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6/18/14 1:12 P

Thank you so much to ECG of you for all of this amazing advice and kind support! I really appreciate it very much!!!

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6/18/14 11:06 A


I am very sorry to hear about your recent medical diagnosis.

As the others have said, we're really not in a position to offer any medical advice. I don't know what the outcome of your tests will be, but something to ask your doctor about is birth control. Do you use BC ? I know women who gained weight when they changed their birth control. They didn't change the way they ate or how they exercised. Their weight was always stable up until, they changed birth control. Birth control can cause a woman to retain water.

Did they also check your kidneys ? a 40-60 pound water weight gain in such a short period would cause a lot of stress on a person's kidneys. If your body has difficulty shedding water weight, perhaps its related to your kidneys.

Once again, these are just guesses. Your doctor really is your best source of information.

What to do for stress ? I agree that yoga could be a good option. Yoga isn't just about turning yourself into a pretzel. There are breathing techniques that can help reduce a person's stress. There are yoga classes where you can learn how to meditate. Studies have shown that meditation can help reduce a person's blood pressure. So, you might check your area to see if there are any yoga studios that teach meditation.

Do you knit or sew or paint ? Doing a craft of some kind is very relaxing for many people.

Do you like music ? Listening to your favorite songs can help reduce stress. So can sitting and sipping a cup of tea or even taking a bubble bath. reducing your stress can go a long way towards helping to heal your body.

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EXOTEC Posts: 3,327
6/18/14 10:35 A

Medical issues really complicate our dietary intents. I'm so sorry you're having to deal with this.

I occasionally pick up a bunch of water weight for no apparent reason. When that happens, I get the routine: restrict fluids, cut salt, double the furosemide... and I can tell you, it's h*ll. Thankfully, it doesn't happen often, but any at all is too much. The frustrating thing is there's no way to figure out WHY it's occurred. That would be helpful.

So far as management, the first thing is naturally to follow your doctor's therapy. Someone mentioned yoga, and I will add to that Tai Chi. That's a very soothing and gentle "physical meditation", and might help with both the physical and the mental/emotional aspects of your troubles. I picked up a series of Tai Chi DVDs on eBay, which are very nice. Even if not for the medical side, it's a nice adjunct to improved health - both mental and physical.

I second the idea of having a specialist. The typical GP is likely to just prescribe a diuretic and tell you to watch your salt. While that's good advice, it doesn't address the reasons for why it's happening. In my case, I think it's associated with my autoimmune condition. Seems like everything is, one way or another! But in your case, the reason needs to be investigated more thoroughly, and a specialist is the best bet to do that.

Hope you can find some answers and ways to manage it.

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6/18/14 9:29 A

So sorry you are going through this. At some point you should consider switching to a specialist other than the one who has run the tests so far. Sometimes putting a different mind to it is the answer.

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6/17/14 11:58 P

You have a lot on your plate. Thanks for sharing with us. I hope they can figure out what it is. Keep us posted.

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6/17/14 11:50 P

Thank you! I will follow through with those suggestions!!!

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6/17/14 11:42 P

Have you looked into food allergies? That's a thought. Our body reacts differently to various foods.

SHERYLDS Posts: 17,483
6/17/14 8:57 P

keep a thorough food log and jot down everything.

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
6/17/14 7:55 P

Wow - sorry to hear that.

We can't give medical advice, but do they have any idea of what it might be? have thrown anything out there?

When will you get the results back?

That must be really difficult. I feel for you. I know it's hard to keep going...but hopefully they can figure it out soon, so you just have to keep going until they do.

Do you do yoga? That's a great stress relieving exercise to do - very calming and soothing - as well as a work out. Does your gym offer yoga? If not, I can send you link to free videos on youtube.

Spark people is a great place to come to vent, talk, get support, etc. You can always come and lean on us for support, you know? I hope you do, and I see you around more.

FORMYLITTLEG SparkPoints: (4,601)
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6/17/14 7:08 P

I have recently been through blood work and an ultrasound on my heart to try to determine the cause, which yet remains unknown, for the random water weight gain of 40-80 pounds that has fluctuated frequently in the last 4 months. It's hard to stay motivated when I'm eating organic, healthy food and watching that things are low in sodium, msg-free, and gluten free (just in case that's a food intolerance), working out at the gym...and the scale won't settle on a number, especially one that is going DOWN rather than up.

My husband is in the Air Force and away from the family at the moment. I am at home with our two-year-old son. It's been hard to keep my head above the water and my emotions level and positive.

Although I am open to but not necessarily asking for medical advice in particular, I would love to hear any suggestions of how to stay afloat in this season of frustration. Thank you!

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