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1/22/14 4:28 P

I've been doing Richard Simmons's "Sweatin' to the Oldies 2" for probably over 10 years. I know it so well I can mute it and play my own music. Richard would probably be shocked to know the music to which I've done his workout! emoticon

EGRAMMY Posts: 13,491
1/21/14 9:58 P

My granddaughters like to do Coach Nicole's with me.

PEACHEZ73 Posts: 25
1/21/14 3:39 P

I have been doing Leslie Sansone with my (now 10-year-old) daughter for the past 3 years. She has always liked doing what mommy is doing. Now she can add the weights (as I didn't let her lift the weights overhead when she was younger afraid she would hurt her back). I have multiple videos of Leslie's so we change it up every other night and it keeps her motivated instead of bored.

BAPSANN Posts: 1,448
1/21/14 2:21 P

WII exercise, hoola hoop

SUSAN727 Posts: 1,881
1/17/14 12:08 P

My granddaughter does the Leslie Sansone walking DVDs when she's over sometimes. I did get her some kid exercise DVDs from Collage Video but she hasn't been too interested in them.

TIGGER2094 Posts: 511
1/17/14 11:06 A

MCMASTER1205, there is a gym by my house that allows a 13-year-old to become a member, and younger children (though they do not advertise this) they take case-by-case. My friend is a member, as well as her 11-year-old. I simply am unable to afford their prices (the range is from $40 a month if you do not sign a contract to $30 a month if you sign for two years, and "couples" are $50 with the two year contract), but it is a good deal.

1/16/14 9:25 A


ANGELCITYGAL SparkPoints: (38,869)
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1/15/14 11:15 P

My daughter (now age 11) has enjoyed doing Leslie Sansone's walking workouts with me since she was about 7. She will walk one mile or sometimes two with me. I usually do three or four miles, so she'll peel off when she's done, and later do the cool-down and stretch when I'm finished walking.

I don't treat it as a "you need to work out" thing -- it's just something fun we do together. I don't put pressure on her to join me.

MCMASTER1205 Posts: 29
1/15/14 1:47 P

After my last post, I am happy to say that the gym was willing to make an exception as long as we had a doctor's note saying they were ok with her exercising at a gym and it was medically necessary. My 12 year old daughter and I went to walk thru the gym together and she is excited...her goal is not to "lose weight" but to be healthier and more active (in turn will help her to lose weight). Our plan is to go 3-4 times a week and see how it goes. The gym offers a zumba class and they do it in a room where they dim the lights (put on strobe lights - dance club feel) and put a spotlight on the instructor. My daughter really likes this because she is scared people will laugh at her because she is like her momma and not coordinated. But again she is excited!

MBEEMOM Posts: 175
1/15/14 8:02 A

Billy Blanks TAE-BO is easy to follow because he starts slow to demonstrate the first few moves and then picks up the pace.

There is even a kids version of TAE-BO. (You may find the DVD in your public library to try it out before purchasing).

NEVERMIND2010 Posts: 587
1/15/14 12:27 A

My at-the-time 10-year-old son loved doing Jillian Michaels's 30 Day Shred with me. Go figure!

MJEFFERSON23 SparkPoints: (32,691)
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1/14/14 1:18 P

Someone told me about "Yogi Bear Yoga", anyone ever heard of it?

BRIGHID3 Posts: 61
1/14/14 12:25 A

If you have some extra money after the holidays, how about creating a gym at home for your tween? A couple sets of weights, a balance ball and some resistance bands?

If it's cold where you are, being outside in the bitter cold/snow/ice has it's own host of problems. If there's an option for earning money outside, they might be interested. How about dog walking for elderly neighbors when it's cold? The old standby, shoveling snow? But there's also inside exercise - laps at the mall, running stairs at school/library, finding a climbing gym if you're near a city and looking into various gym programs like the Y which are aimed at tweens. Martial arts? Yoga? Fencing?

I'm just happy your tween is interested in moving! I'm trying to convince one of my two that a couple sit-ups and push-ups does not constitute "exercise."

CUDA440 SparkPoints: (86,990)
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1/11/14 11:51 A

are there any just walking or hiking trails in your area? just go for a walk or hike with her. or bike ride.
Roller skating rinks (great workout!!)
Is there any local high school pools that have open swim times? (they do around here, and usually under $4 each for a couple hours of swimming)
Right now here in Michigan my kids go sledding on our hill. Just climbing back up is good for you.
Being a young girl you don't want to have her so focused on losing weight or on her body. Just keep her moving and having fun!


