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5/5/13 3:22 P

Thank you everybody! This has been really helpful. I have bookmarked the article about beverages. I have known for a long time that I could not lose weight while drinking sodas. (I am allergic to most artificial sweeteners, so I always drank "fully-loaded" soda . . . and I was addicted!) I have not had any sugary soda since I started losing weight in February. I'm sure it is part of the reason I am feeling so much better! When I am really craving soda, the sparkling water keeps me from drinking the worse kind.

5/5/13 2:57 P

The point of tracking fluids is to stay hydrated. All fluids hydrate the body, so they can all "count" in your tracking. However, each type of fluid has an upper limit regarding health. This SP article gives all the amounts:

Some members prefer to only count water. The choice is yours. Use the tool as best to meet your individual health needs and goals.

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5/5/13 2:49 P

I totally agree with Dragonchilde

Track water, herbal tea and balck tea (without milk) only. Count soda, juice etc as food.
I start my day with 500ml (16oz) of water at room temperature and then 1-2 cups of black tea with breakfast

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5/5/13 1:58 P

The water tracker is for your personal use, so you can use it the way it fits your lifestyle best.

Yes, you can track anything that hydrates you. Teas, sparkling water, and herbal teas all contribute to hydration, and therefore count. It's probably not a good idea to count things that have high calorie counts (like juices or full-flavor sodas) but most people, I believe, count anything that's zero or low calorie.

Believe me, my tea addiction keeps me well hydrated... sometimes I pee clear (it should be pale yellow)!

Let thirst and urine color be your guide, and don't worry about arbitrary numbers. Use the tracker as you see fit. :)

5/5/13 1:23 P

personally I never count anything with sugar, artificial sweeteners, caffeine or bubbles as my "water" (I do make an exception for Green Tea) so it is pretty much water and some herbal teas for me.
the caffeine dehydrates and the rest have junk I don't want to add to my body

(different brands of sparkling water use different methods to add the bubbles so some are much better than others)

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5/5/13 1:02 P

The FAQ about water does not really end up telling me whether or not to count sparkling water, tea, or herb tea in my water count. It gives two different messages. Keeping track of fluid is important to me, and I am doing it manually; but I will not do it on this site unless I know the proper way to do it. I usually drink 33-47 oz. of "plain old water," but I also drink tea or herb tea each day, and sometimes some sparkling water. What do I actually count?

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