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3/10/13 8:43 A

Eating lean is 80% of the journey and exercise is the vital last 20%.. I had to put my food under a microscope and reduce the fat content..

I move more and make sure I take rest days.. I am not a dvd fan and like to change it up without doing the same thing over and over again..

The body is a smart organism it adjust to doing the same thing again and again.. Even when I weight train I take advantage of free weights, machines and body weight exercises so my mind and body don't slip into cruise mode..

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3/10/13 7:34 A

Oops sorry. I thought I read "30 day shred".

Ripped in 30 is the same thing, circuit training, it's just more advanced than the 30 day Shred. You will probably burn more calories than the 30 DS because it is more challenging. But again, circuit training depreciates the value of both cardio and ST. I just started Ripped in 30 last week but I also have a regular strength training program and do HIIT and metabolic resistance training for cardio. Circuit training is beneficial at cutting back on the duration of your workouts.

I enjoy JM workouts, personally. I just don't rely on them solely for cardio and strength training. I find her upper body exercises challenging and use 8 lbs weights. I don't find her ab work in any of her videos so far to be challenging. It's sort of lop sided. But if you do compound exercises (dead lifts, squats, pull ups, lunges, etc. with a heavy weight, you really don't need much core concentrated exercises because the core is used to help stabalize).

The hardest part of getting nice abs isn't "toning" them, it's burning the fat off the top by getting to a low body fat percentage. Which is very difficult for women to achieve. Most women cannot see their ab muscles unless they get to less than a 15% body fat percentage. This would require an effective full body strength training program (with heavier weights and lower reps) as well as getting down to a low body fat percentage through a small calorie deficit (no more than -20% of your maintenance calorie needs) to prevent lean muscle loss.

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3/9/13 10:18 P

Hope you don't mind a little added humor!?!?

"I have a 6-pack set of abs. However, they are hiding in my "soft-sided" cooler!"

3/9/13 4:58 P

You need to do both csrdio and strength. Be patient it will happen.

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3/9/13 3:44 P

Generally weight training does not burn fat. However that doesn't mean you can't do the work-out. It simply means you have to wait until you reach your goal to see those new abs you built!

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3/9/13 3:02 P

Unfortunately, it's not possible to spot-reduce fat. That's because our muscles draw their energy from the bloodstream, not the surrounding fat stores. Doing ab work won't reduce the fat over the abs. :)

Only overall fat loss will do that. Fat loss comes from a good diet at a calorie deficit, with a complete strength and cardio program. Doing the exercise will help (although the strength training she provides is not challenging, and won't provide as helpful a benefit as a true, balanced strength program) but it won't specifically burn fat over the abs.

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3/9/13 2:44 P

Ripped in 30 is a little bit different than 30 DS but thank you your answers were helpful :)

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3/9/13 2:39 P

It's circuit training and has aspects of both cardio and strength training. You will burn fat from the calorie deficit you create ie; eating less than your maintenance calorie needs by following your spark range and calories burned through exercise. Circuiting training does not burn as many calories as continuous high intensity cardio and it isn't as effective of a strength training program as lifting heavier weights with less reps.

tbh the ab work in the 30 DS isn't very challenging. I actually found some of Coach Nicole's ab workouts more challenging for the abs.

I did the 30 DS and enjoyed it. But I also did a regular strength training and cardio. It isn't really an effective strength training program because she uses light weights and high reps. You'll get faster results if you lift a challenging weight for 6-12 reps before moving up in weight/resistance.

I'd say it's a good program for a beginner.

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3/9/13 2:28 P

I haven't done the workout you're talking about so I am not sure how to respond. I think that, in general, the strength training/weight lifting won't get rid of the fat but will help to increase the strength of the areas being worked. The fat loss would be more from the food that you eat.

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3/9/13 2:19 P

I am doing Jillian Michaels ripped in 30. Alot of the exercises work my abs. I am about 25-30 pounds overweight so I have a layer of fat over my abs. Is this workout going to burn that fat or only tone the muscles under it? Should I continue the 30 day program?

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