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LOOPYLOU0363 SparkPoints: (21,738)
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7/12/14 10:39 P

I found beets, tomatoes, peaches, pluots, onions, fresh made pica de Gallo, and farm fresh eggs....yummy
emoticon emoticon

CSROBERTSON621 SparkPoints: (212,041)
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Posts: 2,869
7/12/14 7:36 P

Stocked up on berries, cherries, zucchini, corn, kale, cauliflower, green beans, peppers, and some cantaloupe today; also eggs, some chicken breasts, and some lovely grass fed beef!

SHANNON267 SparkPoints: (14,047)
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Posts: 393
7/12/14 1:35 P

i love the farmers market almost as much as my own garden. fresh is best! emoticon emoticon

TRIPLEMWF Posts: 906
7/10/14 11:18 A

I got Purple Romanesco Broccoli yesterday, I'm super excited to try it tonight.

LMGMILLER SparkPoints: (4,436)
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Posts: 13
7/10/14 10:50 A

We went on sat and picked up basil and garlic for pesto and I got cherries for the first time this year you cant beat the prices we paid much less than it would have been in the store and got the garlic already pealed. We had lunch when were were there and got felafel, everything was so fresh and the parsley tasted amazing.

EBLOOMING Posts: 4,696
7/8/14 11:24 A

Looking for some fresh fruits and veggies today in Woodburn/Salem, emoticon Oregon

KOALA_BEAR SparkPoints: (18,475)
Fitness Minutes: (1,207)
Posts: 1,172
7/6/14 6:59 P

Living in the Salad bowl of the US although we do have local farmers markets, I can buy local produce pretty much year round at the supermarket. Things are 3-5 days fresher than what you see on the east coast.

We grow broccoli & raise mushrooms (and most of the year cauliflower, lettuce, cabbage, kale, spinach, & celery) in the Salinas valley and strawberries nearly year round on the central coast (10 months out of 12) and many other items like carrots, apples, artichokes and garlic right here in my back yard. Almond, walnut, and cashew trees are nearby as are peaches, plums & cherries; coming from the dessert & central valley are the citrus fruits, tomatoes, peppers, summer squashes, onions, and beans. We raise grapes for wine (not table grapes). Also because we are on the ocean or bay, we eat lots of fresh fish and seafood.

Hard to imagine moving back to the Midwest where most produce came out of a can, bottle or box. A quick trip to the produce stand for more exotic fruits like bananas and pineapple round out my menus. I still love beets and potatoes; rhubarb, currants, grapes and blueberries. Have to say that I only eat star fruit or breadfruit every now and then.

I think I'm too busy and lazy to go to the famers market - if my spouse needed to go he would though since he's retired, and there's is one about a mile from my house midweek where we do get farm fresh eggs and olallieberries and the luscious pies made from them.

HTAMALE Posts: 112
7/5/14 5:56 P

Today I bought beets, onions, radishes, garlic, cherries, zucchini, leaks, peas, heirloom tomatos and bread. Yum!

BARBZUMBA SparkPoints: (14,368)
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Posts: 20,355
7/5/14 3:51 P

Bought beans, zucchini, and peppers. Saw this topic somewhere...The eggs were
not in a cooler and it's 80 degrees around here. Was hesitant to purchase them. Also, blueberries kind of pricey...3 pints for $11, bread and pies $7.

PEAR-170 Posts: 122
7/4/14 11:09 P


SHOTOKIDO SparkPoints: (101,572)
Fitness Minutes: (22,834)
Posts: 3,832
7/4/14 10:03 P

King Oyster Mushrooms
Mung Bean Sprouts
Boneless Lamb

BURNINGTHYME101 Posts: 1,154
7/4/14 9:06 P

Do you make your own hummus? It's not at all hard and cheaper too.

KNACKERS11 Posts: 122
7/4/14 4:20 P

Fresh and local produce. I'm on a hummus kick, so I love seeing all the different types. Our markets have a lemonade line dozens of people deep.

MOTHERBOARDER SparkPoints: (283,745)
Fitness Minutes: (136,143)
Posts: 13,602
7/4/14 10:16 A


REGINAROLLINS SparkPoints: (66,618)
Fitness Minutes: (30)
Posts: 1,631
7/3/14 10:55 A

Any fresh fruits and veggies-tomatoes today-we have a farmers market at our workplace(green team-has made that possible)

VEG_GIRL04 Posts: 2,644
7/3/14 9:05 A

Just checking in to say I tried my summer squash pizza crust and it was DELICIOUS! So awesome and so low calorie that I could eat a half of pizza!

