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7/7/11 8:25 P

I've had the same problem for a month and still today. But keep you head up high and think to yuor self I can do this. Give yourself a pep talk I'm gonna do that tonight before I workout and tomorrow I'm gonna try and set my mind on my diet. wish of lucj\k to you. Don't give up.

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7/7/11 11:29 A

You can do it! Just life throwing a curve!!
emoticon Drink your water ~ First Step!

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7/7/11 12:13 A

I had a tough July 4 weekend and went totally off track. I almost didn't post then I logged in and owned up to it which was a relief because I was confronting my lack of motivation. Today at I had to force myself to go to the gym and every minute was torture because I wanted to turn around and go right home. Once I completed the workout I felt sooo much better because I had won out over the lack of motivation..what I'm really saying is keep posting and talking about why you're off track so you can understand it better yourself - then post a goal for the next day so you have accountability. Complete the goal and then post again about having completed it. Even if it is just walking for 10 minutes or drinking more water. You'll get back your motivation each time you stop giving up and accomplish something that you didn't think you could do..all the little things add up. Glad you're here posting!

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7/6/11 9:59 P

I just do something for 10 minutes. I usually keep at it longer and if not at least I did 10 minutes more than nothing.

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7/6/11 10:08 A

Think about all the success you have had so far and how you deserve a healthy lifestyle. Whatever you do just keep logging into sparkpeople, seeing motivational people everyday really helps you get back on track.

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7/6/11 9:12 A

I was ALWAYS falling off my lifestyle path of eating healthy and i just felt like a failure. UNTIL I found a TRUE REAL sparks buddy one who had as much desire to live and eat right as I did. We are 2 pees in a pod we dont just spark but we talk all the time , we call each other out of line and hold each other accountable. I have been on track ever since. Its truly wonderful. So I would encourage you to find a spark buddy, if they dont have sparks but have the same desire as you just show them sparks and show themhow to do it, thats what I did. my buddy knew nothing about it and now we spark away :)

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7/5/11 11:06 P

Surgery! Yikes.... I hope not lol

I just needed a few words of encouragement I guess. Not reaching ALL of SP's goals is frustrating.Thank you for your support Redshoe, emoticon

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7/5/11 11:01 P

Dear Sexydiaz,
Return to the doctor and ask him to refer you find out what sort of sciatia pain your suffering.. There are at least three types, the worse needs surgery.. Get a plan for this sciatia and try not to give up.. The body will not thank you for the extra lbs it has to carry and can make the pain worse..

Try to keep a cool head following sparks peoples program.. Eat to the low end within the calorie range if unable to hold to regular walking and look up teams with spinal injuries.. Support in numbers you don't have to go this alone..

Losing ten pounds means that the joints will bear 30 to 50 pounds less of stress. Getting the weight off helped my back and hip problems.. I suffered sciatia nerve problems from a fall from my pull up bar- I traumatized my sciatia and it took me ½ year before finally returning to normal again..

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7/5/11 10:46 P

The past couple of days, due to a physical condition, have been rough for me!! I'm not exercising, not keeping up with SP and I feel like I'm failing. (Refer to my blog post if you wish)

What do you do when you're unable to do what needs to be done, what do you do to get back in to the swing of things?

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