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NIGHTSKYSTAR SparkPoints: (516,552)
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1/23/13 11:30 A

i'm still on my streak!!! WAHOO!!

TCANNO SparkPoints: (352,125)
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1/10/13 6:32 P

getting back on track after a break doing other things.

NIGHTSKYSTAR SparkPoints: (516,552)
Fitness Minutes: (344,574)
Posts: 44,364
1/10/13 6:08 P

loving the positive energy on this thread!! keep up the GREAT work!!

LIVINGSIMPLY355 Posts: 2,005
1/10/13 12:59 P

Just checking in as I start back up with my fast break goals for the new year.
I am in my second day with spark coach(second try) and able to keep up pretty
A cold has me down right now, so gonna take it easy, but plan on tracking food


TIFFB340 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 4
1/10/13 12:20 P

Day 3 of SparkCoach and I'm really loving it! I started a boot camp class, and have been SOO sore. I do pilates classes too and normally when I am this sore, I would just sleep in a bit and skip pilates. Last night I was out getting groceries and got to bed much later than normal, so that would be another reason I would skip exercise in the morning. I am SO proud of myself for getting up right away and going to the class! I have told my husband about my goals and he has been awesome-we are doing this journey together but he has quite a bit of a head start-he's lost almost 90 lbs already! :)

NIGHTSKYSTAR SparkPoints: (516,552)
Fitness Minutes: (344,574)
Posts: 44,364
1/9/13 4:05 P

Great job!!
And on the walking, sounds good!

JBELICIOUS5 SparkPoints: (28,489)
Fitness Minutes: (49,944)
Posts: 953
1/8/13 11:50 P

Did my Fast Break goals today! No soda, spend some time outside/exercise, and get up without hitting the snooze button!

1/8/13 1:11 P

Thanks Nightskystar! Maybe I'll start out by walking short distances and increase it a little at a time. I really enjoy walking.

JENP902 SparkPoints: (1,893)
Fitness Minutes: (1,139)
Posts: 23
1/8/13 12:22 P

Day 4 - Feeling Good, maybe even have a little more energy today :) yay

1MUSICAT Posts: 1,592
1/8/13 12:22 P

Just "restarted" yesterday and so far, so good. I've accomplished my goals so far...the trick will be to continue. I've done it in the past, fell off the wagon and got back on. I know I can do it this time.

NIGHTSKYSTAR SparkPoints: (516,552)
Fitness Minutes: (344,574)
Posts: 44,364
1/8/13 12:13 P

lunlinlycur..i have bad knees too. in fact, i have a total knee replacement scheduled for march. i walk anyhow..and yeah its painful. but if i had a pool i had access to you can bet thats where i'd be!!
swimming, or chair exercises is what i'd suggest. both shouldnt be too painful on your knees.

RACHEL2WRITER SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (1,594)
Posts: 102
1/8/13 12:02 P

I'm doing well on 2 out of 3 fast break goals - still can't get past the 'not hitting the snooze button' one, but I'm also having trouble sleeping lately. Grr, I need to work on winding down better and getting into bed earlier.

1/8/13 11:27 A

I set my goals today and I am looking forward to this journey. I was on Sparkpeople before and I did good but due to some unforseen circumstances I had to stop. Now I am excited about getting started back. I used to do a lot of walking and that's how I lost weight the first time. Now I am having problems with my knees and I won't be able to walk the pounds off so I'm looking for some suggestions as far as some exercises that won't be a strain on my knees. Any help will be appreciated.

NIGHTSKYSTAR SparkPoints: (516,552)
Fitness Minutes: (344,574)
Posts: 44,364
1/8/13 10:20 A

i'm one week in..have done it every day..forwarded the video to where i have to be tomorrow so i can do it during a break (wont feel like it when i get home)
its not that hard to keep it up wherever you are!

DEBORAHLEE82 Posts: 1,100
1/8/13 12:45 A

emoticon THREE 4 THREE!!! emoticon

NIGHTSKYSTAR SparkPoints: (516,552)
Fitness Minutes: (344,574)
Posts: 44,364
1/6/13 2:01 P

LOVE seeing all these positive posts!!
I upped my walk today..and got through it just fine!! (i am having a knee replacement in march and doing my best to get in as good shape as i can BEFORE hand.) so...i will stay at this level a few days then up it again in a few!!

