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6/3/14 8:14 A


You do the same 2-3 exercises for 30 days, with very little rest. I literally do not know a single person who has made it through one of these "challenges" without injury. I do not recommend them to anyone. Strength training should be quality, not quantity.

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6/3/14 7:49 A

You should be working your back as well. (along with the rest of your body) Only strength training your abs will eventually cause strain on your back. You should also be resting 48-72 hours between training your muscles.

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6/2/14 8:39 A

I have "joined" the event on Face book for the 30 Day Ab Challenge. Anyone else here? It has been a good motivation for several of my friends that haven't touched a gym ever. I am wondering about not doing back exercises too. Isn't this a recipe to injure people's backs?

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