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CAROLYNC2245 Posts: 1
8/28/14 6:39 A

I can't find this challenge on facebook but would like to join. Can you help?

MESTISA77 Posts: 6
8/20/14 6:00 P

STOP!! DROP THAT COOKIE!!! LOL ........i have been seeing some awesome results for just 10 days with clean healthy eating with just about the food!! nutrition is 80% of your can workout as much as you want, but if your nutrition is not on point. and your eating cookies and chips, fast food etc ..sorry to say but you can't out work a bad diet!:)) this group that i will be running this time around i will be sharing my own recipes along with the recipes with the meal plan and grocery list! there is no requirement to join!! 10 days of learning how to eat healthy, trying new food, family recipes and enjoying what you are eating that is guilt free!:)) THIS GROUP STARTS ON SEPT 1 just respond by rsvping to the invite

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