BURNINGTHYME101 Posts: 1,154
7/3/14 7:22 A

Love to be able to buy from the locals here. Honey, fruits & veggies of all kinds. It struck me funny when I saw them selling California ORANGES in Florida in the grocery store here. Beef is from Florida now too.

CSROBERTSON621 SparkPoints: (212,041)
Fitness Minutes: (93,200)
Posts: 2,869
7/2/14 9:31 P

Love pretty much everything, especially the fresh dairy products (my grandparents were dairy farmers -- I had so missed having "real" non-homogenized milk... though I'm not a raw milk advocate precisely because I've been on a dairy farm, so it's always pasteurized).

This week I was thrilled to see peaches and blueberries (my favorite!) back at market.

For the person below asking about farmer's markets in Northern Virginia, Washingtonian did a listing of all local markets in 2013 here:
. I think most are probably the same this year, and the list is easy to search and has links to individual market sites. The Washington Post has an area map of farmer's markets this year (2014), though I find it a little clunky to use:

There are more than 170 markets in the DC area, so you should be able to find one near you! I personally live in the city, and go mostly to the Glover Park and DuPont Circle markets on the weekend, and sometimes the Foggy Bottom one during the week. The DuPont circle one on Sunday one of the larger and busier markets in the area and has a huge variety -- might make a fun weekend "field trip" for you -- it is right outside the DuPont Circle metro stop (North exit).

EVIEKT Posts: 242
7/2/14 2:21 A

Love all the fresh and colorful produce! Our local farmers market is just getting started for the year-so not much there so far-but super excited about what will be there in a few weeks!! My kids and I walk to the farmers market with our "veggie wagon" and load up for the week(my kids are daughter 18;and two sons both 13).We all love the local honey,and winter squash in the fall.We try to go as often as possible,because living in northern Michigan means we only have about 4 months to take advantage! I can and freeze as much as possible to tide us over during the long winter.

BELDAME SparkPoints: (83,798)
Fitness Minutes: (53,745)
Posts: 329
6/30/14 3:39 P

Local honey, fresh free range eggs, and whatever is going cheap.

I buy my meat from the butcher at the local market; I'll never buy meat from the grocery store again.

HTAMALE Posts: 112
6/30/14 2:24 P

I love everything at the Farmer's Market! The fresh food, entertainment, crafts, art and mostly the people. I LOVE to people watch. This week I got, tomatoes, peas, beets, onions, cherries, cheese, french bread, basil, parsley, and breakfast, yum!
I absolutely love the Farmer's Market.

MISCHA08 Posts: 139
6/30/14 11:38 A

Any good farmer's market in northern Virginia and what do you buy?

LCRUMLEY81 SparkPoints: (98,859)
Fitness Minutes: (13,575)
Posts: 871
6/30/14 10:57 A

I love the freshness of the fruits and veggies. I love trying the new greens and different greens that I have been able to try as well.

ADGIRL618 SparkPoints: (16,361)
Fitness Minutes: (2,617)
Posts: 602
6/30/14 10:24 A

I travel for a good Farmer's Market. I usually stick with whatever vegetables and/or fruits that look good and have the best price...then I decide what I'm going to do with them. Last year, I found fresh beets for a really good price and then had to find something to do with them. Roasted beet salad with goat cheese and fresh parsley - WOW! I never even knew I liked beets! Things I will always buy and wait all year for: tomatoes, onions, baby red potatoes, fresh herbs, peppers, berries and peaches. Also, wood for the smoker!

PYNETREE Posts: 6,636
6/30/14 9:36 A

First local, NJ Peaches, and some Honey. Fresh green beans, they were almost giving away!

BUSYGRANNY5 SparkPoints: (518,023)
Fitness Minutes: (253,025)
Posts: 71,237
6/30/14 9:14 A

grapes and mini peppers

VEG_GIRL04 Posts: 2,644
6/30/14 8:55 A

New finds this week
-Super Hummus (hummus with flax seed and quinoa in it)
-Summer squash pizza crust.

I haven't tried the pizza crust yet but I'm thinking that might be dinner tonight!

HADLEY123 SparkPoints: (22,511)
Fitness Minutes: (3,954)
Posts: 91
6/30/14 7:51 A

Raw milk all the way.

DONNAATTEBERRY SparkPoints: (5,775)
Fitness Minutes: (270)
Posts: 234
6/29/14 12:59 P

I love the home that grown honey, and the hucleberry jam that is made here in Oregon.

NEPTUNE032701 SparkPoints: (7,485)
Fitness Minutes: (6,115)
Posts: 221
6/28/14 3:50 P

Also- if you're near a Wegmans they have local produce in the summer too. There will be a sign for anything local stating what farm and town it's from. I just bought some strawberries that were sooooo good.