MCMASTER1205 Posts: 29
1/10/14 3:27 P

I am struggling with this because my 12 year old daughter has done all the just dance videos on the wii and we have zumba but she wants to go to the gym with me....problem is that the gym doesn't allow her until she is 13. Any suggestions??

SUE5007 Posts: 788
1/10/14 12:11 P

"Pause the video each time there's a new exercise so you both can figure out the move before it continues."

This is a really good idea. You can even go over the moves several times before starting the DVD. Start the DVD and fast forward thru it and try each move before officially starting. Let him see that you sometimes mess up and can laugh about it.
Also, encourage him to try it 5 more times/days before giving up. It takes a while to learn something new. Like hitting a baseball, or memorizing multiplication. After 5 times, does he think he is better at it? Then ask him to try it 3 more days/times and see how much better he is.

JUNKDRAWER Posts: 1,253
1/9/14 9:16 P

I tried what I thought was very basic walk and box type videos, but that was too frustrating for my 7 and 11 year old. Honestly what works best is to just play some super fast paced music and let them go crazy. As long as they are moving around, it's accomplishing the same goal. My youngest also likes the Wii Dance games and I've done some with him, and can say it's not bad for keeping him moving.

HEALTHYBARB1 SparkPoints: (212,900)
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1/9/14 7:16 P

Just saw "sweating to the oldies" at Best Buy...a real old exercise video that I use to do with my girls when they were young...lots of dancing and moving to old tunes with a younger Richard Simmons. Really brings back memories!!

TIGGER2094 Posts: 511
1/9/14 3:15 P

My kids love to do the Kinect workouts and the Kinect games. We have several, and they have fun with them. They have a couple of dance ones, the Wipeout one, the Adventures one that comes with the Kinect. We also have Your Shape: Fitness Evolved that they love. It has a trainer, gym games, and all sorts of different settings so each kid or adult, with their own preferences, can have fun while working out.

TULLY46 SparkPoints: (3,916)
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1/9/14 11:46 A

My daughter is 7 & she likes to do the Leslie Sansone walk DVD's with me.

CUDA440 SparkPoints: (86,990)
Fitness Minutes: (98,025)
Posts: 8,044
1/9/14 11:14 A

I have heard a lot of people like the just Dance games for the Wii. THey have a BUNCH of different ones now. Both kids and adults like them. (and it doesn't sound like a "workout")


SGCSVCEEC SparkPoints: (8,076)
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1/9/14 10:27 A

Wii Fit Kid's Fit

DIANAB-IN-OR Posts: 139
1/9/14 9:11 A

Thanks for the options to check out!

CPOKEYRUN Posts: 662
1/8/14 7:41 P

I had recommended to me KICK TO GET FIT JR. - it got great reviews on Amazon. I haven't tried it yet but I've requested it from my library for my kids, so we'll try it when it arrives! The blurb about it did specifically say that the moves are easy to follow along with. Good luck finding something!

1/8/14 2:15 P

It's not cardio, but Ekhart Yoga's videos on Youtube have all been family-friendly that I've seen. She has a great channel with lots of different options, and that kind of body-mind connection might help your 10 year old with his coordination!

KENDILYNN SparkPoints: (22,924)
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1/8/14 10:30 A

If you do the same video every day for a week, he will pick it up by the end. If he doesn't have rhythm, maybe you do one that's not music/dance based but something more like a circuit? My 7-year-old joined me one day for a T25 workout when my workout buddy cancelled on me. It kicked her butt, but she did the whole 25 minutes. She said NEVER...EVER...AGAIN...

GINNYREE Posts: 153
1/8/14 8:51 A

Or if you're doing a workout video that has the up-beat pulsing music a lot of them have, you could always challenge him to make up his own dance to go along with it - so it looks like y'all are coordinating your moves together !

Do you have a Wii fit? A LOT of those activities can be done by multiple people standing side by side (only one on the balance board though) but my kids love to do the "advanced step" right along side me. (as the PP said about the 90s step classes - its very similar)

And please let me know if/when you do find these suitable videos. I'm hunting for ones that don't make me feel like a raving lunatic while I'm doing them. LOL!

LEC358 SparkPoints: (11,135)
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1/8/14 8:26 A

Pause the video each time there's a new exercise so you both can figure out the move before it continues. When step classes were popular in the 90s, my mom would do this so she could figure out the moves before the instructor went into the full routine.

DIANAB-IN-OR Posts: 139
1/7/14 6:17 P

Do you have any favorite SP videos that would doable by a 10 yr old? He wants to work out with me, but he's not coordinated enough and/or can't figure out the move fast enough to keep up with the video. He gets super frustrated.


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