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8/9/13 1:41 P

We are farmers, mostly grow veggies for a roadside stand. We also have sheep and chickens. It's a hard job, but it's a way to get exercise! We also put up our own food, because at least then I know what's in it.

8/8/13 9:19 A

Grew up on a farm. Both my grandfathers were farmers.
I loved it. Worst job is bovine AI in my opinion. (Artificial Insemination)
Blessings to all the farmers out there!

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8/7/13 9:22 P

emoticon Thank you!
I live on a berry farm. We cannot make a living off of it (5 acres). But it has taught my 3 children the value of the $ and how to work. -- An old-timer spoke to me when my oldest was a toddler, and he told me then that those skills were "priceless" in terms of life skills.

This year (24 for me), we are finishing up our u-pick operation. I encourage people, that if you do go direct to the farm, make an honest attempt treat the people there with kindness & consideration. They didn't make you come. You chose to go there.

Some of things said to us are sometimes VERY unkind. -- My 18 yr old son today had to deal with a very obnoxious woman w/ 3 kids (great role model!!?). She acted like it was his fault that it was hot (she came at noon - we opened at 8 am). She said there were insects and spiders and bees buzzing (hmm.... outside, are we??). Evidence that we are NOT spraying pesticides on the fruit.

Then she complained about the price, quality, etc. She said she should get a better price (anybody else pull that at their local grocery store??!). Then she proceeded to eat fruit without paying for it, and continued with rude, obnoxious behavior & comments.

Is everyone like this? No. But it sure doesn't encourage my kids to want to continue in the field once they get to college and can get a "real" job.
...just saying... emoticon

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8/7/13 8:29 A

'Cowpooling' is awesome! I'm getting a quarter of a steer from a local, grass fed grass finished organic farmer for about $2.99 per lb. WIN. Now if I can get a good deal on eggs and veggies... Those tend to be way more expensive then their conventional counterparts.

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8/7/13 12:27 A

I would love to see more people buying direct from farmers so they can finally get the pay they need to raise their families; we can benefit in turn by not importing so much produce from foreign nations.

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8/6/13 9:41 A

This is my daughter when she was little. She grew up to be valedictorian of her class and now has a Ph.D. and heads up a research team at MIT.
My brothers are all still involved with farming in one way or the other. I have only the highest of respect for farmers.

Click link below to see the picture. It is one of my favorites!

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8/6/13 9:36 A

Cortney Lee, I grew up on a farm. I also worked on farms and milked cows after marrying my first husband. It was not so bad.

I now have a Ph.D. and work as a college professor. I would not trade my farming days memories for anything. It is large part of who I am today, and most of the time, I like that person.

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8/6/13 6:52 A

I come from a farming background on my Mom's side (she grew up on a farm) and I loved going to my Nan's every summer and working on the farm.....something to be said for going to bed dog tired at 8 p.m. and sleeping like the dead until 5 a.m. Best nights of sleep I have ever had!

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8/5/13 9:52 P

I worked on a farm as a teenager... ugh, I hated that job!

Milking is the worst - I commend anyone who can do it, because I couldn't!

8/5/13 9:07 P

My father-in-law was a farmer and spent many years of his life working on farm equipment. His body showed the hard work he did for so many years, but he lived to be 93, and was proud of it! It was, and still is, one of the most noble professions of our civilization!

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8/5/13 3:50 P

Can be a very hard industry to survive in. Some of the hardest workers I've met have been farmers. I love to buy direct from farmers.

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8/5/13 3:10 P

But we desperately need our farmers!!! Hope you don't have to use chemicals on any of your crops as I would think that would make it more dangerous.

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8/5/13 1:14 P

It's a lot of exercise and you go to bed really tired - which is good.

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8/5/13 1:12 P

It's a great job! Although it's a lot of work!

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