NEPTUNE032701 SparkPoints: (7,485)
Fitness Minutes: (6,115)
Posts: 221
6/28/14 3:48 P

Tomatoes- especially golden cherry tomatoes. Here in NY tomatoes are usually shipped in and lackluster. I love when summer rolls around and we can get ripe, juicy, full flavored tomatoes.

BELLENGLISH Posts: 1,391
6/28/14 9:26 A


VUKELK Posts: 623
6/28/14 8:57 A

Everything is wonderful from the Farmers Market but I have to say I absolutely love the fresh peaches. I wish I could go everyday.

MARYJOANNA Posts: 6,347
6/28/14 7:26 A

Online Now  • ))
We have a great variety of fruits and vegetables. Peppers, cucumbers, onions, potatoes, tomatoes, apples and baqnanas

6/28/14 2:36 A

Greens, beans, and berries first also beets onions and local honey.

HIMELISSA2007 Posts: 2,151
6/27/14 11:48 P

Love the apples and romaine. Lasts so much longer than store bought

EXOTEC Posts: 3,327
6/27/14 2:05 P

I love farmers' markets! It's hot for a wide variety of produce at the moment, but we still get some local. Lots of citrus, naturally. We have a community market in the downtown square one day a week that offers lots of great stuff: pastured meats, goat dairy items, raw milk (for pets, naturally), beautiful plants and whatever veggies are in season. We're coming up on melons now, which I love!

We also have a little independent grocer in town which supports the local growers and producers heavily. I get a lot of my produce, meat, and eggs (sometimes) there. I typically get my eggs from a fellow raising his chickens in the yard; they're amazing! I just wish I could find a good source for the chicken itself. So far the expense outweighs any nutritional benefit. I keep looking.

We have a commercial outlet in town too, but that's the same stuff restaurants and sometimes smaller groceries buy from. Mostly imported and force-ripened. Occasionally you can get some good finds there, though.

Our flea market has lots of little food stands carrying locally grown peanuts and kettle corn and the like. One market a bit farther away has some great vendors selling Amish cheeses and meats, another who sells local honey, pecans (in season), and one great baker. Another market has a Nueske's outlet, and another lady selling yummy cookies and biscotti - many of them gluten- or sugar-free.

Farmers' markets are like a carnival to me. My favorite outing!
Of course... you have to pick your days. Right now those days are too hot/humid/rainy. But good ones are coming! And I can barely wait for fall and winter!

Edited by: EXOTEC at: 6/27/2014 (14:07)
LOVE4KITTIES Posts: 4,690
6/27/14 1:55 P

Before I moved here, I used to go to a produce market every week. They had wonderful fruits and vegetables that were grown by local farmers and the prices were great.

I moved about 200 miles away. I'm still in an area where I am surrounded by agricultural fields and they grow things almost year-round here.


Here, at my new location, the prices at the farmers market (and there are actually two within easy driving distance) are absolutely, unbelievably, outrageous. $3/lb for carrots and $7/dozen for eggs outrageous! The produce, eggs, etc. are absolutely beautiful, but I refuse to pay such inflated prices. Yet, lots of people are attending and buying because both of these farmers markets are extremely crowded. Maybe it's because the produce in the grocery stores around here is also overpriced (but not anywhere as bad as the farmers markets) and it's yucky looking. For example, in the height of the squash season around here, the squash in the grocery stores are priced at $2.99/lb and they are all dented up, rubbery and old-looking. Corn is currently $69/ear in the grocery stores and it looks yucky--all old and the ends have been cut off. I bought some last year and it tasted as bad as it looked. The rest of the produce is of similar quality and price. I feel like the grocery stores must be shipping things from across the country or something! Maybe, it's because the local farmers want too high of a price for their produce (and they are getting it at the farmers markets) and so the stores buy it from across the country or from another country...

I am surrounded by agricultural fields. Absolutely surrounded. The weather here is perfect for growing and they are growing a LOT. I just don't understand the prices at the farmers markets and I don't understand what's going on with the grocery stores having such high prices and low quality in an area where produce is being grown in such bountiful quantities. Whatever the case, I grow as much as I can in my backyard garden.

With that being said, there are two places (right next to each other) down the road from me that grow and sell strawberries by the case and the prices are good. The strawberries are also of excellent quality. You can drive by in the mornings and see them out picking the strawberries that they are going to sell that day. I definitely am eating a lot of strawberries this summer.

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FITTEREVERYDAY SparkPoints: (29,035)
Fitness Minutes: (18,503)
Posts: 2,060
6/27/14 12:05 P

Eat them! I love peanuts. They don't grow in MI as far as I know...I've never seen them at a farmers market at least. I think they grow in the south right? I know a lot of peanut packages say Virginia peanuts.

