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1/10/13 1:42 P

I like the Billy Blanks Taebo (and related) dvds. I have three of his dvd's (This is Taebo, Taebo Express, and the insane abs). I particularly like the Taebo Express. It has 8 10 minute exercises on it. I do 2 of those and the next day I'm sore. I try to mix and match the types of exercises. I got the This is Taebo dvd first and had trouble keeping up with the kicks and punches, which is why I go the t Taebo Express. I like the insane abs one because I don't do any exercises at the gym that focus on strengthening the abs. The dvd works the core quite well. I do other core using the gym equipment (as well as upper and lower body). I think that having some small weights (like 2 lb weights) might be good to add in when doing some of the punching moves. I'm sure you could find some of the dvd's on Amazon for less than what you'd pay in the store.

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EREBECCA SparkPoints: (4,541)
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1/10/13 1:21 P

Just discovered the stretching videos - doing one first thing in the morning and last thing at night

GETTO140 SparkPoints: (130,718)
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1/10/13 6:12 A

taebo, sparkpeople, and HASfit videos (on YouTube).

GRATTECIELLA SparkPoints: (127,508)
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1/10/13 3:52 A

Spark stretches for runners!

LSWANGER1 SparkPoints: (2,704)
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1/9/13 8:27 P

Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred

PL2010 SparkPoints: (172)
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1/9/13 8:17 P

I love Ballet Conditioning! I just started using this again- and I was sorry that I stopped! My legs were killing the first 3 days- along with my arms- I always end up sweating after it....great workout !

EREBECCA SparkPoints: (4,541)
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1/9/13 1:22 P

I love the chair core exercises and the stretches

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1/9/13 12:55 P

I go to the videos under "healthy lifestyle" & get the one that's 10 min. chair core exercise as I've got some mobility issues. Coach Nicole has plenty others to choose from that are just great!
Hope that helps & have a great day everyone.

NFGFANIAM SparkPoints: (0)
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1/9/13 11:56 A

I need suggestions!

FITWITHIN Posts: 25,995
1/9/13 11:34 A

Love me some Turbo Fire.

TINIERTINA Posts: 5,096
1/9/13 9:37 A

Does it have to be online?

Because some of the ones I like are available only on DVD as of this writing. Additionally, I have a load of trouble trying to do pilates from off the computer. Yoga and dance are easier ...

But I do have two favorites from online (in my case, they have to be downloaded, but depending on transmission speed, both can be streamed):

Hemalayaa Behl's Bollywood Boogie Workout


David Magone's Flowing Yoga for Weight Loss ... [which I modify for my physical conditions, and do it for more-or-less maintenance (8 lbs from my all-time goal weight right now)]

oh, and with corework on the menu for me at all times, (although I have it in DVD) available for streaming or download is:

Oliver Reinsch's Feel Good Yoga Core Power ...

Oliver is known as that OTHER surfer yoga dude ...

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1/9/13 2:09 A

There are a couple of you tube channels that I use a lot and enjoy. One is befitin90, a 90 day programme with strength, cardio and flexibility videos. I haven't followed the 90 day programme, but it's great for dipping in and out of-the only equipment they use are hand weights. There is also a be fit channel with lots of good videos, I especially like that they vary a lot in the type of workout and the time they take, there's always something to suit. Another is Fit For Duty, an American military programme. I really like these as they last just over 20 minutes and again are very varied. Some of the shows use different equipment, but there are plenty there that you could do. You tube in general is fab!

SUSANBEAMON Posts: 11,759
1/9/13 12:31 A

i don't currently have room in the room my dvd player is set up, so i don't use any dvd right now.

