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MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,527
1/26/13 7:51 P

It is a great way to think about it.

Veggie soup, bread, wine and hot chocolate sounds lovely on a wintry day. Track it, you may not have done that badly. And if you did, you have a good outlook.

TCCAGLE Posts: 757
1/26/13 4:42 P

Thank you ARCHIMEDES: I feel the same way---

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1/26/13 2:37 P

As the old song goes,"accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative." Give yourself credit for the positive things you do for yourself and don't beat yourself up because you're not perfect. You don't have to be perfect to be healthy.

Glad you enjoyed your hot chocolate. Because one cup of hot chocolate or glass of wine will not make or break your healthy lifestyle.

TCCAGLE Posts: 757
1/26/13 2:31 P

Well, a new job that I think I am going to like but the first day was very busy with paper work to be done and orientation, then working on training the very first day and up the next morning to start my first day-- no time to pack a lunch or exercise or track my food. Then the ice and sleet started-- me and hubby drinking wine and then later hot chocolate and eating homemade vegetable soup and bread-- I enjoyed it though and I am going to give myself a break and just get back on the wagon, life to short for regrets, just recover from it and go on--I refuse to give up on my goals---

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