CJGODESS101 SparkPoints: (30,781)
Fitness Minutes: (9,224)
Posts: 611
6/27/14 9:39 A

Last summer there was someone selling peanuts at my Farmers Market. I had no idea what to do with them so I attempted to make peanut butter, failed, apparently you need more than 1 small bag of peanuts.

6/27/14 12:04 A

Ground Cherries are one of my favorite things to find at my local farmer's market. And for some reason I can't get any squash to grow well in my garden, so I like to get zucchini and yellow summer squash too. Sugar snap and snow peas, turnips, fingerling potatoes, kohlrabi and eggplant are also among my favorites. I've also occasionally gotten bok choy and leeks as well. I usually grow my own green beans, tomatoes and potatoes. Our market also has berries, but I usually go out the the local farms or the woods to pick those (blackberries - no one grows their own to sell around here). Our market also has fresh flowers, homemade jams and fruit butters, honey, salsa, herb and spice blends, bison and lamb sometimes and a lady from a local bakery. Some vendors even sell hand-dyed clothing and handmade craft items. I'd like to sell some craft items there someday...

FITNAPTURAL SparkPoints: (78,000)
Fitness Minutes: (57,912)
Posts: 409
6/26/14 4:40 P

The summer farmer's market is my favorite! There's one right down the street from work and I always walk away with so much. The markets near me are abundant in summer so there are pastries, a woman who makes delicious hummus, seafood, and "creole" tomatoes plus tons of other veggies. This week I got peaches, blueberries, onions, bell peppers, and corn. I also stop at a fruit stand by my house for huge watermelons :)

EABHA70 SparkPoints: (62,065)
Fitness Minutes: (40,967)
Posts: 1,121
6/26/14 3:32 P

Wild blueberries are my favourite produce to get at the Farmers Market. It'll be a while before they are in season here, though. Right now I am mostly buying cheese from a local maker: buffalo Fontina with fenugreek, sheep's milk camembert, haloumi...all so yummy!

FITTEREVERYDAY SparkPoints: (29,035)
Fitness Minutes: (18,503)
Posts: 2,060
6/26/14 2:03 P

Kale and peas so far. We've just started harvesting things around here though!

We actually sell a few things at the market ourselves so I'm there most every Saturday.

CSROBERTSON621 SparkPoints: (212,041)
Fitness Minutes: (93,200)
Posts: 2,869
6/26/14 1:50 P

At our Saturday market, grass fed beef, berries, cherries, snow peas, and eggs. At our Sunday market, we load up on the dairy - milk, butter, yogurt, cheese... mmm. They also have pickles and fabulous fruits & veggies, and local pastured chicken and pork.

MISSSVJS SparkPoints: (41,145)
Fitness Minutes: (53,077)
Posts: 1,423
6/26/14 12:46 P

"Pampered Chicken" eggs - the lady I get these from air conditions her chicken houses (hence the name); she charges $2/dozen and gives me a punch card so that after I've purchased 5 dozen from her, I get a free dozen. I buy 2 dozen every week, so it doesn't take long to get a free one. I save all of my cartons and return them to her and she always tells me she loves me for doing that. I also get raw honey (local), bedding plants, Georgia peaches (candy to me), cantaloupe, watermelon and a lot of other produce I don't grow in my own garden.

LEC358 SparkPoints: (11,135)
Fitness Minutes: (6,555)
Posts: 2,744
6/26/14 12:02 P

There's one stand that has the only muffins in the state worth buying (yes, they're that good) so that's my Sunday morning treat. There's also local farmers that sell organically raised bison and lamb...can't get that at my grocery store.

CJGODESS101 SparkPoints: (30,781)
Fitness Minutes: (9,224)
Posts: 611
6/26/14 11:11 A

Our growing season is a little behind so we have not had much at the farmers market yet, but my favorite is honey. We also had a kettle corn stand the last time I was there along with fresh flowers.

KENDILYNN SparkPoints: (22,924)
Fitness Minutes: (24,670)
Posts: 2,738
6/26/14 10:54 A

Tomatoes and sprouted beans/peas. Unfortunately, it's so hot here that not much grows in the summer, but we get farmers markets through the fall/winter/spring instead.

VEG_GIRL04 Posts: 2,644
6/26/14 10:18 A

I love summer and the wonderful healthy bounty that can come from a good Farmers Market! Some close friends and I recently found an AMAZING farmers market that is held every Saturday in a local neighborhood. We got some amazing finds last week and plan to head there again this week!

So what are your favorite farmers market finds?

For me it's got to be
-Farm fresh eggs
-Fresh honey
-Fresh berries

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