DIANAS SparkPoints: (16,518)
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1/8/13 9:17 P

I have quite many dvds, but there are two types of workouts I like the best (I do one of these every day, often two in a row)
P90x - KenpoX and/or some P90X strength training dvd on strength training days
Zumba - Sculpt&Tone and/or Cardioparty
-will probably never get bored with these

Others I like or have liked
*Leslie Sansone workouts - good for starting out and it's comfortable to watch telly at the same time since the moves are pretty basic. But as I progressed, I couldn't get enough intensity out of them and for me it also got a bit too boring at some time
*Power 90 (with Tony Horton) - reasonable workouts which don't last too long. I like the trainer and the workout is not too demanding for me, suitable for beginners and easier workout days. I still do the sculpting ones when I have less time for strength training, but I find the cardio dvd-s too boring now

Okayish workouts I have
*Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred and No More Trouble Zones - I just don't like her personality and attitude that much and it maybe just my thing. She always talks about calorie burn and no pain - no gain-stuff, her instructions are not very precise and she's just so strict and serious about exercising (I want to have some fun and positive emotions and I don't find her attitude reasonable). I also find the exercises to be a bit too basic or boring and the workouts not too effective.
*Tracy Anderson Mat Workouts and her Perfect Design Series - I kind of like the moves for variety, but her personality and a very noticeable lack of proper instruction and cues puts me off. It would also be quite boring for me to do these workouts on a daily basis, it's more like once or twice per week kind of thing

KAYELLE1 SparkPoints: (688)
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1/8/13 9:09 P

I love Jillian Michaels' DVDs. They are outstanding!! Right now, I'm doing her "No More Trouble Zones" DVD and it's kicking my butt!! Sometimes I can do the same ones for weeks on end, and other times I get bored and switch it up to another one of her's. Or, if I'm sore and not feeling as up to the challenge I do her Yoga Meltdown DVD, which is still intense but is really good for sore muscles and a cardio break.

CHARMIAN2 Posts: 997
1/8/13 8:09 P

Leslie Sansone is also good

CHARMIAN2 Posts: 997
1/8/13 8:09 P

Love coach Nicole and Jillian

EGRAMMY Posts: 13,491
1/8/13 6:11 P

Coach Nicole videos are awesome....they are the best.

1/8/13 2:50 P

I love walking with Leslie Sansone's walk at home dvds! She is so upbeat that 1 mile flies right by, before I know it I'm into mile 2! These are especially great for beginners as you can set your own pace.

2013 walk a mile a day Challenge!


1/8/13 12:58 P

Biggest Loser workout DVDs!

1/7/13 8:25 P

i enjoy all of Coach Nicole's SP videos esp the one I can get done in my office

OTTOLOVE Posts: 247
1/7/13 8:19 P

I use dvds everyday, yoga, ta chi, weight lifting. They are all inspiring to me.

CHRISTYV57 SparkPoints: (103,324)
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1/7/13 6:59 P

I like the workout videos by Suzanne Andrews. She has specialized ones for different issues, i.e. Fat Burning, Back Pain, Neck Pain, Headache Prevention, Diabetes, etc. She shows three different levels of difficulty for each exercise, as there are two other trainers working with her on each video. These are perfect for beginners and you can move up when you are ready.

CLRWILLIAMS25 SparkPoints: (34,625)
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1/7/13 3:55 P

Good HIIT videos:, Kyla Gagnon on youtube,

for the HIIT, you can google interval timer and use one on the computer so you can test out the workouts before buying your own interval timer. I use the one of the computer still...

I joined the January Jumpstart Challenge and have been following along with the videos there this past week. The 8 minute cardio intervals was a good one and I also liked the pilates thigh video.

EMILYDOODLE Posts: 1,708
1/7/13 3:47 P

i have alot of dvd's- sparkpeople dvd is very good, 10 minute solutions, firm, and prevention.

DAKOTA50 Posts: 909
1/7/13 3:17 P

I've done a lot of different workouts on DVD, but my favorite is walking with Leslie Sansone. She's ramped the workout up with squats, lunges, weights and stretchy band and also jogging. I usually walk 5 miles with her, and that's around 70 minutes. I used to watch the clock and wish it would be over, but now I focus on working the moves as much as I can like hard kicks or punches, and I'm surprised at how fast the times goes by.

