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10/12/11 11:56 A

I read some comments refering to loss of muscle, water and fat when initial loss is too high. By experience, I don't think it is always like that.

On my first ten days of cutting calories about three months ago, I lost one pound per day also. I know that was about 50% water and 50% fat, but I am sure there was no muscle loss (I take two independent measurements every other week). 40 additional pounds later I am sure they didn't come back at all. It was until the fifth week that I began to lose muscle and had to cut on carbs to stop that (but that's another story). The thing is that even though popular knowledge leads us to think that an initial high loss rate necesarily includes muscle, that is not always accurate. It is just that some organisms respond more dramatically to initial caloric restriction and a few weeks later weight loss stabilizes to the "normal" 1 - 3 pounds per week.

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10/12/11 9:35 A

Today I am on my 2 month spark anniversary exactly. I weighed this morning and have lost 24.6 lbs in the last 2 months. I have not dieted one single day. I just stick to my reccomended calorie budget and eat what I like. During the past 2 months I have eaten chocolate, pizza, hamburgers, french fries, ice cream and the like. No those foods have not been my steady diet mind you but Ive had them when I wanted them. I think "diets" are restrictive and the minute you tell yourself you cannot have something in particular thats exactly what you want. I can honestly say for myself that I wouldn't have seen better results then I have if I had dieted. So why torture or restrict yourself? Enjoy what you eat! Just stick to your guidelines. You won't get any better results by dieting. In fact, you may end up in worse shape.

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10/12/11 5:47 A

Is this working for you still. Have you lost weight and kept it off. Thanks

8/20/11 9:13 P

Unfortunately as others have already said, you did not lose ten pounds of fat, but a combination of fat, muscle, and water. This is why diets really are not good and are temporary. A permanent lifestyle change is key which allows you to eat your favorite foods in moderation. :D

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8/20/11 8:43 P

What are some of the menus like? What foods are you allowed to eat? Is it really low carb? ... or really low fat? ...or really low calorie? What kind of diet is it?

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8/20/11 7:45 P

I have to agree with the others. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. I can still eat anything I want in moderation on sp. The key is moderation.

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8/20/11 5:48 P

Do you plan to eat like this for the rest of your life? SP doesn't recommend gimmicky diets. It espouses healthy choices and exercise, a lifestyle change. I ate hamburger, pizza, and potato chips (in moderation, of course, and in conjunction with healthier foods) and lost the weight.

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8/20/11 5:33 P

First, congratulations on your loss and determination to be healthier. emoticon

I do agree with Unident though, fad diets are horrible! They not only burn off water and muscle (as well as fat) but they are not always 'balanced' enough to meet all your nutritional needs. Extreme restricting can cause hair loss, skin problems, mental health problems and even heart beat irregularities.

As some one (a short someone too) that started with almost 200lbs to lose I totally understand the attraction to something like this. It's just not worth the risk though, and it's not maintainable. Once you're 'off' the diet, fat comes back. Muscle is a lot harder to gain back, a healthy lifestyle change is hard at first, but it's a downhill thing, gets easier and easier. emoticon

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8/20/11 4:55 P

Almost a pound a day means you've lost water and muscle, as well as fat. What *I* want to lose most is fat, and really just fat.

Think about the maths of it - to lose a pound a day of fat, you'd have to eat over 3,000 calories less than your body requires. So assuming a 1,500 calorie BMR and that you do actually eat around 1,000 calories a day, you'd have to burn nearly 3,000 calories in pure exercise every day to even remotely lose anywhere near that much "fat".

Congratulations on your loss! Please do not be surprised if it comes back. In fact, I would seriously aim to get some of that back. You probably didn't really want to lose muscle tone that much. :(

This is why fad diets are evil. They promise (and sometimes deliver) fantastic results, but the results aren't really what you wanted. While we measure by the scale alone, it isn't "weight" that most of us want gone - it's "fat". Losing muscle will actually make it much harder for you now to lose any more fat. Sorry.

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8/20/11 4:11 P

Has anyone tried this diet? I found it by accident while looking online to look up info on the 17 Day Diet that Dr. Phil is always promoting. Well, it said this one was supposed to be even better, so I figured I'd give it a try. You pick from a list of foods they give you and then print up a generated diet from those foods and it gives you an 11 day cycle of menus; after the 11 days you get three (3) free days when you can eat what you like ( but not go crazy & pig out of course! ) It even allows you one glass of wine a day.
Glad to say, I think it works,...I have just completed my first 11 day cycle and have lost 10 pounds. I feel a lot better without all the carbs, sweets and red meat,..I'm drinking more water and calorie free iced green tea and the best part is I'm not even hungry all the time like I was on most other diets I've tried! So, all in all, far so good~

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