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5/10/13 10:39 A

My mother used to buy packages of ground beef, and then I would sit at the table with our Tupperware hamburger patty maker and storage containers and make hamburgers to freeze. We had four people in our family, so I had to make approximately 30 hamburger patties for two weeks' worth of meals. (We ate a lot of ground beef because it was cheap in the 80s.)

I'd separate out some of the ground beef for spaghetti and then start making patties to freeze. The process usually took me about a half-hour, sometimes longer if Mom noticed some patties were thinner than others, in which case I had to add/pat more meat into them.

If the pre-formed patties had been around back then and had cost the same as regular ground beef, she would have bought them in a heartbeat. 30-45 minutes isn't a terribly long time for two weeks' worth of food, but it does seem like a waste if it can be avoided. Other things can be done during that time, like cleaning or spending time with family, so I don't blame anyone who wants to save time.

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5/10/13 10:05 A

Convenience, and I can buy sirloin burgers pre-made whereas I don't know where I can buy ground sirloin

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5/10/13 9:11 A


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5/10/13 1:12 A

I'm actually going to add to my previous post and say that I rarely buy pre-formed beef patties. I usually buy the salmon or turkey ones and one factor is that the pre-formed (and frozen) patties have accurate nutritional info on them. If I buy ground beef, there are regulations for the fat content in regular, lean, and extra-lean, so I know what I'm getting. This isn't true for ground turkey or ground chicken. Sometimes it's ground from lean white meat, and sometimes it's ground from fatty meat, including the skin. There are HUGE differences between them.

It would be different if I had a decent butcher nearby, but I don't. I do have access to an excellent bakery and some good (and inexpensive) produce, so I count my blessings there. I'm not much of a meat-eater anyway.

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5/9/13 8:31 P

Also known as "lean finely textured beef" - here's a good rundown of the product, the controversy, the situation as of today.
. If you are fortunate enough to have a butcher that makes ground beef on the spot for you, you would never be affected. But the vast majority of ground beef is purchased pre-packaged from the meat-processing plants, and (until the story broke and consumers got grossed out and asking questions) it was in the majority of pre-packaged american beef.

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5/9/13 7:39 P

Hmm...I don't know about this pink slime you speak off since my butcher grinds the meat right in front of me. I'll have to look up more info on that!

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5/9/13 6:33 P

This seems like a landmine of a thread to wade in to, but....

I suppose a less confrontational way of looking at this issue would be to share our opinions on "what 'convenience cheats' do you use, and which ones do you avoid?"

Because we ALL use some convenience foods, often paying extra to avoid having to do some (often insignificant) prep. I use commercial packets of taco seasoning, for example - what a waste THAT is! A buck a packet, when I could just as easily shake 3 cents-worth of salt, cumin and garlic into the pan. Why? Well, because it is mindless - and sometimes I have so much on the go already, that I am willing to pay ninety-six cents for 2 minutes of mindlessness.

I have a better question about burger patties... why do we even EAT ground meat at all?! Including me - I eat it too (though not as much these days, but I still do) - even though we know all about e.coli and pink slime... how is it that we (including me) are able to set aside the "gross factor" and actually eat this stuff, pre-formed or otherwise? "Cook it long enough and it's safe" (but cooking doesn't remove the pink slime or the fecal matter that brought the e.coli into the product). Oh shudder, gross! BUT I EAT IT. I find this to be the interesting question when it comes to ground meat... hot dogs... sausage... spam.... and I find it sort of interesting that many of us will have a moment of heebie-jeebies thinking about, say, "eating a bug" or some other strange food-challenge you might see on Survivor... but we're quite ok with burgers.....

