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MIZTERY Posts: 902
9/13/13 6:54 P

Yea I hear ya. I've done the Mexican dishes without meat and cheese. I also go for small bowls of vegetarian pho which keeps me in my calorie range. I guess when I think about it, I just truly prefer cooking and eating in, at least in this stage of my weight loss.

9/13/13 2:54 P

I find if you plan ahead you can still enjoy going out sometimes. I'll go over the menu of various restaurants online and find what I could tweak so I could eat it at a couple of places and then let whoever I am going out with pick from those restaurants. That way everyone has options.

You also have to remember that you CAN ask for things to be done to meet your needs. When I went out with friends for Mexican, I got a salad without the meat, cheese or dressing and used salsa as the dressing. You can also ask for things without the bun or if you want it on a bun without butter or dressing. There are a bunch of articles on "dining out" on Spark. Check them out. They might give you some ideas. It's nice to be able to go out sometimes.

MIZTERY Posts: 902
9/13/13 1:49 P

So do you have rice with the Bulgogi or just the kim chee? I am vegetarian and love just the array of kim chees and a bowl of steamed rice! Exquisite! For the most part I'm scared of eating out and limit myself to Subway chopped salads or vegee sandwhiches.

9/13/13 1:06 P

I was reading one of the articles on dining out and it went in to different cuisines and what are healthy and non-healthy choices. I was thrilled to see my favorite out to eat meal was actually one of the "healthy" choices. I love Bulgogi made right at the table. It is really lean sliced and marinated beef, grilled at the table and eaten as a wrap with lettuce and some rice.

What are your favorite "healthy" choices for eating out?

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