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3/23/14 2:27 P

Sagging skin is definitely a possibility - I've got tons of loose skin, myself. I've lost over a hundred pounds in the last year, and I'm one of those unfortunate souls whose skin doesn't quite manage to shrink along with the numbers on my scale.

I'll never look good in a bikini, but the benefits of becoming a healthier me always outweigh that one little negative (which is basically just vanity, anyway).

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3/23/14 1:34 P

When I started my weight loss journey 6.5 years ago, surgery to remove the extra skin was the last thing on my mind. But now that the end is in sight ... and I have all this extra skin hanging on my torso, it is becoming a consideration. My doctor even brought it up at my last visit.

While I have only lost 50 pounds (and hope to lose about 10 more) ... that's a lot of fat for someone who is only 5'2 inches tall. That's the equivalent of someone 6 feet tall losing a lot more. The extra skin is hanging on my abdomen and breasts, making it difficult for me to buy clothes that fit. It's frustrating to have done all the work and still have such problems. Also, the skin, connective tissue, etc. weighs enough that impacts my overall weight, BMI, etc. -- and my health insurance at work categorizes me in a weight category that doesn't really reflect my true health status.

Finally, since I have lost the weight so slowly (and I am almost 59 years old), I don't have hopes that it will shrink by itself with time. All that has me giving surgery serious consideration -- as a "finishing step" in my transformation.

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3/22/14 6:17 P

Joyce you are's the little thing.

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3/22/14 3:08 P

My skin or fat, is hanging, and will probably always will. I hope to lose all the weight I want, and once I get out of my sisters, I will be able to get out and walk and exercise more. I am going to be 65. I am not going to fret the small stuff.

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3/9/14 8:57 P

The advice is all spot on..genetics, age, nutrition and toning are all critical. Coming from a wheel chair at 535 pounds, at age 67, I have been generally very frightened about loose skin. I am down 187 pounds with a minimum 100 more to go. The skin is remarkably shrinking back. I attribute this to hydrating, toning, good old fashioned lanolin and coconut oil, Italian heritage and slow loss.
I also do not worship the sun and have always protected my face from exposure. Take your time, be sensible. You may never be in a bikini but you will be alive, healthy and look great.
God Bless.

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3/9/14 2:50 P

There are a lot of factors that effect whether or not a person's skin "pops back" after a substantial weight loss. Age and genetics are the two biggest factors. the younger you are, the more elastic your skin is. As we age, our skin loses its elasticity.

Also, if you do have a lot of weight to lose, there may be a chance that you will end up with some sagging skin. I lost less than you, but I still ended up with some sagging skin on my stomach. If I ever want to wear a bikini, I'm looking at a tummy tuck. The fact is, I eat right. I strength train, I drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and I have some sagging skin.

Take member INDYGIRL, she started her journey at 460+ pounds. She did lose the weight slowly, but she did even up having some cosmetic surgery to remove the excess that didn't pop back. You might want to read some of her blogs on her experiences.

Even if you take the weight off slowly, there is the possibility you will end up with some sagging skin. It's happened to us all. VERY VERY few people are genetically blessed with skin that goes back into shape after a major weight loss. That's why you can't beat yourself up if you don't end up looking like the before/after photos in the grocery store magazines.

What to do ? try not to worry for now. Instead, work on creating that healthy lifestyle. See how your body adapts with time. Here's what I have learned from my own experiences. What my body can do since losing the weight is more important than how it looks. I'll never be perfect and I'm okay with that.

If you have sagging skin that bothers you, then you might have to consider cosmetic surgery as an option.

ETHELMERZ Posts: 20,685
3/9/14 1:43 P

Just lose the weight, don't worry about the skin, you will still feel and look better, even if you have some loose skin.............and, if you are young, it doesn't sag the same way it would if you were older. Even if you lose 83 lbs., it will be just fine, doesn't have to be an even number of weight loss, like in the magazines.

