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5/31/13 1:48 P

hang in there, watch you eatting over the next couple days and keep moving, change up your activity alittle.

ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (198,530)
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5/28/13 12:08 P


Spearking as a woman who is currently experiencing the wonders that are the "change", eating a healthy diet and getting some regular esxercise WILL make a big difference. Here's something I've learned from my own years of yo yo dieting and it's this,"If you eat crap, you'll feel like crap".

I've been experiencing peri-menopausal symptoms for several months now. I'm convinced that by eating a healthy diet and getting some regular exercise that included strength training, I've been able to DECREASE the severity of my menopausal symptoms. So, if you're not doing any type of strength training, I'm going to encourage you to start. Adding lean muscle will help in more ways than burning more calories. You can learn a bit more about exercise and menopause here.

JMOUSE99 SparkPoints: (197,405)
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5/28/13 11:18 A

To me, it sounds like you are eating too much of the wrong kinds of food AND you are not eating enough calories.

You might try "turning on" the SP meal plans on your tracker (under the date, hover over Tracker Options, then choose "Show Meal Plans"). I found this helped me figure out the kinds of things I should be eating. Even when I didn't take the suggestions (which was most of the time), I found it very helpful.

SATTVA Posts: 874
5/28/13 1:26 A

At the time of "The Change" the body does not handle stress in the way that it did before. I wonder whether the new Fitbitting, including the low number of calories you are eating, might have an unintended side effect of stress? Stress hormones at this time of life can cause us to put on weight.

SWANATOPIA Posts: 1,049
5/28/13 12:48 A

The vegetables and fruits should be number one priority. When I choose other food besides these, I gain a couple of pounds. When I choose to eat my 7 fruits and veggies every day and then other foods afterwards...I lose a few pounds!

Try a huge salad 30 minutes before lunch and another before dinner. This will help you stay full longer. Adding almonds to your meals (salads) will also keep you feeling fuller.

MAMACRAFTY1 Posts: 807
5/27/13 8:00 P

Tracker is correct. I am a small person so I thought it should be 1,200 calories a day, Actually I lied about my height. I am 5 foot. I am sure with age I will even shrink as all my patients complain of when doing an admit.
*I will decrease the pop consumption.
*Increase my calories.
*Go to the Gym three times this week and do the elliptical 45 min each time.
Even though I am on three 12 hour midnight shifts.
*TMI- I think I am starting "THE DREADED CHANGE"
* bought probiotics...gonna give that a try.
Thank-you very much for helping me!!

ERICADURR Posts: 243
5/27/13 4:16 P

If your SP tracker is correctly updated, you're not eating enough calories. You're routinely going below 1200 calories, and that may be why your weight has stalled. Also, even though the FitBit measures your normal activity, that is what is considered when calculating your basic metabolic rate. You NEED to incorporate some extra exercise into your days other than just basic movement, particularly strength training. :) Keep it up.

ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (198,530)
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5/27/13 2:10 P


Unless you've eaten an extra 10,500 calories in the last couple of weeks since Mother's Day, you have not gained fat. Why did you gain weight ? Ever notice your weight goes up during TOM ? Most women tend to "gain" weight during their menstrual cycle. is that a fat gain ? Nope, it's nothing more than a temporary water weight gain that passes in a few days. I can easily gain or lose as much as 3-4 pounds in a day because of a shift in my water weight.

And well, not to get TMI, but did you weigh yourself after a bowel movement ? If you don't do a poop in the morning, the physical weight of all the food you ate the day before is still in your intestines. The food you eat has weight. the water you drink has weight AND if you don't have a bowel movement, this can cause the scale to go up.

In short, you're going to see many ups and downs on the scale as you lose. Seeing a gain does NOT mean you did something wrong. It really is nothing more than a temporary water weight gain. In order to truly gain one pound of fat, a person needs to eat an extra 3,500 calories on top of their normal intake. So, if you didn't eat at least 5,000+ plus calories in one day, you didn't gain a pound of fat. Even if you did eat 5,000 calories in a day, it takes longer than 24 hours for the human body to metabolize that food that fast.

Basically, what you're experiencing really is nothing more than a temporary water weight gain. Trust me, this really is normal.

Don't assume something is wrong because the scale does up. In fact, find other ways to gauge your success that don't involve the scale. With TIME, you will notice that you start to lose inches. With TIME, you will notice that your energy increases. With TIME, you will notice that your strength increases and you start to sleep better.

You have to give your body time to change. While we'd all love for the weight to be magically gone, it's not that simple. Weight loss really is a slow steady process that takes time.

Don't worry ! But do be more patient with yourself and your body. keep using your fitbit and you will see improvement, with time.

BUSYGRANNY5 SparkPoints: (518,023)
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5/27/13 10:44 A

Also, keep in mind that FITBIT tracks ALL movement but not all movement is exercise.... so it could be that you're not getting as much exercise as you think you are... I noticed this when I first received my FITBIT! You've got the right idea... keep on keeping on... ask questions... keep moving!!

RIGEIN24 SparkPoints: (26,707)
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5/27/13 8:57 A

Water helps stave off hunger. I really think you should learn to love water. This is coming from someone who used to drink soda everyday. Don't quit cold turkey -- just wean yourself off of it gradually. The more you drink water the more you'll get used to it.

You need fruits & veggies in your diet too. You could try incorporating them into smoothies to get your daily amount easier, along with low-fat yogurt you also get a protein boost. Are you staying within your carb/protein/fat ranges?

I looked at your tracker and you're not always reaching 1200 cal...Is that because you aren't logging everything for the day, or do you just not reach 1200 sometimes? I'm just curious because 1200 is the bare minimum calories a woman requires and if you get less than that it can sabotage your efforts.

I guess my advice would be try to cut back on the processed foods, especially white breads/pastas/sweets. I don't mean never eat them again, but they seem to be the biggest calorie hogs. You might try to find alternate sources with lower calories. Making your own food instead of pre-packaged really helps.

MAMACRAFTY1 Posts: 807
5/27/13 8:35 A this weeks blog goes like this:
On Mothers Day I got a fitbit from my kids. I was so excited! I love how it tracks and it has made me more conscious of my activity. I never knew how many times I actually go up & down stairs. One day it logged 47 flights of stairs! I check my fitbit several times a day and find myself jogging like crazy at 11 PM to get in my 10,000 steps or more.

Now on to my calories:
I write down what I eat....even the bad stuff that I know I shouldn't be eating and am ashamed of logging it. I keep it to about 1,200 calories. Some days I feel full, but most of the times I am starved to death at night. Since logging my calories it seems I don't have the expense for fruits & veggies cause all my calories goes to other types of food. I am not big on water drinking and think nothing of downing 48 ounces of diet pepsi.

The problem: I gained weight! I am now up 3 pounds since getting the fitbit and I am more active now than before.

The SOLUTION?..............................(fe
el free to let me know what you think is my problem)
Should I follow weight watchers and forget the calorie count?
What can I do about my feelings of starvation?

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