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1/2/12 9:18 A

CLOSED..... See FABG January - March 2012

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12/27/11 1:11 P

December 27, 2011
The end of the year is Near. I really need to get back on track, I have strayed so far.
Went grocery shopping today and had only good foods in my cart/bags...

Only 14 days until I start my MA clinicals at the family doctors office.
so nervous and excited all at the same time.

Christmas was very good, I knew most everything I was getting...
I'd rather know...

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10/5/11 9:29 A

Happy Fall to everyone! It definately feels like it here in Maine.
Wed. & Thursday Oct. 5 & 6, High Temps of 55-60...

Lori; more car troubles, I hope you can get them in good working order for the holidays.

It's 9:30am here, and time for a shower, then some research for Pathophysiology group project... then off to school early to Practice drawing up medicine from a vial and being accurate and getting all the bubbles out.
We have our Compentency test (to test our skills) on Thursday...
We are also practicing giving injections in the buttocks and thighs, that comp. test will be Next week.

Make it a Great day Sparkers!

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