeze...i never know what veggies and fruits are half cup serving sizes and what ones are a full cup...or if a banana is one serving or 2 ect ect

DEBBRUCE SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (2,590)
Posts: 105
1/17/10 7:08 P

I'd like to see a kosher category of recipes.

ANGELA_SKS_78 Posts: 15
1/17/10 5:52 P

This is more for Sparkrecipies, but I would like to search recipies by ingredient. Something similar to recipezaar, but with the Spark! touch.

BANUELOS2148 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (5,182)
Posts: 662
1/17/10 5:49 P

I would still like to have the ability to just post my calories for the day without putting in a food/meal-just the c's. I already journal my food intake. I wonder how other sparkies do it? I just don't like re-writing all my data.

REBUILDFIT Posts: 2,725
1/17/10 4:44 P

I have a lot of Spark Friends and I feel like I miss out on what is happening with a lot of them if I don't check the Friend feed every 5 minutes...So, I'd like to option to "view older posts" on the Friend Feed. I don't want to miss important things like blogs and status updates anymore! It would be amazing!

HMILLY2020 Posts: 587
1/17/10 3:01 P

I would like to see SP Meal Plans with things I may already have at home..have more basic chicken dishes or ground beef dishes. Please remember that some of us either don't have the time to cook for more than an hour or some of us are just bad cooks (like me).

JENNYMC7 Posts: 532
1/17/10 12:39 P

Still exploring, don't know what changes I would make yet.

RD03875 SparkPoints: (413,744)
Fitness Minutes: (158,566)
Posts: 36,592
1/17/10 5:10 A

NWFL59- you can do that. There is a "button" on the right hand side of each individual post that says "Sorting Last Post on Top" If you click that, then I think it will post the original question first.

COOLBREEZE SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (24,694)
Posts: 60
1/17/10 12:02 A

I would love to see the system add my fruits and veggies for me in the nutrition area. Since I can't seem to ever figure out how much is a serving of whatever it is I eat. With the difference in grams, ounces, cups, Tbs. Thank you emoticon

LEE2151 Posts: 57
1/16/10 11:24 P

I'd like a way to directly access my blog without having to go through my SP page.

NWFL59 Posts: 6,141
1/16/10 8:15 P

As someone earlier said " would like to see the original post and/or question for a message board be listed at the top so that if you want to join a message board that's been going on for a while you don't have to browse to the very beginning." emoticon

1/16/10 7:07 P

I like the idea of getting SP points for reaching goals.

1/16/10 7:04 P

I know that there is the "goal/"streak counter" but I would love it if this could be expanded or another screen could be added where you could plan rewards that you plan on giving yourself for reaching the small goals or streaks. Example Lose 5lbs = Pedicure. Stick to exercise plan for one month=new work out clothes or SP purchase. Maybe something where it gives you examples to choose from (for both the goal and the reward) and also where you can type in your own.

RUSTYSHAW1 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (12,615)
Posts: 1,605
1/16/10 4:40 P

I am really enjoying the exercise videos. I know how to pace myself; adjust movements; etc. However, some 'more mature' members (like me, TEE HEE) might appreciate a second person demonstrating the lower intensive/modified exercises. We may feel like spring chickens inside but our 'bod's' might not be ready for some of the workouts. I realize modifications are being done however, one exercise, jumping, is not possible for many people. I love SP and suspect as you all keep growing, more options will become available. Yup, I bought the SP book and LOVE it. WAY TO GO! Thank you and keep on Sparking for us.

RONIROO2U SparkPoints: (15,925)
Fitness Minutes: (18,339)
Posts: 412
1/16/10 2:31 P

How about some sort of award or points for REACHING YOUR WEIGHT LOSS GOAL?! SparkPeople is so good at providing tools for weight loss but hardly recognizes or acknowledges when you've finally hit your goal! Do they not expect people to reach their goals? I would also like to see some sort of "maintenance (sp)" program for those who have reached their goal.

1/16/10 2:07 P

Seeing when peoples birthdays are...just the month and day.

TSCHNEIDER527 Posts: 538
1/15/10 11:21 P

I would like to see the original post and/or question for a message board be listed at the top so that if you want to join a message board that's been going on for a while you don't have to browse to the very beginning.

LIBRAWN24 Posts: 1,049
1/14/10 1:17 A

I would love to see the ablitiy to blog on your SP page from SP mobile. Sometimes bloggin makes all the difference in how the rest of my days go if I am feeling blah... I know there's the support there. If you try to get onto the regular SP site it take forever trying to load the pages. If there was a simplier version straight to your sp page that would post the blogs just like your workouts and calorie counts that would be awesome!

1THIRTY3 Posts: 308
1/13/10 10:32 P

wow, you just made my day with that!

SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 42,369
1/13/10 3:46 P

You can actually do both 1 and 2.

Click on the item and it will open up the window where you can change the quantity and save it. To change the meal category it is in, you can select that from the drop down menu and save it.

I'll pass along your feedback for #3 though.

I hope that helps!

Coach Denise

1THIRTY3 Posts: 308
1/13/10 3:28 P

1.) an "Edit quantity" button. Say I innacurately put in 2 cups of soy milk when I meant 1. Or, I put everything into my tracker ahead of time and actually ate less or more of a thing. I'd like to be able to edit the quantity of something rather than delete and start over.

2.) an "edit meal" button. Same thing. Sometimes I accidentally put Amstel Lite in for breakfast. I'd like to be able to move it instead of deleting and starting over.

3.) a distance tracker for swimming! I want to walk from NJ to california and swim to maui!

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