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RELTD61 Posts: 4
11/16/09 8:26 A

Do you still like the Food Lovers Fat Loss Program? Have you followed it for the 2 months? How difficult? Has it worked? Thanks. I'm interested in trying it, but cannot afford to waste the money.

11/10/09 8:54 P

I was also on Food Lovers Fat Loss. I returned my kit as I found that I liked it but had trouble eating anything but Version C (hate veggies) I also think it is a lot like the Spark Diet which is free.

CDW2581 Posts: 16
11/10/09 4:53 P


10/10/09 1:37 P

Sounds to me like he's just teaching you how to balance your meals between carbs, protein, etc. I'm sure you could find that info for free online. Also, eating burgers, pizza, etc. with full fat meats and cheeses (he said the foods you love, so I'm assuming the full fat versions) can't be good for your heart (cholesterol). IMO, it seems like a waste of money.

10/10/09 1:02 P

I'm thinking of buying it and would like to know a little more about it. I get that you need to eat from certain 'food groups' including different kinds of carbs and protein at every meal. What kinds of portions does it suggest? Those plates on the infomercial look big. Are you measuring all your food? Do you have to specially make lots of the food? It says you can eat pizza and hamburgers but is it in a way that you're eating with special low cal buns and mayo replacement type of thing?

It says I can eat the food I love now, but am I making it in a super healthy way every time or can you sit down every once in a while and eat a piece of pizza from Papa Johns with salad or whatever else he says and it still works?

NOVASCOTIA13 Posts: 389
10/2/09 10:46 A

Thanks for all the reviews. I had seen it on tv and figured it had to be a scam. I've done food combining in the past but it didn't seem to work. Maybe this will.

LSIMLE Posts: 3
10/1/09 10:05 P

It honestly is not a scam. My husband has been to a nutritionist because of his diabetes and Robert Fergerson says the same thing. We both love the system and you honestly can't believe how much better you feel during the first week. It is a very sound way to life.

INUNISON Posts: 290
9/22/09 1:07 P

There is a spark team for Food Lovers Fat Loss

It's a great program... and easy to follow, well worth the money for me!

Fitness Minutes: (90)
Posts: 13
9/10/09 8:13 P

I just got my kit Tues and I love it! It's one of the most comprehensive programs I've seen and so easy to follow. You really get a lot for your money. I haven't been hungry or felt deprived at all.

LUV2LOPE Posts: 393
8/22/09 7:24 P

Hi Everyone, I also ordered the program and am loving it. It is so much easier than 6 week makeover. FLFLS just tells you how to eat correctly and how to plan your plate. I really like it.
I think it was worth the money.... you learn all your foods and what is good and bad.

BAGARE Posts: 17
8/22/09 11:38 A

I have been following FLFS for 5 weeks now, and I have lost a total of 17.5 inches, 6 of which is from my waist alone. I am also a diabetic, and I have dropped my 30 day meter average from 280 to 171 in the same amount of time. I love it, my hubby loves it and I love the fact that everyone eats the same meals and I actually can eat every 2-3 hours--which my diabetic nutritionist wants me to do anyway. I have gotten 2 (4?) thumbs up from both my dr and my nutritionist. I love it!

8/22/09 12:42 A

Dh and I started it this past Monday and I'm down 8 pounds and he's down 5 pounds and 1/2 inch in his waist. I haven't measured yet but my pants are getting loser and that's enough for me. I did find however that I wasn't getting enough calories - feeling light headed all day, so dh told me to up the portions just a little until I find the balance where I'm not so dizzy. Took a couple of day but I've got it now and am very happy with the program. Bought it thinking we'd return it in 60 days but we've decided to keep it.

6/30/09 9:34 A

I ordered the kit and have had it for several weeks now and I absolutely love it. I haven't gotten on the scale as I'm waiting the full 21 days like it says but my clothes feel looser. It's not restrictive at all - you just have to make sure you have your plate. It's basically protein, veggie and starch (like bread, etc). I have trouble eating all the snacks - you have to eat every 2 to 3 hours. It's real food - pizza, spaghetti, burgers, mexican food. I hope those of you who did order likes it like me!

2UNHEALTHY Posts: 2,231
6/26/09 10:21 A


6/26/09 10:13 A

You mean the Spark Diet! Yes! And it works.

BAGARE Posts: 17
6/26/09 10:11 A

I am going to give it a whirl. And there is the 60 day return policy. So we shall see.

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TRACYFIN Posts: 422
6/17/09 1:55 P

I lasted one week on it...

ITGIRL74 Posts: 602
6/17/09 1:53 P

Oops, my post was misleading. I don't do the 6-Week Body Makeover anymore. You're right - it is incredibly restrictive and nearly impossible to stay on permanently. I lost lots of weight on it but got off while traveling for work and could never get back on.

TRACYFIN Posts: 422
6/17/09 1:49 P

I tried the 6-week body makeover. I really tried. But it was so hard to follow. I'm looking for something a little easier to live with. Good luck!

ITGIRL74 Posts: 602
6/17/09 1:47 P

I think I tried this a long time ago (I didn't have the whole system, just a book that came free with some other weight loss thing I bought), and I had good results. If I remember correctly, it encouraged 5 meals a day, always with a combination of protein, carb, and veggies. Haha, that's how I eat now so maybe I am following the plan and don't even know it. I'll have to see if I still have that book somewhere.

Some time after that I started the 6-Week Body Makeover, which is similar but a lot more restrictive.

TRACYFIN Posts: 422
6/17/09 1:39 P

I ordered it on line. I think the auto-ship is for supplements or stuff like that. I think I just skipped that part.

Let me know what you think when you get it!

6/17/09 1:06 P

@ Tracyfin ... I was thinking about ordering it as well. As far as I could tell, it was all about portion control and combining foods. I work two jobs, so the simplicity of the instructions was really appealing. But when I went on the website to order it, the FAQ mentioned something about an auto-ship, which didn't make sense to me. Did you order it online or by phone?

TRACYFIN Posts: 422
6/16/09 2:25 P

I saw the infomercial a couple of times last weekend. I thought about it for a few days and went ahead and ordered it. It has a 60-day money back guarantee.

I thought it sounded good, mostly because it isn't so restrictive. I've tried LOTS of plans (some from infomercials) and just can't stick to the REALLY RESTRICTIVE ones. I hope this will be different. But if not, I'll send it back!

GENEVIEVE34 Posts: 1,160
5/29/09 8:19 A

Anything with the words "Fat Loss System" already sounds like a scam. Don't bother. Just stick with the tried-and-true diet and exercise routine. It's really the only thing that works!

5/29/09 6:37 A

Has anyone had any experience with The Food Lovers Fat Loss System created by Robert Ferguson? I saw something about it on tv-and it sounds good but Im always a little sceptical.

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