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5/9/13 6:12 P

Hmm...not too sure what the purpose of this thread was and from the bit I've read it's kinda gone downhill lol. I guess to include my two-cents....I sometimes buy fresh preformed patties from the butcher mostly because of portion control and to avoid waste. I'm a single person so it's more convenient for me to buy patties, separate them into different containers and stick them in the freezer until I'm ready to use them. Plus I can always season them as I like. I know how to cook and I'm definitely NOT lazy. Also in my case, ground meat is sometimes more expensive than patties, unless its on sale. Plus I'm not a fan of defrosting and refreezing meat or leaving meat in the fridge for more than a day or two, mostly because of taste and texture.

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5/9/13 3:32 P

Wow! Elengil was a little harsh!

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5/9/13 3:31 P

**"Dragonchild" - not trying to be "superior", whatever that is. Please explain.**

ARTEMISTHEGREEK , by superior, I mean applying a negative label to those who disagree with your way of doing things. From the dictionary: "A person or thing superior to another in rank, status, or quality, esp. a colleague in a higher position."

Have you done that?

I didn't say you were. My post wasn't directed at you, specifically, although your post was a bit "why on earth would anyone ever do it any way other than my way." It was more directed at those who claimed only "lazy" or "uneducated" might do such a thing.

But if the shoe fits...

**Around here, ground meat is cheaper than pre-formed patties. I can add whatever seasonings or whatever veggies I want -- and yes, I can re-shape pre-formed patties to do the same. I am simply glad to get ground meat that I can make into patties, or into whatever size sliders I want. HERE, doing this is cheaper, and I have to say this is one of the reasons I asked the question. But in addition, adding my own personal flavors and seasonings is a great bonus to making my own food as close as to real as possible. I add onion (Mother did that, always); I add ground pepper and perhaps mustard powder.**

Good for you. We don't. Sometimes, we keep frozen patties in the freezer for convenient, easy-to-cook meals on days when we're too tired for more complicated meals. I can find these cheaper than ground if they're on sale and I have a coupon. It's not about "real" versus not (see, there's that tricky language I was talking about.)

**Perhaps, Dragonshilde, you should read your own putative messages before responding.**

I don't think that word means what you think it does. My own "supposed" messages? Of course they're mine. I wrote them. And I read them, too. I always convey exactly the message I mean to.

I'm sorry you took that to mean I was responding to you directly; when I direct a post at a particular person, I address them directly, by username. The way you did, here:

"Thank you for the responses from those of you who are not Dragonchild."

That's a statement intended to hurt and shame me. How is that better than what I said, which was by they way triggered by the person who claimed it was "lazy"?

BUBBLEJ: I don't know. In general, there are some people who can't cope with disagreement. When I start calling people names, then someone is absolutely welcome to call me out as rude and demand an apology.

I'll never understand those who fly off the handle and get vicious when challenged.

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5/9/13 3:11 P

Oh well, I guess the OP won't see this because they are 'done' with the message board. OK to post a question where you sound superior (because they did - Why doesn't everyone do the same as me? Because we don't want to), but when someone calls you out in a polite manner you run away and claim that we are mean? I have seen some mean and rude comments on here in my time, but none of these replies were. Except maybe this one, because I can't stand it when people pull the 'you're all so mean' card, when really we are just presenting and different opinion.

BUBBLEJ1 Posts: 2,981
5/9/13 3:05 P

There are things that you do to save time that other people don't get. We are all different with different priorities, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Personally, I don't like getting my hands into the ground meat, so I buy premade hamburger patties and meatballs. But then I might make other things from scratch that you chose to buy.

MEGAPEEJ Posts: 732
5/9/13 1:49 P

I agree with some posters that people have different priorities, and it's not laziness or stupidity that makes someone choose premade over making their own. I make my own socks, and everyone in my family gets homemade socks - people that buy a package of socks may not want to make socks, or have the time, or are perfectly happy with their socks.

Understanding that people may have different priorities than you do goes a long way.

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5/9/13 1:25 P

Elengil and DragonChild are spot on. The question and the information that came with it was filled with "I'm better than you" attitude. If someone really needs an answer to a question like that and don't expect anyone to point out that it is offensive, try google, not a message board. While we're at it, let's all agree to only use words that we know the meaning and correct usage of, oh wait, was that judgmental and high brow? Bet it didn't feel good.

