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10/21/08 2:51 A

This soup is tasty! I have ate it over the years! Thanks for sharing the recipe here! I think everyone will enjoy it!

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10/20/08 5:48 P


CHICKIEMAUI Posts: 1,189
10/19/08 2:37 P

I replace one meal with this soup, I have been doing this for about 7 weeks now and have lost 17 pounds total. It hasn't come back, and I still eat meals and exercise. I just really like the taste though. I love veggies, and I think this is a perfect soup for me.

LIAIMAN Posts: 33
10/19/08 11:44 A

I like soups. Couldn't imagine eating soup every day though. Besides - one vegetable I really dislike is cabbage!

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10/19/08 8:52 A

I've tried this cabbage soup and followed it to the letter. Had friends try it also. You do loose weight on this but like someone else said it can come right back. So if you try this to loose weight you have to be very careful as you start eating again. It is very disappointing to have it come right back on.

IAMBLESSED247 Posts: 100
10/15/08 8:30 A

Thanks for posting the link. I'll still try the soup, but I like knowing the truth.

TREESA57 Posts: 3,767
10/14/08 7:44 P

I am on weight watchers and it is a vegetable soup recipe that is so much better than the old tj's diet cabbage soup we grew up with. I remember that old diet. It was horrible. I use all the fresh vegtables that are in season and in the winter I use canned in low sodium versions. A serving is 1 cup a day for zero points and then you count a point for each serving after that. I hope this helps some of you.

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10/11/08 8:46 P

This sounds good. I do try to incorporate negative calorie foods daily not really for weight loss but because they are good for you. I understand the concept behind them; not sure if it works or deosn't but we all need to eat our veggies and with winter coming soup is great. I will give this one a try.

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10/11/08 5:36 P


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10/8/08 3:38 P

Might not be negative calorie and fat burning but can't hurt if it keeps you from eating other things with more calories

SEACOW1 Posts: 246
10/8/08 1:31 P

I use the Weight Watcher version of the soup as lunch food, not as an all day food. I add either whole grains, 1/2 cup of brown rice, barley or beans and sometimes add 2 oz. of chicken breast to make a more filling and nutritious lunch. Add a high fiber WW English muffin or tortilla and fruit to round out your meal.

GOOSESMOM1 Posts: 21
10/8/08 12:37 P

Sounds Yummy! I will give it a try. I am sick of eating Smart Ones for lunch everyday the soup sounds like it would be a nice substitute.

Thanks for all the healthy low sodium substitutions!!!!

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10/8/08 10:22 A

This soup is really good and nice to have on a cold gloomy day. I've also tried this diet several times back in my 20's and 30's. It doesnt work. I agree the sodium is way to high. I would substitute with low salt broth.

DAYB628 Posts: 114
10/4/08 2:53 P

This is also the Zero Point Soup from Weight Watchers. It is a great low calorie soup for lunch or a snack during the day. It keeps you full and is quite tasty! I use the LS chicken broth and don't put the noodle soup in it. It is yummy!! emoticon

BKOHL2005 Posts: 107
10/4/08 9:40 A

cool sounds good

CHRISTIE1213 Posts: 317
10/3/08 4:20 P

I'm going to make this over the weekend. I'll leave out the soup mix until the end, and only add if I think it needs it... Thanks for sharing!!

9/23/08 4:38 P

Tried this diet. It worked, then it came back on as soon as I ate real food again. emoticon

9/23/08 2:37 P

I am going to try this.

9/23/08 10:21 A

I went on this diet and lost 10 lbs, but I'm not sure the diet is the healthiest thing for you, although the soup is full of good for you veggies. If I were to make it again, I would definately try the low sodium options. You can make the soup in smaller batches. I used to make half batches, and even that was alot! I don't imagine you have to use the exact amounts of ingedients....just put in a bit of everything on the list and I'm sure you will have a delicious soup to enjoy as part of a healthy diet. I used to put bay leaves, thyme and a dash of Tobasco sauce in as well for a bit more flavour.

TAXGAL104029303 Posts: 13
9/21/08 2:15 P

I have this diet. Someone forward it to me and it is the army diet. They would put new recruites on it to help them drop weight so they would be aloud to join. I want to try it but I am scared of how the soup would taste. Can you use smaller amunts of food? That way I can just try it instead of having a huge pot to throw out if I didnt like it?

9/21/08 1:33 P

If nothing else, it is low calorie and a good way to get a few more veggies in your diet.
I like soup so I am making a batch of it today for part of lunches for next week. It would go good with a turkey pita emoticon

9/21/08 12:41 P

Thank you for the soup idea this is going to be really good this winter when your cooped up and want to eat. emoticon emoticon

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9/19/08 4:35 P

I always have some of this soup in the freezer. I make it a bit different, I don't use the soup mix and I use V8 juice. My first week on SP I ate this soup all week with other foods, and lost 9 pounds.

SALLY53869 Posts: 104
9/19/08 9:38 A

I love soup and I love veggies! I will give it a try!



9/18/08 9:03 P

sounds great....

TOLLER43 Posts: 306
9/18/08 4:55 P

Thanks for the recipe - I've been looking for a good cabbage recipe

JULIEN* Posts: 5,331
9/17/08 8:30 P

There's no such thing as a negative calorie food.

Here's an article from sparkpeople on the subject:

CHICKIEMAUI Posts: 1,189
9/17/08 7:01 P

Exactly Veggie :)

GEOWENDY Posts: 69
9/15/08 3:05 P

I'm not so sure about the fat burning part unless you happen to be exercising while eating. ;-)

I think a cup of broth or tea during a meal to help you slow down your eating is a great idea. I don't think the broth fills you up so much as gives the solid food some time to digest and let the brain realize you have eaten enough.

