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PARKSCANADA Posts: 4,802
7/30/13 7:24 A

I don't think you can go back to the old you because life is about moving forward. Now, as you move forward on your journey to better health you will appreciate the hard work that goes into making good decisions and living a healthy lifestyle and I believe that you will become a different you, a you that loves your body in the now. Good luck with everything! emoticon

JJ625JONES Posts: 130
7/29/13 8:01 P

I feel like I've convinced myself I've become someone else. I feel like being at this weight for so long now (years) has made me look at myself differently. I just watched family movies of myself when I was smaller. I had no gut and looked better. Will this belief disappear with the weight? I think so. But would like to hear what everyone else has to say.
(I am not happy with myself anymore I have become like another person I want to go back to being the me I used to be)

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