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5/9/13 12:05 A

Oh well, ELENGIL, I don't think I should ever post another question here again ever. Thank you for your concern. I'm done with the likes of you. Just about everyone else has posted polite and reasoned responses which I can understand. You've demonstrated destructive. It was a question about something I really didn't understand -- growing up in a home where we made patties that weren't flattened, and had seasonings -- simply wanted to understand. I'm sorry you don't care to. But I am DONE with the message boards now, thanks to you. Not worth the time and bad feelings.

ELENGIL Posts: 957
5/8/13 5:44 P

I think DragonChild was right on the mark. I think 10YearsDown also gave a very good illustration.

I think threads like this can be negative and bring out some destructive comments.

Why do people buy pre-formed burgers? Well, why do people buy pre-made pasta or pre-made granola bars and pre-made cheese and yoghurt and pre-made soup and heck, why don't people buy a cow and milk it themselves and while they're at it, don't buy vegetables when you can just plant and grow your own? Why not grow grains and have your own grain mill and mill your own flour and bake your own bread? And while you're at it, you can spin your own yarn and sew your own clothes, too. And maybe you can figure out how to refine your own bio-diesel to fill up the car you made yourself.

Because not all of us can or want to do that! Not all of us have time, energy, or situation allowing for the time or energy. Single mothers may think 10 minutes playing with their kids or helping with their homework is *worth* the extra buck to buy pre-formed patties. People who don't have a 'cooking' bone in their body or don't have an intuitive understanding of what seasonings go good with ground beef and may not want to waste the money experimenting to get something that tastes good if they've spent all that time making an inedible dinner. People who don't like handling raw burger meat, or are going camping and the frozen pre-made is easier to pack and cook. There are as many diverse and *perfectly reasonable* reasons people buy pre-formed anything, and they don't need to really explain or excuse their choices.

For everyone who decided the answer was "lazy," do you make every single thing you eat from scratch? Chances are you don't, so stop being so judgmental and looking down your nose because *gasp* someone bought pre-formed burger patties.

Good lord, do we really feel so *bad* about ourselves we have to use this as a way to feel better than someone else!?

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5/8/13 4:56 P

Sometimes I just like a little convenience in my life, and I'm willing to pay an extra dollar to get it, that's why.

Sometimes you just need a quick meal, and it's at least better than the drive through.

Sometimes my burgers just aren't very good.

Sometimes, when it's 14 hours into a hectic day and I still need to get the family fed, it's worth it to me to pull out a frozen patty and grill it up, without having to thaw meat, get out all the ingredients, chop onions, dirty a couple mixing bowls and disinfect my kitchen surfaces while telling my kids, "Sorry, mommy's busy."

But I guess it's really just because I'm lazy.

Maybe someone can teach me how to be more perfect.

HUNNA13 Posts: 180
5/8/13 11:59 A

I have been avoiding the message boards more and more lately and actually finding better encouragement on another site (if you post something that may even seem the least bit offensive they will remove it.) I have been on Sparkpeople on and off for the past 3 years and it seems there are more and more people with "comments" to say about everything. It's really a shame. I used to look forward to reading the message boards everyday. :(

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5/8/13 11:26 A

I'm pretty new on this site, and I have found this conversation a bit concerning. Why? Because every other conversation I have been involved in has been positive and encouraging. Many of the entries in this one have not. Dragonchilde was right to challenge this train of thought. I hope there have not been any really new people who have decided to leave Spark People behind because of the general attitudes expressed in some of the entries. It is too good of a site to have that happen!

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5/8/13 10:19 A

to each their own

CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
5/8/13 10:13 A

The problem with not responding to original post, not reading original post, or a number of other things, is the misunderstanding that occurs with subsequent entries.

