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JDMAKEIT2HOT Posts: 8,458
3/21/10 6:43 A

i keep both!
i have three fat photos and three "thin" photos i keep tacked to the wall right next to my bedroom door. i do hate the old photos of me i didnt take care of my self or look good and 253, and my boyfriend see's them everytime he comes over :(
but it does motivate me cause i never wanna look like that again!

3/20/10 11:52 P

I have several photos, which I loathe, of me at my worst ever (in terms of weight, stress, unhappiness etc.). I very rarely look at these because they make me feel depressed and sad at seeing the person I was back then. However, I go to regularly and look at my avatar at my largest weight, then current weight and finally target weight. For some crazy reason when I shrink the avatar, I get more pleasure and motivation out of it than I do at looking at static photos of me when I looked and felt crap (I also love dressing the avatar and seeing the nicer clothes that I look forward to wearing). Maybe it's a control thing because I'm the kind of person who is very independent-minded, likes to be in control and has to see the big picture to be motivated and gives me the illusion of being in control and seeing the future me. Either way, it really helps me out. You could try it and see what you think.


3/20/10 5:58 P

I keep both. They are all part of my life's path and the fat person did all the hardest work to get me thin. I owe her.

Hope you make a decision that you are happy with.

LIZZY63 Posts: 16,450
3/20/10 3:29 P

I do both too.

I think pictures can be motivating as they show us the changes we have made that we don't see ourselves when we look in the mirror.

Your body can still change even when the scale doesn't move.

KWRIGHT26 Posts: 482
3/20/10 2:27 P

I like the idea of keeping both as well. Certainly you need the new photos because even though the fat picture is a definite motivator (mine is my senior prom photo, ick!) and reminds you of how far you need to go, you need your recent photos to remind yourself to be proud of what you've already done! It's like a booster shot of "I've already done THIS much, so it's not a challenge I can't tackle!"

3/20/10 12:24 P

I like the idea of having both. That way, you can see how far you've come and be motivated by that. You won't have the "fat" image reinforced in your brain either. I personally like positive reinforcement better than negative.

I used to do the unhealthy thing of comparing myself to models. Then I watched stuff on utube showing how Photoshop is used extensively on models, even ones who look perfect already to me. That encouraged me to love myself how I am, bulges and all.

LAURA2471 Posts: 380
3/19/10 10:52 A

I would keep the ones of you progressing and getting better because it's positive. Keeping yourself focused on something positive! It works way better!! (Well for me at least!)

ALYSCO2003 Posts: 477
3/19/10 10:25 A

I used both the skinny & fat photos for a while. Now I cut the heads off of the body pics I like and place my head on them. If there's a dress I want, I put my head on it1 I guess I'm a Body Hunter!

YELLOWDAHLIA SparkPoints: (94,861)
Fitness Minutes: (120)
Posts: 13,413
3/19/10 10:07 A

I had my fat photo on my fridge for a couple years. I finally took it down after losing because I was embarrassed for people to see it.

REBCCA SparkPoints: (420,395)
Fitness Minutes: (219,915)
Posts: 22,876
3/19/10 10:04 A

At one point I was extremely motivated by a fat photo. It pointed out a reality I wanted to change.
I have now buried or destroyed every fat photo I could find. For me it was like banishing that size forever just ike giving away all my fat clothes. It is not a place I ever plan to be again.
I agree that it is a personal decision and you should do whatever works for you.
Congratulations on your already successes! emoticon

LETOVERN Posts: 2,603
3/19/10 9:46 A

I also love the idea of having both. Have a photo made every month or 2, and do a time-llne photo display to show how much you have accomplished. You are doing great! emoticon

LIZSTALEY SparkPoints: (22,839)
Fitness Minutes: (14,091)
Posts: 906
3/19/10 9:31 A

I would do both as well. How about trying to keep one "fat" picture somewhere you can see it, but celebrate by replacing the others? I have two pictures that I keep around (on my hard drive, not hanging up) and the rest are pictures that I've taken on my journey at various points. They motivate me because now I LOVE being in photos and I like to compare them to the old ones for changes. Plus I love having pictures of the new clothes I've gotten over the last few months.

SP_COACH_NANCY SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (112,042)
Posts: 46,222
3/19/10 8:50 A


I personally keep both. But when I was actively losing my so-called fat picture is what kept me most motivated to finally lose the weight. I think this is where you do what works best for you.

GREAT JOB on the weight loss!!! That is emoticon


3/19/10 1:07 A

Hi Group

I have lost 30 pds but have not lost or gained since xmas. I went to therapy session (private) and said I keep my FAT pictures all around me. They scare the hell out of me because they show what 291 looks like and I don't want to go that way.

She suggested that I do only today pictures ( get a friend to take a picture) and post that as a positive way to keep motivated. I am down to 259 but that doesn't seem so different.

So do I keep the FAT pictures to remind me NEVER give up and fight to get off this platu (spell) get my new pictures one a week to see what I am doing?

What would you do? Fat or Thin?

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