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BDD923 SparkPoints: (6,407)
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12/20/11 11:03 A

Thanks for the suggestions! If anyone has more droid suggestions, I am all ears!!

@JENNY32WI- the SP does allow you to scan nutritional information. It is still in beta so there are a lot of foods missing. But on the food tab, on the top left there is an icon for scanning a barcode.

SUSANGO123 Posts: 275
12/19/11 2:43 P

Fitness app? I haven't tried them but it seems interesting.

MULEDOGGIE SparkPoints: (83,860)
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12/4/11 9:43 A


Tracks running, swimming, and biking! EASY, EASY, EASY to use. And they have classes!


MSSAZZI SparkPoints: (266)
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12/3/11 1:00 P

I just found Pedometer PRO GPS. Since I don't run, it's great for walking and even if I'm not walking far, if I'm going any distance I find it very helpful. Tracks the distance, steps, calories, average speed and time, I can map my route, and I can listen to my music at the same time.

JENNY32MN Posts: 199
11/28/11 6:52 P

My Fitness Pal is good, too. I just jumped back on the wagon so I have to get familiarized with my apps again but I think MFP allows you to scan labels to input nutritional information. If SP allowed that, it would be great!

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11/24/11 6:17 P

I only use two. SparkPeople for tracking food throughout the day, and iMapMyRun for tracking walks and hikes.

Another health-related one that I rely on very heavily is iPeriod, which is a lifesaver for someone as disorganized as me. I haven't had a surprise period since I got iPhone!

MPLANE37 SparkPoints: (79,204)
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11/24/11 6:57 A


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NIGHTOWL62 SparkPoints: (0)
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11/24/11 6:16 A

My iphone 4s arrives tomorrow (making the switch from android); looking forward to downloading some of the suggested apps!

JINXSTORM Posts: 6,719
11/21/11 5:17 P

My fitness pal (ability to scan foods in, daily feed back)

11/20/11 7:32 P

I know this sounds crazy, but my favorite app that I use for fitness purposes is the Netflix App. I absolutely hate walking/jogging on the treadmill because it is so boring! I have found that when I watch a quick episode of Family Guy(which is 30-min), the time passes by quickly and I am not bored.

CANDYGRAM36 Posts: 150
11/20/11 6:36 P

emoticon to everyone for all the great suggestions. I've downloaded a few and will give them a try this week.

emoticon emoticon s

SUEPERSTARS SparkPoints: (34,040)
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11/20/11 12:02 P

I used RunKeeper for the first time yesterday, and I love it! It played my music for me, but then every five minutes told me how I was doing. I found it really motivational - as my split times would get lower, it made me want to pick up the pace. Plus I also like how it told me how far I'd gone, too, as I'm wanting to increase my distance.

I highly recommend RunKeeper, now, too - especially as its free!

JIBBIE49 Posts: 73,115
11/19/11 11:48 P

I see that P90X has one now.

KMW4013 Posts: 65
11/18/11 4:43 P

I like women's health work outs. but the spark people app is good too!

JENJENS75 Posts: 6,897
11/18/11 11:33 A

Can't get my iPhone to work in my current location, so I am glad I did not rely on any of their apps heavily.

SUEPERSTARS SparkPoints: (34,040)
Fitness Minutes: (54,209)
Posts: 447
11/17/11 11:53 A

I started out using Loseit before I found spark people. Now, I mostly use spark people, but I prefer LoseIt's recipe feature... sometimes when i'm playing with a recipe and I'm not sure how its going to turn out, but I want to know the calories and nutrients, etc, so I put it into Lose It instead of uploading it onto the sparkrecipes site. (I guess that's not really for fitness, though!)

i want to check out Nike + iPod, which came with my phone... and I've just downloaded Runkeeper.

Thanks for all the great suggestions!

GDITOAD SparkPoints: (0)
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11/17/11 9:19 A

i love using Sports Tracker on my Droid

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HIZZLE85 Posts: 2
11/16/11 4:11 P

ooo i checked all these out and downloaded endomondo, because it looks awesome! emoticon

PLUMPY_ONE SparkPoints: (4,539)
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11/16/11 3:03 P

I have a droid. I use some of the apps listed below (edmondo, sparkpeople, etc); but I also use four other apps not listed. These are pullups, squats, situps, and pushups all by Rittr Labs. They don't require any exceptions such as internet access or account access. They are used for wanting to increase the amount of each of these things to a goal over time. Even if it is only the ability to try and do 1 (pull ups are hard!!!).

SANFORMRN SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (38,044)
Posts: 1,643
11/16/11 1:22 P

Since I don't like to run (I'm more of a zumba girl) I don't use a gps so I pretty much use the sparkpeople app

MANDALORE Posts: 1,251
11/16/11 10:12 A

whats an i phone/

VLSTORY Posts: 9
11/16/11 9:52 A

I use iMapMyRun also and love it. Once the run/walk is downloaded, you can even do a "fly over" of your route.

REALKIEKEY SparkPoints: (121,172)
Fitness Minutes: (91,826)
Posts: 248
11/15/11 10:46 P

I walk and use mapmyrun

KYBUCKI Posts: 4
11/15/11 10:29 P

My favorite iPhone fitness apps are SparkPeople and Nike+ GPS.

11/15/11 9:51 P

Lots of great suggestions! I just downloaded a few new apps to my phone. Thanks, guys!

