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TWINMOM01 Posts: 189
4/26/10 3:33 P

I prefer Almond Milk myself - I have never been a big milk drinker so nutrion value as far as protien is a moot point to me...the only time I really even drink it is when I make protien shakes after a hard workout - so right there the protien value is moot since I am using a protien powder anyway...

Cost wise - skim milk is going to be cheaper than Almond milk but then again depends on how much you drink in a days/weeks time

-STINA- Posts: 729
4/26/10 3:32 P

As other said, I like the taste of almond milk and it's something different to mix up for milk - but it's not really nutritionally much better than skim milk. The biggest downside to almond milk for me is that it contains 1-2g of protein per serving..skim milk has like 6-8. Those extra proteins add up if you have a hard time reaching your protein goals. If you easily reach the protein goals without the skim milk, then there's not really anything wrong with switching from skim milk to almond milk, IMO.

CATHEITE Posts: 4,837
4/26/10 2:27 P

I have both Skim and Almond milk in my refrigerator. Almond milk IS a lot more expensive, but I love the creamy, slightly nutty taste.

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MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,581
4/26/10 12:04 P

I prefer Skim Milk. I looked at the nutrition label for Almond Milk and for so little and such a big price tag. It doesn't make any sense for me to buy Almond Milk.

RENA1965 Posts: 17,878
4/26/10 10:36 A

Skimmilk is cheaper and better option for most, providing one can drink it.. Again producers are pumping products we really don't need- when we jump on everything they put out on the market it makes eating healthy more complicated..
If you have allergies to milk ask a allergy specialist first to do tests and ask for options..
Remove milk and cheese and think you can do without options is signing a contract with brittle bones later in life..

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ANARIE Posts: 13,205
4/26/10 2:06 A

I was surprised and disappointed at how low the nutrient figures are for most brands of almond milk. It has very little protein, and not much calcium unless it's fortified. Some of the flavored versions have a lot of added sugar, too. If you like the taste, enjoy it for that, but there's no nutritional reason to switch if you don't have any milk allergies. If you want the benefits of nuts, eat the whole nut.

4/25/10 11:31 P

I have switched to almond milk, I love it. I agree that it seems a little strange to be drinking something that is intended to raise big calves.
I find almond milk a tastey treat and great nutrition.

4/25/10 8:08 P

I found Almond milk a bit watery for my taste, but I might try it again, as I drink too much soy milk right now.

CINDYA1962 Posts: 1,154
4/25/10 8:02 P

I tried almond milk and liked it, but decided to stick with milk because while I like almond milk, I love cow milk. Also, there is no comparison as far as protein goes. What did help is to scale back on how much cow milk I drank. It was easy to drink big glasses without thinking about it.

4/25/10 7:51 P

I've heard great things about almond milk. A friend just said I should switch from cow's milk so I am thinking I might. If you think about it, cow's milk is meant to raise up big healthy fat cows and this is what my friend pointed out. She doesn't feel like milk is as good as we all think it is. I'm still researching.

4/25/10 7:29 P

Becky has some key points. I'd just like to add a couple things.

1. Good healthy nutritional values often depend on variety. More sources mean a broader range of nutrients.

2. Take a look at your overall diet and see what areas you're looking to fill in regarding nutrients etc. That may help guide your choices. For myself, as much as I love skim milk, I find I have a hard time with it regarding my blood sugar, so my smoothies have almond milk, the unsweetened kind.

4/25/10 7:16 P

It is NOT that one is better than the other, it has to do with preference, taste, allergies, lactose, your decision to be vegan, etc.

One usually consumes a milk product for the calcium and protein provided. Usually an 8 ounce glass will have about 80-90 calories, 7-8 grams of protein and about 30% of ones calcium needs. Do some label reading and compare products, make sure your choice is meeting your needs.

dietitian Becky

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JANET0116 Posts: 672
4/25/10 6:40 P

The almond milk will be lower calorie. As the previous posters have pointed out, it's all about what you consider 'healthy'. I like both for different reasons.

BFGURU Posts: 181
4/25/10 6:39 P

It depends on the nut. Almonds are naturally packed with calcium.

LETOVERN Posts: 2,603
4/25/10 6:31 P

Skim milk is much healthier than nut milk, unless you are allergic to or intolerant of dairy. Nut milk has minimal nutrients--most are added. Real milk has lots of natural nutrition and calcium.

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GEMINISUE Posts: 6,379
4/25/10 6:09 P

A nut milk, is always healthier for one, unless a person is allergic to the nut involved. There is much nutrition, in it.

BREEZE2356 Posts: 639
4/25/10 5:55 P

I just bought some almond milk today what would be the best choice fat free skim milk or almond milk or are the both about the same. I will be making a smoothing soon and I usually always use the fat free skim milk thought I'd try the almond milk instead.


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