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1/12/11 11:51 P

Yes, since you are diabetic you should really see your doctor! I feel the same way in the evening it's almost painful but mine is being a mom to a 3 year old, a one year old who is ACTIVE and standing on my feet all day at work. And I know it sounds weird but when I DONT get activity I'm the MOST tired. Are you getting any activity in?

1/12/11 10:11 P

Thanks for all the advice guys! It's just really unsettling for me to feel SO tired in the early evening. Will def check with my doc!!

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1/12/11 10:09 P


If this is something new and not related to an increase in activity, you may want to contact your doc just to make certain there isn't an underlying medical condition.

Whatever you do, PLEASE do not take any iron supplementation without medical supervision. Too much iron can be very toxic to the liver. It will take a blood test for your doctor to determine if anemia is a possibility.

I wish you well!

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1/12/11 10:05 P

1st thing you should do is go to doctor to rule anything serious out. Can't find a solution if you don't know the real problem.

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1/12/11 9:52 P

One major cause of fatigue is anemia. Make sure you are taking a multivitamin daily or are getting enough iron in your intake. While we associate red meat and eggs with weight gain, you can still increase your intake of dark green leafy veggies and beans. Also, if you tend to have a large dinner this will tire you out, especially if it's high in carbs. Your body is going to be using its energy for digestion and you may want to make your dinner the smallest meal of your day with a snack a few hours before.

1/12/11 9:06 P

No, haven't added much of anything to my day. I do end up taking a nap :) It just makes it hard when I go to bed & it makes me feel very unproductive & crappy...

1/12/11 8:46 P

Have you added a lot to your day - like exercising? It takes a little while to adjust and then you find that you have more energy.

Why not just take a little nap?

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1/12/11 8:38 P

Was so psyched to see this post hoping to maybe get some insights or at the very least see that there are other people dealing with this. By the time I get home and start doing "home stuff" I'M DONE!!Would love to hear how others get past it on the regular.

1/12/11 7:37 P

Every single evening around 6-7pm I get really really tired. So much that I'll usually curl up on the couch & end up falling asleep within a minute or two. I feel so tired it's like I can't help but go to the couch & curl up. Anyone know how to fight this? What's causing it? Anyway to make it better?

Thanks guys!!!

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