TRVLTA00 Posts: 1,012
11/15/11 8:50 P

My favorite is Endomondo... it's FREE (a biggy for me lol) but it's also just very user friendly. It can track just about any type of exercise, not just running, and has several different modes too. You can also set goals. If you sync it to facebook it will post when you start and finish an activity, which is kind of fun, and it also automatically uploads your workout to the website (which is also free), where you can do even more stuff including joining challenges!

To me this is a lot of fun features in one app... all for free! They also have a pro version if you want to add even more, but to me the free version is more than enough.

LOREXIII SparkPoints: (14,425)
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11/15/11 7:10 P

I have a Droid, but most of the apps are still the same. The main ones I love are:

SparkPeople app
C25K lite

The iMapMyRun is a great app. It does gps tracking of your run and you can record it to your MapMyRun profile or to Facebook/Twitter/etc. Plus it runs in the background so I can run my music and C25K, too!

SUPERSYLPH Posts: 1,302
11/15/11 6:12 P

I don't have an iPhone. :/

11/15/11 5:57 P

I use 100 Pushups and Lose it! And have lost a total of 15 lbs in 11 weeks :)
I've also downloaded the Nike Training Club app but only used it once. It was a pretty tough workout even at the beginner level, but I hope to give it another try in a few weeks. I know it will yield some great results if I can dig my heels in.

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JIACOLO SparkPoints: (559,543)
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Posts: 31,057
11/15/11 5:40 P

I also like Runkeeper.

JMVANE15 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 24
11/15/11 5:20 P

Runkeeper is a great app!

CANDYWILLIAMS SparkPoints: (5,863)
Fitness Minutes: (9,232)
Posts: 72
11/15/11 4:40 P

I also use the iMapMyRide and love it. It has great reports and I love being able to look back at my routes. It backs up online too. I would highly recommend it! Try it!

MOLO14 SparkPoints: (10,637)
Fitness Minutes: (9,671)
Posts: 44
11/15/11 4:20 P

I've had a smartphone for a while but for some reason I was using a really crappy pedometer app, and only discovered RunKeeper two weeks ago - I LOVE it!!
It tracks my route and pace and speed and appears to be fairly accurate.
It also documents your runs well - there's an option to take pics and save them to 'that run', and as soon as you finish your workout it asks how it went so you can write a few words about how you feel 'live'. Of course, you also have the breakdown of pace (each minute as well as interval) and elevation which you can track on the website in co-ordinance to the map of you route.
you can build your own workouts and get audio cues and info.
And it doesn't stop working if you leave the app, which is a huge plus.
This is all in the free version - I don't even know what the added features of the 'elite' version are.

SADDYSPOT Posts: 1,684
11/15/11 2:33 P

I just got an iPhone so for the last week, I've been using RunKeeper. I love how it tells me what time I'm at and what my rate is. You can set up all kinds of things it tells you and how often. It's very motivating for me and makes me want to run more.

BUDUSSY Posts: 2
11/15/11 12:52 P

Sparkpeople app

Gym Buddy for weight training/workout tracking.

100 Pushups app

iTunes for podcasts (weight loss, motivation, timed interval training).

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WHITEANGEL4 SparkPoints: (433,047)
Fitness Minutes: (353,309)
Posts: 13,315
11/15/11 12:45 P

I do not use any apps to track, but I use my music app when I am walking. This helps me set my pace

11/15/11 12:07 P

I'm not a runner - but I use Cardio Trainer for my walking. It indeed will work for running, just not my choice. I really like that app.

TEACH68 Posts: 27
11/15/11 11:53 A

I love Runkeeper!!!!!

LIANETODD SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (13,351)
Posts: 7
11/15/11 11:02 A

I like Nike+ GPS

BRIANA_MILLS SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (1,359)
Posts: 31
11/15/11 10:19 A

Couch to 5k is pretty good (c25k)

SLMOES Posts: 25
11/15/11 9:28 A

iMapMyRide for biking and sparkpeople for quick food tracking

MACGRAW SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (31,561)
Posts: 314
11/15/11 9:17 A


EGRAMMY Posts: 13,491
11/15/11 9:14 A

Told granddaughter about them

SPOKENWORD Posts: 6,088
11/15/11 9:13 A

I use runkeeper as well. Love it!

MYBULLDOGS Posts: 9,347
11/15/11 9:04 A

i like peace and quiet when i walk.

WALIDGAZALA Posts: 8,106
11/15/11 8:08 A

P don't care

11/15/11 7:55 A

I use Strava, and I absolutely love it!

POISONGIRL999 SparkPoints: (170,879)
Fitness Minutes: (113,362)
Posts: 2,122
11/10/11 11:02 A

I agree, for running/jogging mapmyrun or runkeeper are the best. I also really like GAINfitness, it has 30 minute workouts for strength training.

ZORBS13 SparkPoints: (199,795)
Fitness Minutes: (195,158)
Posts: 15,862
11/10/11 8:50 A

mapmyrun or runkeeper.

for ST, I like Nike Training Club.

CANDYGRAM36 Posts: 150
11/10/11 7:24 A

Just got my first smart phone. What is your favorite fitness app? Also, I'm specifically looking for something to use while running...maybe map it or tell me splits. Anyone have a suggestion for a running app?

Thanks! Peace & Blessings, Candy

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