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BJEAN614 SparkPoints: (9,291)
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4/29/11 12:41 P

Lunch is done and the food was good. But I feel full and tired. I asked myself, how in the world was I doing this on a regular basis? I learned something today. I don't think I'll have cake.

4/29/11 1:00 A

Sounds like you have a good plan - I also find that drinking water before an event like that helps me stay focused. Good luck and have fun!!

SCOTTGARAN Posts: 2,014
4/28/11 11:29 P

That's a great attitude. The fitness lifestyle is all about choices. You made one, enjoy the celebration and move on.

BJEAN614 SparkPoints: (9,291)
Fitness Minutes: (4,253)
Posts: 60
4/28/11 10:55 P

Tomorrow our office is having a farewell lunch for a co-worker. I have given myself permission to indulge within reason. I will not feel guilt. I will exercise to counter lunch. I will get back on track immediately and life will go on. Wish me luck!

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