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JASONV8 Posts: 805
6/10/14 1:14 P

Your plan sounds good, but I would simply skip a meal the next day, and or on the day you know you will in advance eat awfully compared to your usual routine. Doing this will not require extra exercise, because it will take care of itself.

6/10/14 12:43 P

It never occurred to me to "punish" myself for overeating Sunday night. That is something quite honestly has been assumed and implied by others here.

My focus is simply getting back on track and staying on track. I know I'll have days where I may go over my calories or whatever. And I do not consider exercise "punishment" either. I have really been enjoying exercising lately - it's been a lot of fun.

So if I feel like going for an extra walk or logging in a little extra exercise on top of what I've planned for this week I'll do it. I won't feel guilty about it and I do not feel like I am punishing myself either.

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 26,707
6/9/14 8:21 P

"Is this a good idea and is it an effective strategy?"

Not at all!
You should never use exercise as a punishment for overeating.

PSCHIAVONE2 SparkPoints: (20,650)
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6/9/14 1:15 P

I do not add extra exercise after going over my calories. I just go back to the plan and stick to my regular exercise. The only time I will add exercise during the week is when I am having one of those terrific exercise sessions and it feels fun and good. That is when I put in the extra work.

ZORBS13 SparkPoints: (199,953)
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6/9/14 12:41 P

I think you're over thinking things. Just eat in your range today and do the best you can. No need to be so mathematically precise about making up the calories, plus punishing yourself for overeating with extra exercise is NEVER a good strategy.

6/9/14 12:06 P

I grazed yesterday and went over my calorie goal a lot!

Now I am working on figuring out how to get back on track. I logged all my food yesterday and I have figured how much I went over. I have planned extra exercise throughout the week to cover the extra calories I ate yesterday, and this is on top of my regular exercise schedule I had already planned out.

Is this a good idea and is it an effective strategy? I guess I want to make sure that my extra exercise this week won't make me burnout.

Thanks for reading my post and taking the time to respond. Have an awesome Monday!

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