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4/1/14 11:05 A

We usually stay clear of chain restaurants but one of my favorite local spots is Akai Hana which has excellent sushi. I also love a local Irish pub for their grilled chicken sandwich. I swap fries for veggies (although I will steal a couple off my husband's plate so I'm not too deprived).

4/1/14 10:54 A

Applebee's - grilled salmon with veggies, except they skimp on asparagus or Chick-fil-A, CharGrilled - if fries (Share)

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4/1/14 8:56 A

I wish we had a Chipotle!! The closest one to where I live is 3 and a half hours away!! Thanks everyone for your great posts!!

NYXWOLFWALKER SparkPoints: (168,070)
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3/31/14 9:11 P

My mate and I love to eat out at the Urban Hurbavore - its a local Vegan and Gluten Free eatery that servers locally sourced food and is delis!

3/31/14 5:08 P

For a nice dinner out, I'll go where there is a nice piece of beef. I rarely eat red meat and a perfectly cooked steak is a joy. :) Something like a filet mignon. It has been YEARS though! I am usually outvoted and we end up with Thai. Then I usually order garlic pork or papaya salad. But I suppose if we go now, I will most definitely pass on the sweet and spicy hot wings!

MRSBENNETT2 Posts: 1,621
3/31/14 4:44 P

This will only be helpful for someone who lives in my area....but there's a place in the food court of our local mall called Fish n' Chix. They sell a grilled fish combo that's a nice fillet of white fish, a good-sized serving of salad (I always get the Greek), fries, and a drink. I eat the fish and salad, get a bottle of water instead of soda, and have just a few of the fries. Much better and much tastier than most food court offerings.

EXOTEC Posts: 3,327
3/31/14 3:46 P

I like seafood restaurants, and Japanese steakhouses.
I also love Genghis Grillâ„¢, because I can load my bowl up with what *I* want, and don't have to take the rice or noodles or whatnot they'd usually serve it with. Lots of veggies instead! yum

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3/31/14 3:22 P

For fast food, I also like Chipotle. Very high in sodium, but as I don't generally get close to my the top of my range, going over every once in a while doesn't bother me. (The bowl I get is 625 calories, per their nutrition calculator, and is just one meal for me.)

For real eating out (which, to me, isn't fast food), I prefer non-chain restaurants. There are a few near me that I like a lot, and it isn't hard to pick out something reasonably healthy--usually a grilled chicken or seafood dish with veggies.

3/31/14 3:09 P

For a fast food option, I like Chipotle.

You have get half and half beans and everything can be made salad style. it's under 700 calories and is easily 2 meals.

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MAGTASTIC103 Posts: 588
3/31/14 3:01 P

I always substitue veggies for fries...instant 200-300 calories gone from the meal!

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3/31/14 2:50 P

Subway is my one of my favorites too!! 6" tuna on 7 grain whole wheat - cucs, lettuce and banana peppers. Then I only eat the bottom half of the bread! A little messy, but that's why we have forks!! emoticon

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3/31/14 2:16 P

I like Subway; Jason's Deli and McAllisters

MNCYCLIST Posts: 6,989
3/31/14 1:01 P

Panera Bread, lots of good, healthy options. I go with a plan, that's my secret.

TONES60 SparkPoints: (10,933)
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3/31/14 11:57 A

So...what is your favorite place to eat out for dinner and what do you do before hand to prepare yourself? I looked at the SP Guide and found it very helpful!! I am now more conscience of what I am putting in my mouth and how much of it! One of the biggest surprises I found was the caloric value of a taco salad vs a regular taco!! I'm going for the taco from now on!!! emoticon

I hope you are all having a wonderful Monday! Keeping Sparking!!

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