3/9/14 1:12 P

i agree that your age is a good factor in predictiong how much skin sagging you will or won't have .. think about pregnant woman ... i never had skin sagging or problems on my tummy after even my 4th child was born, and he weighed 9 lbs 6 1/2 ounces and was 24 inches long .. LOL but now, i am going on 58 so even though i am losing weight slowly, i expect my skin is not going to "snap" back like it did when i was in my 20's ..(or even 30 and 40's) .. but even if i suck my tummy in, and it seems more toned like it will be with continued exercise it seems like there won't be to much sagging skin .. regardless, you will look and feel better and be more healthly, so just lose slowly and you will be fine ..

3/9/14 12:18 P

I lost 72 pounds last time I was on Spark and had no loose sagging skin. You do it at the right pace if you follow the Spark guidelines.

EXOTEC Posts: 3,327
3/9/14 11:52 A

Lots of things affect this. How long were you overweight? How quickly are you losing? Are you doing toning exercises?

I've lost a lot of weight, and still going, and I have an unbelievable amount of saggy, redundant tissue I'm carrying about which will have to be surgically removed, assuming my compromised respiratory tract can handle it. I've had a couple of my specialists assure me the advised surgery will be presented as a medical necessity, and so will be covered by insurance (which "cosmetic" surgery would not). I'm not looking forward to it... and yet I don't loathe and dread it either. It's part of the process.

As things stand at the moment, *I* can see the weight loss - but to look at me, the average person isn't able to see it. I still can't wear clothing which would "fit" without the parts of me which are no longer "me"... because I still have to fit all this mess into those clothes. I'm very eager to be rid of all that.

Each person's body will respond differently to weight loss. Don't borrow worries of what might be at the end of your journey toward health. You may lose at the right pace, with the right adjuncts (toning) and have very little "leftovers" to concern you. You may have extra skin. Either way, health is the primary goal, and you're doing the right thing there. Don't allow yourself any additional excuses to deter you from that.

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,299
3/9/14 11:02 A

It's interesting.... because I just read an article yesterday about people who had gastric bypass surgery and lost 100 pounds pretty quickly. It said the weight loss was so quick, it didn't give their skin time to "snap back". Actually skin does not "snap back"... it takes a while. Anyone who's had a baby could attest to that. The stuff doesn't do any "snapping" whatsoever, it moves very slowly. So a slow, steady weight loss would be better than crash dieting. It would give your skin a chance to try to keep up.

Age is a consideration, too. Somewhere around 50, our skin starts losing its elasticity. But from your pic, it looks like you've got age in your favor. Exercise also helps.

The article was about what they called "body contouring" surgery, where the excess skin is removed. A lot of insurance companies will cover it, if it presents a medical issue such as chafing, where the skin would break down and not heal. Such as stomach skin where you end up with a fold.

So really.... I'd say, don't worry about it. There's no way to tell in advance how much extra skin you'll have. The health benefits from losing the weight, far outweigh any potential extra skin issues. If you actually do end up with extra skin... you can cross that bridge when you come to it. Could be just a little bit, which hardly no one ever sees anyway. Some people see it as sort of a "badge of honor"-- a reminder of their triumph. I have scars from breast cancer surgery, and I see them as a sort of "survival of the fittest" thing. I wouldn't consider having them removed. Or if it's an issue, you could discuss your options with your doctor.

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3/9/14 10:29 A

Great advice SLIMMERKIWI!

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3/9/14 1:31 A

If you lose the weight slowly, eat a good balanced diet, and do strength-training exercises to tone the muscles, you should reduce the amount of sagging skin. I have lost a considerable amount of weight, altho' not that much, but don't have much loose skin. On me, it is mostly my stomach, but having said that, it isn't bad, and others certainly don't see it.

Just remember, even if you DO have some loose skin, it is a LOT better than being considerably overweight.

Good luck,

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3/9/14 12:01 A

I was wonder if I lose 90 pounds will I have extra skin sagging? I have never lost that much weight. I have a ways to go. Just wondering.

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