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12/2/12 1:01 A

I second the frozen banana. When we buy a bunch of bananas, we usually don't go through them before they go to mush, so I end up freezing some of them. Making a smoothie with a frozen banana almost doubles the thickness vs. making a smoothie with an unfrozen one, at least for me. I use bananas, frozen berries, milk, protein powder, and spinach when I make them.

Word of advice, though. Peel the banana, THEN freeze it. I have learned this the hard way.

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12/1/12 11:12 P

I would try one or more of the following:
*add in more spinach
*freeze it for 10-20 minutes
*stir in some pumpkin
*put it in an ice cream machine

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12/1/12 7:12 P

To make a smoothie thicker you can add frozen banana, but to make it even thicker add ground flax seed or ground chia seed and let it sit for a few minutes. The seed in water alone gels similar to egg whites after a few minutes. Plus you get omega 3s, protein, and fiber.

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12/1/12 2:53 P

Avoid blending the yogurt. A better way to do it would be to blend just the fruit on its own, and then stir it into the yogurt. It will keep its consistency if you do this.

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11/30/12 9:46 P

Have you thought about getting some milkshake thickener and adding a couple teaspoons? Also, how much fruit are you adding? If you use more fruit and fruit that is a fair bit with denser (not juicy) like bananas, it should make it quite thick. Using just frozen fruit including frozen banana and semi-frozen yoghurt will make it like an ice-cream texture, in fact you can make banana "ice-cream" with JUST frozen banana.


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11/30/12 7:08 P

I'm trying to get more freggies and dairy into my diet, especially during snacks. I'm also trying to cut back on added sugar-especially in my greek yogurt.

Today, I realized that if I blend a cup of plain, greek yogurt with fruit it eliminates the need to add honey or agave. I just did a banana and frozen berries, but I wanted to add a huge bunch of spinach.

However, even with the thick yogurt and frozen berries, the mixture was a lot thinner than I would have liked. I didn't add any liquid though.

I really want to make a sorta frozen yogurt/smoothie hybrid where I have to eat it with a spoon, but I'm not sure how to go about doing it. I also want to avoid adding juice, and I cannot drink regular milk, so that isn't an option. In fact, the only liquid ingredient I would consider adding is plain kefir, but that probably won't make it thicker.

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