I've looked at the SP workouts but my Internet connection is so slow it takes forever to load.

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1/7/13 3:10 P

I really love the new Violet Zaki 20 minute fat blaster video just recently posted to sparkpeople. With warm up, it is 28 minutes. Does a great all over strength training with cardio. I do this when I am short on time.

CHRISB43 SparkPoints: (17,484)
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1/7/13 2:25 P

Anything short...say, from 10-30 minutes max. I can't stand hour-long videos...but more power to you if that's what you like. My main cardio comes from running, and my main strength building comes from weights, so I usually use videos for variety or if I'm home & bored. I'm a guy, so I prefer guy-led videos & dislike anything that resembles dancing. "Exercise TV" has some videos I like..."30 Minute Body Toning," and "30 Minute Weight Loss" are 2 I have. I picked them up at the dollar store for, well, a buck. Happy exercising.

SIMPLELIFE2 Posts: 707
1/7/13 1:37 P

I love checking out videos for free from the library. It's a great way to mix things up and try different things.

LUCKYNUMBER23 SparkPoints: (12,425)
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1/7/13 1:22 P

I started the January Challenge and you have to do a sparkpeople video for 10 minutes a day. I am very impressed with them. The pilates one is still hurting my legs. I would suggest instead of buying some, just to use SparkPeople.

CANDCSANDE SparkPoints: (548)
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1/7/13 1:11 P

i just started the 30 day shred dvd today and it totally kicked my butt! emoticon

JMCROF SparkPoints: (7,520)
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1/7/13 11:19 A

I mix up my exercise videos too. I love Leslie Sansone's walk away the pounds. I can do some of the biggest losers but not the jumping because it hurts my knees. I have Richard's Sweating to the Oldies and several others I use when I need just a short workout.

BRYNNET SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (3,833)
Posts: 44
1/7/13 10:55 A

I also like to mix it up with videos here, some exercise dvd's and Youtube.
On youtube you can do Leslie Sansone, but I like FitnessBlender as well (they are one of the few that do stretches for 15 seconds or more, instead of a couple of seconds). BeFitin90 is also on Youtube and yesterday I discovered Fit for duty from the Pentagon channel. I watched one video, so I don't know enough about their workouts yet.
Just find something you like, but don't be afraid to move out of your comfort zone, because you might discover new things you really like.
Good luck!

CHEETARA79 Posts: 3,943
1/7/13 9:16 A

I really like the Be Fit channel on youtube.

There's another series that is great called Fit for Duty.

KRISSY992 SparkPoints: (4,276)
Fitness Minutes: (3,936)
Posts: 69
1/7/13 9:13 A

I just recently started using the Yoga Booty Ballet Dvd's. Netflix has them to rent (DVD). I really am liking them. They are giving me a great workout. I plan on doing them for the next 3 weeks until I am in better shape (along with C25K on the treadmill). Once I'm in better shape I'll be restarting Insanity.

LMIHALAK SparkPoints: (0)
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1/7/13 9:03 A

I love using my cable on demand workouts !

MOMMYOF2RN Posts: 579
1/7/13 12:56 A

Depending on where you live the public library has workout dvds you can check out, some of my faves are the biggest loser dvds and anything Jillian Michaels, right now amazon is having a sale on most fitness DVD's for less than $10 a piece until January 31st! Good luck and keep going!

WHOVIANGIRL23 SparkPoints: (30,484)
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Posts: 838
1/7/13 12:42 A

Turbo Jam :)

KATGIRL24 SparkPoints: (2,558)
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Posts: 5
1/6/13 7:48 P

Thanks for the tip on the Leslie Sansone's DVDs. I will try them.

1/6/13 2:36 P

I'm oldskool. I LOVE RICHARD SIMMONS. His workouts are so fun! I also like the Walk Away The Pounds videos.