As others have said, there are a variety of reasons one may purchase pre-formed patties.

Now, that is the ones available fresh, and not frozen, if that's what you mean.
Often there is a price difference per kg.
Often a person perhaps only wants one or two patties, and prefers them pre-portioned.

To purchase pre-formed, frozen ones is an entirely different matter, and there are likely lots of reasons people do that, as well. I'm not here to make judgements on their purchasing habits - what they put on their plate is not necessarily what I'll be putting on mine.

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5/8/13 9:47 A

It looked to me like Dragonchilde was responding to the person who said, "Lazy." Her responses to my questions in the past have been very helpful. Some of the responses here HAVE come off as "superior." Using convenience foods is not necessarily lazy.

5/7/13 10:10 P

Personally, I don't think you came off as being 'superior', although I can see where that impression could come up; sometimes things can be read the wrong way and I will admit that depending on my attitude, I can read something while in a bad mood that is TOTALLY innocent and I will take it personally and want to rip into that person. If I'm in a care-free mood and if it is supposed to make me mad, I just go 'whatever' and move on. Dragonchild, I hope you don't think I'm picking on you-just trying to explain, at least my interpretation! :)

Different factors can be attributed to it: laziness, convenience, not wanting to touch the meat (I hate to too but I do it anyway), easier portion control, maybe wanting a 'perfect-sized' burger, and also not having the time, which could go under convenience but it's meant as a different explanation (I'm sure I missed a couple!). I would rather save my money and make them myself, but I also don't eat them too often; it's never been an issue with me. I am more about saving as much as I can rather than buying something for convenience; I also don't have the money to spend for convenience either.

5/7/13 9:52 P

Frankly, I do appreciate the responses from everyone else. I did not realize that many supermarkets undersell patties as opposed to regular ground meat. Not true where I am. I'd probably still re-form them anyway with the seasonings I want, and then grill/fry. Thank you for the responses from those of you who are not Dragonchild.

5/7/13 9:37 P

"Dragonchild" - not trying to be "superior", whatever that is. Please explain.

Around here, ground meat is cheaper than pre-formed patties. I can add whatever seasonings or whatever veggies I want -- and yes, I can re-shape pre-formed patties to do the same. I am simply glad to get ground meat that I can make into patties, or into whatever size sliders I want. HERE, doing this is cheaper, and I have to say this is one of the reasons I asked the question. But in addition, adding my own personal flavors and seasonings is a great bonus to making my own food as close as to real as possible. I add onion (Mother did that, always); I add ground pepper and perhaps mustard powder.

Perhaps, Dragonshilde, you should read your own putative messages before responding.

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5/7/13 9:14 P

I buy the pre-formed patties sometimes from the butcher shop. I don't like any seasoning on my burgers except the charcoal from the grill.

For grilling, I find they hold up better, and they are often cheaper than buying it loose.

BLBST36 Posts: 351
5/6/13 10:13 P

I have bought them because they were cheaper than the regular packs of ground beef and I wanted burgers. Why spend more money to make something that is already there? Especially when the patties are not seasoned with unknown things and is the same fat content as the regular stuff I buy?

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,540
5/6/13 8:31 P

My guess would be convenience or portion control.

I don't buy them because I don't like them, but everybody is different. I don't like ground meat it gives me the heebie jeebies. Except for the occasional restaurant hamburger and sausage. I don't eat ground meat. That is just my personal preferrence.

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KLL19144 SparkPoints: (5,456)
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5/6/13 2:27 P

Also portion control could be a factor....I don't really eat them, but I could imagine it would be weighing out a handmade patty.

CLARK971 SparkPoints: (29,686)
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5/6/13 2:19 P

They are super convenient. I just take them out of the freezer and cook them-no need to thaw. I like the individual portions-they are prefect for when my son or daughter gets home from practice. My mom used to make her own patties and freeze them. I don't think one way is better than the other-different things work for different people.

