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7/23/12 7:40 A

Im also bored with breakfast. Any suggestions?

BOOKMOM101 Posts: 8
7/18/12 10:44 A

These all sound great! I especially love the cranberry and pumpkin pie spice suggestion!. I have lately been cooking my steel cut oats with 1 can of light coconut milk in the liquid and cinnamon. It is so good! Since I can't do cows milk I love how creamy they come out, but still retain their chew. I even love it cold right out of the fridge this way! Or warm with crushed berries (blueberries and blackberries are my favorite) with a little honey or agave syrup.

Someone suggested to me using quinoa for a hot cereal - have you ever tried that?

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7/18/12 10:22 A

grits & egg

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7/14/12 2:49 P

I work for our schools so on the weekend, in a small crockpot, I make a week's worth of Steel Cut Oats (1 cup oats to 5 cups water) then place each serving in a to-go container that I reheat at work. I flavor my oats in many different way:

Splenda brown sugar, vanilla extract & cinnamon

Then add-in one of these combos:
diced apples & apple pie spice
raisins & chopped nuts (walnuts or almonds)
dried cranberrys & pumpkin pie spice

These oats stay with me much longer than the little packets of oatmeal plus I know what's in it.
I hope this gave you some ideas to try out.

Each serving of the oats contains protien, too.

I also substitute Farro which contains 7 grams of protein per serving & they are prepared the same way.

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7/14/12 1:54 A


BOOKMOM101 Posts: 8
7/11/12 10:15 A

Sounds yummy! Thanks! I can't do cows milk cheese as dairy is not my friend. But goat cheese is okay - some feta on that sounds good.

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7/11/12 3:41 A

I've posted about this in a few places:
- spray a bowl with PAM
- throw in half a cup of finely chopped onions & peppers
- add serving of egg whites
- nuke for a minute
- remove and add two servings of cabot 75% reduced fat cheese
- nuke for another 45 seconds

- eat with two pieces of fruit (I usually have an apple & orange) &
12 oz of coffee with 2-3 tablespoons of international delight

All comes to about 28 grams of protein and 375 calories. the fruit
fiber keeps me full until lunch, as does the protein. the coffee wakes
me up. i love this breakfast!

BOOKMOM101 Posts: 8
7/10/12 2:31 A

I'm bored with my breakfast routine - does anyone have a favorite or unusual breakfast they'd like to share. Preferably with protein.

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