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4/12/12 10:18 A

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Have you read any of the Spark articles on decreasing the amount of sugar you eat ? Most people don't realize how many places sugar hides. Did you know that there is sugar (in the form of corn syrup or HFCS) in your ketchup ? crackers ? cereals ? relish ? yogurt ? Americans are bombarded with sugar. I do have to read the labels of products I buy to see how much sugar (or sugar byproducts) the product contains.

I'll say it. I do have a sweet tooth, BUT I have reformed my eating habits to reduce the amount of sugar I eat. You can to, but it will take time. I would start with some of the Spark articles. there have several techniques to help a person reduce the amount of sugar they eat. And as you reduce the amount you eat, the cravings do decrease too.

CIZETHEDAY124 Posts: 9,060
4/12/12 10:09 A

I signed up for the sweet tooth challenge but it didn't really help!

Thanks for all the advice that everyone posted! I think I am going to to google a sugar detox and see if that's something that would work for me.

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4/12/12 10:00 A

Thanks for the info about the sweet tooth challange. I'm going to try to find it

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4/11/12 11:09 P

I gave up all sugar 3.5 months ago... I have never felt better! I use natural stevia if I want to sweeten something... usually strawberries..yum! It has been an amazing experience. I also gave up coffee and many other items at the same time... call me crazy, but I feel awesome.

4/11/12 10:58 P

Yes, I did a sugar detox. I told myself I could eat until satisfied but had to cut out all sugar. I drank a lot of water. I think that sometimes, when I was craving sugar I was just thirsty.

I stopped putting sugar in coffee, stopped eating sweets, and I started exercising. The fatigue I would feel and then eat sweets and drink coffee to combat it in the afternoons disappeared. I started to feel more energy from working out and didn't need to eat sweets to feel alert.

All the best!


ALSO, there is a spark team Official Sweet Tooth Challenge that might help you as well

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4/11/12 10:52 P

I know my ticker doesn't reflect this, but I have cut out sugar at times in my journey. The first three days are terrible, but after that it gets easier. After staying strong for about a week, tell yourself you can have what you want....later. Just say yes....later. It helps and good luck!

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4/11/12 10:10 P

ARGH! I feel like I've been doing a lot of emotional eating lately. I've noticed that eating a lot of sugar (even natural sugar) really interferes with my binging. Has anyone ever tried a sugar detox? If so, what was it like?

I feel like I need to do something else on this journey. I've been stalled at 138-143 FOREVER! I need to get out of the 130's. Please help however you can.

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