FIREFLY075 SparkPoints: (585)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 23
1/6/13 12:47 A

My dh is incredibly skinny...he has to gain weight so as supportive as he tries to's double hard when he stops by McDonalds for lunch and I'm picking at my salad.
Honestly the only person who can do this is me anyway.
I have been on track with my Fast Break goals for 3 days in a row now! That is a record for me!

RENECHAR Posts: 233
1/5/13 11:13 P

I'm just starting out with Spark Coach. I wanted to skip this part, I don't think I'm good at posting but if it will help my lifestyle change, I will try! I have had 8 8oz. glasses of water, going to walk on the treadmill and pick out 1 motivational picure for today. Stayed on track all day.

ANAJCM SparkPoints: (2,573)
Fitness Minutes: (893)
Posts: 73
1/5/13 7:33 P

I track mine every day!!

I've only missed one goal on one day so far. But it was exercise for 15 minutes while watching tv. I missed it yesterday because I hit the gym and then was running late for work, no tv time. When I got home, I laid down in bed and passed out! Just didn't have time for tv :)

NIGHTSKYSTAR SparkPoints: (516,552)
Fitness Minutes: (344,574)
Posts: 44,364
1/5/13 12:23 P

great job Barbanna!!! Good points Sue! Deborah keep going you will get there!! Off to do my walk...

DEBORAHLEE82 Posts: 1,100
1/4/13 9:20 P

Thanks everyone for the feedback and motivation:) Still 1/3 but it's okay I've often will let that make me quit but not this time...just going to keep trying again!!! emoticon

RETIREDSUE Posts: 2,968
1/3/13 8:11 P

DEBORAHLEE82 - I have managed all my fast break goals today (drink water, read an inspirational quote and exercise for a few minutes (all I can manage just now with my fitness level) Have been there with the fast break before but often let some things slip and thus gave up when the weight wasn't coming off as fast as I liked. Didn't post on message boards either so maybe that will help. 1/3 is better than 0/3!

BARBANNA SparkPoints: (108,384)
Fitness Minutes: (85,068)
Posts: 3,415
1/3/13 5:48 P

I am not clear on the topic but I am a stickler for adhering to my goals. I drink 10 glasses of fluids daily to include coffee and crystal lite.
I track all my food.
My diet is very routine and consistent to include fruits and vegetables (which are my favorites over all other foods). I get sufficient nutrients except folate and fat.
Occasionally I don't eat enough. I rarely eat too much.

I am militant with my exercise. I use the elliptical for 80 minutes at 10,11, 12 resistence levels. I use 12 lb weights for my UB, calitsthenics for LB, weights for abs, obliques etc. for 40-50 minutes and stretch for 15-20 min.

Last night I worked out while watching a movie with my family. That's the only way I could get all of it into a busy day.

I listen to motivational music daily and I meditate for several minutes.

This is all working well for me and I truly love Spark.People!!!

NIGHTSKYSTAR SparkPoints: (516,552)
Fitness Minutes: (344,574)
Posts: 44,364
1/3/13 5:29 P

Hi!! great posts!!
I have no support at home on this either. so i took it into my own hands NO EXCUSES for me.

i did my one mile challenge walk today, and got my other "extra" mile.
I tracked my food
I got all my water.

as for your husband bringing food in?? i get a really wonderful treat for myself. like berries with a dab of nofat cool whip. or a wonderful smoothie. or a no pudge fudge brownie. and i eat it slowwwwly and savor every tiny morsel. and that helps!!

BENCHED Posts: 659
1/3/13 4:54 P

I'm on track to drink my water today, but I hit my snooze this morning, which is a no-no! I have to go to bed earlier tonight I think!

I'm so happy to have Spark People too!

My spouse is semi-supportive, but lacks motivation like I do! I track my food to keep myself accountable with the intake and I try to get in a little extra walking time daily. Keep your portions in check when you splurge, and burn baby burn! Helps to clear my head, especially in the cold Canadian winter!

DEBORAHLEE82 Posts: 1,100
1/3/13 3:19 P

Hi everyone...I can't stop saying how much I love and spark just soooo motivating. Wish I would have known about this before my husband paid for the weightwatchers 360 3-month subscription; it has nothing on SparkPeople. Will be cancelling WW soon and putting money into spark people.

But to my real point....

I set my fast break goals (1. No mindlessly eating in the evening; 2. use my xbox kinect for activity; 3. read a motivational story or book). Well so far I've only done one out of three but today I'm striving for two out of three. How is everyone doing with their fast break goals. Post here and let me know. Also what are some ideas for eating better when you have a spouse that's not on board with you. (I find myself tempted everytime he orders out.)


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