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TONEDTORI Posts: 482
9/7/11 1:29 A

Thanks for the different suggestions. I bought a lock but I have not used it. I like the idea of using my kids photo, or my goal on the door of the pantry or where the snacks sit on the shelf. A funny image was to put my snacks all in the frig and lock them up for the night. That was to nights image. Well, I experiment w/ that tomorrow. I would have responded earlier, but I didn't see the response in my box. I am still learning how to use this program. Hope you all doing well. Tori

WANNABEFIT26 SparkPoints: (0)
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8/26/11 11:19 A

I get up at nights and eat something unhealthy also when I am stressed about work or other situations in my life. I ate chocolate covered peanuts last night and the caffenine in them helped keep me awake which is not good. I am going to try to tell myself not to eat anything and that I really want to lose more weight. Another suggestion would be that if you have something healthy like grapes or other fruits that eating a few of them would be healthier and not have as many calories as ice cream.

DROPCONE Posts: 1,592
8/25/11 10:46 A

Maybe before the lock (which sounds drastic, but I can SO identify with wanting to do it!) - have you tried putting a visual reminder on the fridge, or even IN the fridge?

I have a cabinet where snacks are kept. I have been known to put things on the cabinet door like a paper with my goal or current weight in big block numbers; a photo of how I look now; something that represents how I want to look; - also things that might work would be a big note that says "DRINK WATER" or "THINK". Or maybe a picture of your kid(s?). What you will use depends specifically on what motivates you, of course. I try to stay away from "stop" or "don't" or other negative statements, but those might help some folks. I just try to avoid yelling at myself. Basically make sure it's at eye level, and that anyone who might remove it knows why it's there so they don't!

TONEDTORI Posts: 482
8/24/11 2:40 P

Yes, I will focus on the sleep problem. After not sleeping during the night, I wake up late and my schedule is off and I don't really start my day until midday. It takes away from my kids and their day as well. You know what I considered is buying a lock for the refrigerator and leaving the lock w/ my husband who goes to bed by 8pm. When I haven't eaten in the night, I lost a pound over night when I weighed in the next day. It's just water weight, but better than eating. Putting the lock seems drastic, but I am desperate.
Too much? Thanks for the support.

TONEDTORI Posts: 482
8/24/11 2:35 P

Ladies, after writing my message yesterday I lifted myself and scheduled my exercises class in my calendar. My kids & I checked out a gym & the YMCA to consider memberships so we can all benefit from exercise. I had a better night last night. Yoga class was completed. I shopped for school supplies & came home to a cup of JOe that kept me up and I ate a few peanut butter pretzels, but they were a serving portion. Even though I ate them, I sat on the couch acknowledging that I stopped and didn't want anymore. I STOPPED. I will consider allowing treats during the day, and learning to stop as well. I want to earn those treats knowing I exercised during the day. Heart felt after I read the messages. Thank you.

DROPCONE Posts: 1,592
8/24/11 1:10 P

Honestly, I would focus on the sleep problem first. I ALWAYS eat way more than I should when I am sleep deprived; and then I go the other way and sleep too much sometimes, which doesn't help my metabolism either.

I was in a very bad cycle where I was sleeping during the day and awake all night, and since I am not a shift worker there was just no excuse for it. Since I could not be really active or accomplish much at night, because I didn't want to disturb the rest of the household, I couldn't accomplish any of my exercise goals anyway, and I just ate and ate and ate and ate. I also couldn't talk to any of my friends or family members since none of them live on the other side of the globe. It was hell.

It was also incredibly difficult to fix. Summer helped, but it's still something I have to attend to. It's harder than eating healthy. But I feel so much better in my head when I sleep properly, in the dark like normal people. And now I can exercise, and since there is more to do during the day, it is easier to find something else to do beside eat a gallon of ice cream. My family and friends aren't all asleep, for instance!

Good luck! I hope you accomplish your other goals too!

WCUNNINGHAM3 SparkPoints: (13,253)
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8/23/11 8:19 P

I am going through the same thing right now, however I do have a lot of anxiety right now with family things and the such. I have hit a rut and I know I can do better but one thing happens and then I spiral down hill.

CAR58OLE Posts: 718
8/23/11 10:36 A

I have been in your shoes so many times... I wish I could tell you to just get over it - but I know that isn't easily done.

Can you pinpoint the REASON you let yourself eat the ice cream??

If you are not allowing yourself any treats all day - that could be the trigger!
I know I have to keep some WW ice cream bars or skinny cows in the freezer - and because they are so expensive I truly do only allow myself ONE per day!

So give yourself a break - perfection isn't all it's cracked up to be - and you CAN do this...
Congrats on turning 50 in November... the rest of your life is ahead of you emoticon

ADESANTI SparkPoints: (0)
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8/22/11 7:27 P

It's great that you're posting about it. I do hope you're allowing yourself little treats. Eating healthy the entire time isn't my idea of something that will last. It's ok every once in a while to treat yourself. I like the 80/20 rule. Where 80% is healthy and 20% is not. Anything over the 20% unhealthy breaks the rule and shouldn't be consumed.

TONEDTORI Posts: 482
8/22/11 3:22 P

Today is the night after I ate my kids ice cream, atleast 2 pints. I have a good life and no major pressures at the time like I had last year w/ my dad and kids. Why do I keep letting myself going back to the freezer. I was okay until midnight and I went for it. I told myself how well I did for not going for it & than I didn't stop myself as I walked away from the freezer. Now I feel my inner thighs touching like they have never done. I didn't sleep last night. My son couldn't sleep last night and snuggled w/ me until 5am this a.m. My stomach rejected the ice cream and now I have soft stools. YUK!!! I failed the sleep challenge for Aug. & July and just have not gone to bed by 11pm the latest. So my goal is to have my tone body my Nov. 21st for my 50th b'day. I can do it, and i need help. Who can I help along w/ me as well? So sad, but I will nap and will get on the treadmill. Any suggestions about the night eating? Anything? thank you, and have a healthy day! Tori

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