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2/3/12 9:49 P

I just got some crystal clear pomegranate and ice tea peach. Yummy! crysal clear has most definitely changed since when i was younger lol. For the better i think. so yummy.

SCRAPCATHY17 SparkPoints: (7,057)
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1/28/12 10:27 P

Crystal Light's Pink Lemonade

KITKAT89 SparkPoints: (4,216)
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1/28/12 9:20 P

I like Crystal Light Raspberry Lemonade OR Ocean Spray makes a bunch of little packets in various cranberry flavors (cranberry-grape/lime/cherry) etc...

BESCATS SparkPoints: (238,436)
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1/28/12 5:07 P

Don't often use it, but do like Peach. emoticon

JAZZMINE Posts: 1,022
1/28/12 4:45 P

Dasani lemon


AMANDA42021 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/28/12 4:33 P

I have always been a pop drinker and have recently given it up I have never enjoyed regular water to much so after I drink my 6 regular waters for the day I usually drink a Sobe life water about 20 oz so counts for 2. But I may have to try that Mio that sounds pretty good

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1/28/12 3:24 P

Well unflavored water is just..well water.

Wal-mart packets work just fine. There are healthier versions, but if you take a multi-vita then don't worry about it.

Take your vitamins.

DOC said so.

BRENNA84 SparkPoints: (54,570)
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1/28/12 3:18 P

Wow! so many ideas to choos from, lol. emoticon

will have to look around. I haven't actually LOOKED at the water section in the grocery store, so now I'm gonna have to look.


SNLSUL1092 Posts: 401
1/26/12 10:36 A

Have you tried Mio? It is a fabulous little bottle of flavored water drops (available at WalMart and most grocery stores). It comes in a lot of flavors, like blueberry/pomegranate, strawberry/watermelon, etc. Just add a few drops to a bottle or glass of water and you are ready to go! I keep a bottle in my kitchen and another one in my car. I like plain wter, but Mio is a fantastic, calorie free treat!

JESSAUSMC Posts: 261
1/26/12 9:53 A

Water w/ ice & lots of fresh lemons squeezed in.

1/26/12 9:47 A

I typically drink just plain water. Sometimes though, I will get the Walmart brand for 50 cents.. or my most favorite, Propel.

KELEKONA Posts: 605
1/26/12 6:25 A

I put 3/4 of a cup sugar into 15 oz of lemon juice, then put anywhere from a teaspoon to a tablespoon of that per 16 oz water. I did try just a half cup of sugar, but that was a bit skunky.

SHINITA01 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/26/12 6:12 A

Walmart brand- flavor fruit punch

OLETA92 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/26/12 4:50 A

Volvic touch of Lemon & Lime is my ultimate favourite. I could do with some now actually.

CRICKET168 SparkPoints: (2,197)
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1/26/12 2:34 A

Lime is my favorite, but I'll also buy Lemon or Plain. I can't do the fruit flavors, and I make sure they have no HFCS or other sweeteners added.

BRENNA84 SparkPoints: (54,570)
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1/25/12 4:28 P

cool! I LOVE your trick. Although, honestly I don't really drink soda unless I have my "special" treat which for me, is like candy.

my treat is:

thia shrimp spring rolls with sweet chili sauce
1 avocado
maybe some rice cakes
diet coke

~ Ymmmmy!

CANADA-DISCO19 Posts: 168
1/25/12 2:28 P

I love black cherry sparking sugar or artificial sweetners, and I can trick myself into thinking its soda

BRENNA84 SparkPoints: (54,570)
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1/25/12 1:06 P

thanx, those are some smart ideas!

Fitness Minutes: (20,400)
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1/25/12 12:32 A

I like to take my plain water, and add a piece of frozen fruit. As the fruit thaws in the water it releases lots of natural flavour, and the more you refill your glass the stronger the flavour gets. Strawberries, pineapple and cantaloupe are favorites.

AILEBBELIA SparkPoints: (13,418)
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1/24/12 11:32 P

Sams and Wal-mart sell flavored sparkling water for 50 cents. The raspberry apple flavored one is yummy!

I drank them when I was quitting diet coke and coffee.

Good Luck!

BRENNA84 SparkPoints: (54,570)
Fitness Minutes: (72,807)
Posts: 2,075
1/24/12 11:16 P

okay, thanx all for the advice. I think i will have to try them out then. I was thinking for of those slightly bubbly waters with a just a small hint of fruity flavor, not like iced tea flavors or alternatives to cool aid or anything.

but maybe I'll just try this as a "stepping stone" to water one day.

1/24/12 3:53 P

artificially sweetened flavored waters can be included in your diet and help meet fluid needs. Recommendations suggest keeping this type beverage to less than 32 ounces daily.

SP Registered Dietitian Becky

KEEPITMOVIN_H2O SparkPoints: (0)
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1/24/12 2:42 P

I used to never be able to drink plain water either... Luckily that's changed, but I do still enjoy flavored water quite often.

My favorite is Crystal Light's Wild Strawberry. Kroger's Iced Tea one is good too. Also, a lot of stores will have flavored carbonated water too, which don't even have sodium, so that's something to consider as well.

SONI51 Posts: 491
1/24/12 2:20 P's a bad habit.

Fitness Minutes: (979)
Posts: 60
1/24/12 2:07 P

Unflavored water used to make me nauseous because I hated it so much, but giving up diet soda and flavored water eventually made me crave water and it no longer makes me nauseous.

I used to drink a lot of Fit&Active mango and pink lemonade... which is more an artificially flavored fruity drink than a flavored water, but honestly that's what flavored water is anyway.

BRENNA84 SparkPoints: (54,570)
Fitness Minutes: (72,807)
Posts: 2,075
1/24/12 1:19 P

what is your favorite flavored water? I know some people are screaming no, but flavored water it the only way for me. Unflavored water makes me nauceous. and I'm not exaggerating.

so. . whats ur fav?

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