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ARUSHING2 SparkPoints: (0)
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12/18/12 12:26 A

Historically = abs
Present = calfs with weights

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
12/18/12 12:13 A

I love chest flyes and calf raises with a barbell. I hate doing clean and presses or push ups. I also love doing dips with a weight plate on my lap.

MCAFEE34 SparkPoints: (5,987)
Fitness Minutes: (3,223)
Posts: 167
12/17/12 11:49 P

Abs but I enjoy cardio the most

FITGLAMGIRL Posts: 2,045
12/17/12 11:40 P

Biceps but my butt and legs need the most work.

SPERRIN2012 SparkPoints: (181,188)
Fitness Minutes: (122,983)
Posts: 17,742
12/17/12 10:56 P

Biceps & Back

JANIEWWJD SparkPoints: (599,871)
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Posts: 17,087
12/17/12 9:28 P

I really love working out my entire body.

KJBURDEN Posts: 29
12/17/12 9:19 P

I love working on my triceps/back. I have a lot of fat in that area and I like watching it get smaller. I like using the weight machines where you sit and pull down on a bar, you can feel it in your back and shoulders. I hate working out my legs. I have strong legs, but I have RA in my knees so it makes lunges/squats/knee lifts really uncomfortable. I absolutely hate running/jogging/treadmill and burpees.

THROOPER62 SparkPoints: (388,716)
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12/15/12 5:42 P

Online Now  • ))
Love working my butt, bridges, Hate lunges

MPLANE37 SparkPoints: (79,230)
Fitness Minutes: (79,333)
Posts: 2,170
12/15/12 5:41 P

I do full body workouts, and splits when I am too sore.
My favorites are, in the order of most favorite to the least favorite:
1. Dead lifts.
2. Squats
3. Bench presses
4. Running

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MILTONS1 Posts: 3,708
12/15/12 5:09 P

i love jogging, it does wonders for my legs

PENGUINPIE Posts: 3,146
12/15/12 4:25 P

I love working out my legs too!!! This morning I did a ton of squats and lunges.

GINNABOOTS Posts: 9,511
12/15/12 9:10 A

legs is my favorite to work out with lunges & abs is my least favorite

12/15/12 9:07 A

Yup, my second favorite day is the tricep part of my Chest & Tricep workout (usually Mondays).
Flat Bench Press 4 sets (pyramids)
Rotating Inclined and Declined Bench Press both Barbell and Dumbbells (4 sets)
Flat, Inclined or Declined Flyes (4 sets pyramids)
EZ Bar Tricep 21's (4 sets at a static weight)
Lying Tricep Extentions (4 sets)
Seated Two-Hand Overhead Extensions (4 sets heavy dumbbell)

Before I started liking shoulders my triceps got a lot of attention and then my horseshoe started to appear and all was good with me.

-VIXEN- SparkPoints: (25,082)
Fitness Minutes: (3,305)
Posts: 837
12/15/12 8:20 A

I like working out the arms. My fave moves are bicep curls and tricep dips.

JENNILACEY SparkPoints: (81,972)
Fitness Minutes: (86,286)
Posts: 2,489
12/15/12 8:01 A

When I first started strength training it was my triceps. I found it an easy muscle to build that looks really nice! Not that tricep extentions are all that easy but the muscle toned up pretty quickly.

Right now, I'm really concentrating on my abs. After two pregnancies they were pretty defeated. I couldn't even do a sit up. Now I'm getting nice strong, firm abs and I can now sit up from a prone position with just my abs no problem.

Favourite exercise(s); mountain climbers, walking push-ups, bicycle crunches, skater squats, oblique twists, planks, bridges

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12/15/12 7:55 A

No doubt about it Shoulder & Trap day (usually on Friday mornings) is my favorite workout of the week.
Seated Barbell Shoulder Press 4 sets (heavy)
Dumbbell Front Raises 4 sets
Dumbbell Lat Raises 4 sets (sometimes I superset with front raises)
Bent-Over Dumbbell Lat Raises 5 sets (light to heavy)
Barbell Shoulder Shrugs 4 sets of 20 reps (heavy as I can go)
Seated Dumbbell Shrugs 5 sets
High Cable Rows 5 sets

My traps are starting to pop and you can only get that meat collar one way, by lifting weights. My GF LOVES the look and so do I.

Hate list?
Legs & Abs though I try never to miss a leg workout and this past month I've been doing Bulgarian Split Squats and my bum is getting seriously rounder and harder and at age 50 it's quite a feat, lol!

LISAN0415 SparkPoints: (9,164)
Fitness Minutes: (1,363)
Posts: 1,643
12/15/12 1:13 A

Hi there-

I was wondering when working out, which body part do you like working out the most? (and the least)

Do you have a favorite fitness move? (Push-ups, pull-ups, bench press?)

My favorite part to work is the shoulders- and I have the greatest difficulty with the abs, though I know it's important to work them out.

I also like doing a horizontal/slanted pull up.

Spark on!

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