CUDA440 SparkPoints: (86,413)
Fitness Minutes: (95,958)
Posts: 8,044
1/6/13 1:25 P

I too love Jillian's workouts.
BUt I also found that I love Bob Harpers as well. They are more intense than Jillian's. This month he has his workouts on sale for $3.99 each. Decent price for a 60 min workout. SOme come with a 20 min bonus workout on it as well.


FITVALGAL SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (52,708)
Posts: 2,490
1/6/13 9:53 A

YouTube has exercise videos, as does FitSugar and most (or all) of the fitness magazines - Shape, Self, Women's Health, etc.

1/6/13 9:47 A

I love Jillian Michaels' DVDs. They really push me, I'm always drenched with sweat by the end, and the workouts can be short (20 minutes), 30 minutes long, or longer (45 min.), depending on which DVD you get. And the results come quick; I love it. The 30-Day Shred does require dumbbells, but a mat's a good idea, too, if you're exercising on a hardwood floor or want some extra cushioning for the jumping jacks/butt kicks/jump-roping (no rope). Some DVDs require dumbbells; some don't. Just shop around.

MSKRIS7 Posts: 1,756
1/6/13 8:38 A

I just got into Pilates for Beginners and I love that for home workout. Does any one know how to save workout video's to your Spark-favorites so you do not have to look for them each time?

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BERTA6978 SparkPoints: (43,739)
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Posts: 821
1/5/13 6:37 P

I also am one who really enjoys the Leslie Sansone videos. They are low impact and easy to learn, in addition to being a great workout. One thing I really like about them is that the intensity builds. I found this really helpful when I used to exercise first thing in the morning when I was barely awake. I belong to a gym now, but when I'm unable to go, I always choose a Leslie video.

KMF2012 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (17,714)
Posts: 434
1/5/13 6:06 P

I'm 57, and can't quite keep up with the "younger" videos - I just don't got the moves - but love Leslie Sansone's WATP DVDs: Nothing fancy to them but they keep you moving with a broad range of movement plus some weight training mixed in (plus I often use the weights more than she shows), plus I have two George Foreman tapes that are a lot of fun, a little more intensive which is good for me too! I'm sweating til done with any of these.

JEP923 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (24,530)
Posts: 565
1/5/13 5:39 P

There are a number of good ones on SP. I think Coach Nicole's Cardio Blast a DVD that is worth the investment since it comes with 6 workouts that can either be done by themselves or in different combos with each other; I am always going back to that one. No equipment needed for it, either. Two of my favorite Bollywood dance videos with Hemalayaa are in SP's video library, too.

As far as YouTube goes, I mainly just use that for Tae Bo videos. There are all kinds of different ones on there. Most of them require no equipment or are equipment optional (like the Tae Bo Amped videos).

BTW it might be worth the investment to get a resistance band. They are great for building muscle at home and there are lots of resistance band workouts out there, including on SP.

SCIFIFAN Posts: 1,119
1/5/13 4:29 P

Most libraries have exercise videos to check out too. That's a good way to find ones you like and will use again, so that they are worth buying.

BAGUILAR711 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 6
1/5/13 3:16 P

30 Day shred is amazing if you stick to it. You can view it for free on youtube or buy it for around $10. In 17 days I lost about 10 pounds, and i was just eating healthier, not dieting just watching for when i was full and not over stuffing myself. You only need a set of dumb bells and yourself. Good luck =].

H0KIE_GIRL SparkPoints: (3,588)
Fitness Minutes: (4,833)
Posts: 88
1/5/13 2:44 P

There are days that I'd rather work out at home than drive the 20 minutes to my gym and back when just the driving time could be my total workout. Problem is I'm a lot more likely to do something when I've got a video to follow but really don't want to put the money into the exercise videos at the store since I'd love to constantly be able to switch things up.

What videos do you guys use online that are your favorites?

Biggest thing is I don't really have "exercise" equipment at home besides my amazing pilates mat and a few hand weights.


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