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9/15/08 9:01 A

Soup is tasty, and that is so calorie! But, if one serving is 47 calories and you eat it all day long to stay full (say you eat 4 cups), then you've got 170 calories.

Be sure to count it if you eat it. If it keeps you away from the french fries or pizza, you are better off in the long run, though!!!

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9/14/08 12:36 A

Hmmm, has anyone been on the cabbage soup diet, what were the results?
I found this

VEGGIE4LIFE55 Posts: 86
9/13/08 12:53 P

Negative calorie foods burn more calories to digest then they are actually worth. Depending on the food some of them burn a good percent more. Which means if you do eat negative calorie foods the more you eat the more weight you are suppose to lose.

CHICKIEMAUI Posts: 1,189
9/11/08 1:46 P

I am sure there are variations of the same soup, I actually do not follow the "diet" part of it, I just really love the soup and it seems like a good way to fill in my eating for the day. I have actually lost more weight than i thought I would have but mostly I just love the taste and actually end up craving it!!

I am sorry you had to go through that as a teenager, that couldnt of been fun for you! emoticon

9/10/08 1:44 P

I don't remember the soup packet, but i thought it contained V8 for part of the liquid.

9/10/08 1:37 P

That's it! The cabbage soup diet. I don't remember any of it except for the soup you can eat as much of as you want. My MIL was on the diet off and on (never lost any weight) and the soup was pretty good.
The suggestion about pureeing it is great. I may try it this weekend but leave out the soup packet and use veggie broth instead.
Thanks for posting the recipe.

9/9/08 10:06 P

My mother put me on this diet numerous times when I was a teenager. I can't even look at the ingredients without feeling a little ill. I think it was called the Army Diet? It was an eight day diet...One day was only vegetables, another only beef & tomatoes, another bananas and skim milk. You could eat this soup every day - once she made me eat it for breakfast! ugh!

DENNISLISA94 Posts: 101
9/9/08 10:01 P

I might have to try this!!!

9/9/08 4:57 P

sounds yummy - I can't wait to make it. thanks for sharing!

CHICKIEMAUI Posts: 1,189
9/9/08 1:13 P

I do use LS Broth.

9/9/08 12:46 P

Like another soup I make, I'd puree about 1/2 of it, and mix it back in with the rest. That way it's thicker, but has the veggie bites also. ;)

WEMINICH Posts: 2,171
9/9/08 10:25 A

I don't believe in negative calories or fat burning food, but I do believe this is a filling & low-cal food to add to your diet. Plus, it's filled with healthy veggies. I can't wait to try it, and THANKS for the suggestion to puree it. I could drink it better than eat it like soup - kind of like V-8

9/9/08 9:51 A

When I used to make it by day 3 or 4 of the "diet" i was so sick of it i threw it out.... I have a new found love for it....

I learned if you puree it the soup tastes MUCH better

HEYWOOD77 Posts: 4
9/9/08 9:26 A

This soup is fantastic, especially on a cool day. It freezes well so you can make a big batch and freeze in individual protions and just take out for a meal. To add to it you could put some cooked ground chicken or turkey in it as well

9/9/08 2:48 A

This is a variation of the Cabbage Soup from the infamous "Cabbage Soup Diet". The problem is that the soup mix and/or bouillon adds so much sodium to your daily diet, you might as well have a salt lick in your house. The better alternative is to use some canned low sodium chicken or vegetable broth and/or some low sodium tomato or V-8 juice in the recipe. The end result is a low-cal soup that's full of fiber from the cabbage so it makes you feel full for relatively few calories. I think cabbage might also be a mild diuretic as well, so you'll lose some water weight while spending half your day in the powder room, emoticon ! I'm not so sure there's truly any such thing as "negative calories" unless you eat on a treadmill, and nothing burns fat except exercise, but it is a nutritious and filling soup that's a great addition to the rotation in a well balanced diet. And there's something nice about eating homemade soup. So much better than a can...

CHICKIEMAUI Posts: 1,189
9/5/08 2:08 P

I have no idea, I didnt invent the soup LOL It states it is a fat burning soup, and probably because of the veggies it is negative calories ie celery, bell peppers

It has been a good filler for me, so I thought I would share it.

Edited by: CHICKIEMAUI at: 9/5/2008 (14:07)
9/5/08 11:28 A

I am so confused. I understand its filling and healthy (other then the soup packet that has a lot of sodium) but how will it burn fat?
Please explain..

It reminds me of a soup that my MIL used to eat as part of some diet she was on. Other then the soup packet anyway. It was pretty good.

9/5/08 10:43 A

this soup is almost like garden vegetable no fat very low in calories approx 47 per serving helps keep you full i make garden vegetable all the time in a 24 qt pot freezes well

NATALIEW44 Posts: 177
9/4/08 11:36 P

Sounds like a good soup but how does it burn fat?

WAZZU.REN Posts: 3,331
9/4/08 8:56 P

How is it negative calories?

CHICKIEMAUI Posts: 1,189
9/4/08 6:50 P

I make this soup and it is good, it is a negative calorie soup and burns fat.

6 Large green onions
2 Green peppers
1-2 Cans - diced tomatoes, or 1-28 oz. can of crushed tomatoes
1 Bunch - Celery
1 Package - Lipton Onion Soup Mix or Chicken Soup Mix
1-2 Cubes of Bouillon, if desired
1 Head - Cabbage
Salt, Pepper, Parsley, etc. to taste

Cut Vegetables into small to medium pieces and cover with water. Boil fast for ten minutes, reduce to simmer and continue cooking until vegetables are tender.

Eat as much as you want.......whenever you want.......any time of the day. This soup will not add calories. The more you eat, the more you will lose.

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