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,458)
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5/6/13 1:30 P

I think this thread is a good reminder to be careful with the words you use. A careless, self-righteous judgment of a person can hurt, and serves no purpose other than to elevate your own sense of superiority.

think before you speak. You never know who you might be hurting, nor why. This isn't a journey of perfection;some people can't (or don't want to!) make everything all the time from scratch, and that' okay.

Shelve the judgment, and understand that we're all in different places in our lives and journeys. You don't have to like it or understand why they do what they do, just stop attempting to be superior.

STARSHINEFL SparkPoints: (1,072)
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5/6/13 12:51 P

I think it's really harsh to say people are lazy because they buy pre-prepared foods.

I personally don't buy pre-made burgers because I like my own seasonings better, but I get the appeal of not having to touch the meat and contaminate the counter, bowl, etc... also the fact that they're the all the same shape and thickness so they will cook more evenly. I'm not sure if the prepared burgers are ground along with the seasonings, but that would also be nice because the more you handle meat (mixing in your own seasonings), the tougher it gets.

I have no problem spending more money on other prepared foods, like cut-up fruits and vegetables, as it means I'll eat more of them (although I do realize some vitamins are lost... it's still better than not eating them at all).

Not everyone likes to spend hours chopping and prepping. The cost of convenience may be worthwhile. Doesn't mean people are "lazy" if they'd rather spend time on other activities!

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5/6/13 12:36 P


HEAT04 Posts: 116
5/6/13 12:36 P

We usually get them from the meat section of our grocery store - they are nice and thick and delicious. I also make our own, if time allows. There are lots of reasons why people would buy them and it all boils down to preference.

PASCAL921 SparkPoints: (12,806)
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5/6/13 8:31 A

I get pre-formed patties from the butcher shop sometimes. You get to chose the type of meat they use and we usually opt for lean sirloin. I make my own patties on most occasions but when we are serving a lot of people, I's rather enjoy the company than spend all day in the kitchen pressing patties.

COLESMOM824 Posts: 7
5/6/13 8:30 A

IT depends for me. Sometimes the premade turkey patties are cheaper than they ground turkey. they are both fresh. I then freeze the patties myself if I buy them. I to hate handling raw meat but I will when I have to. My children have been vegeterians not eating too much meat...

5/6/13 8:19 A

I don't eat pre-formed meats, I make my own burgers and sausages. With those pre- formed meats you inevitably bite into something hard and gross which wrecks the whole meal.

NANLEYKW SparkPoints: (76,244)
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5/5/13 10:10 P

We get pre-formed turkey burger patties for me, because the rest of my family eats beef, so when they have burgers, my husband makes their hamburgers himself, but it's just easier to do the pre-made ones that I can use one at a time for me.

5/5/13 9:49 P

Personally, I like them. I live alone and I don't cook much anymore, but ready made patties are almost as easy as fast food, and a lot healthier.

MUSCATDBQ SparkPoints: (3,450)
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Posts: 214
5/5/13 8:49 P

The best answer I can come up with for that is convenience, but they are still a better option than fast food (since that is what many people would go for instead of making their own) and I definitely wouldn't look down on anyone for using them.

I personally don't use them because a) I don't even remember the last time I cooked a hamburger patty...I usually use meat as accompaniment not main dish and b) I like seasoning things myself.

I grew up eating the meat from the cow that ran around our pasture and that we butchered ourselves so the idea of the extra processing (and potential for disese carrying) the patties get grosses me out a bit. I also can't deal with the meat in the tubes either for the same reason but that is another story, :-)

VIRGOGURL4 SparkPoints: (60,161)
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Posts: 1,485
5/5/13 6:30 P

I buy them sometimes out of laziness. But I'm a good cook, and reading this thread made me realize that I'm probably better off making them from scratch...

LOUNMOUN Posts: 1,334
5/5/13 6:19 P

I have used pre-made patties a few times even though I usually don't. I don't think it is that difficult to understand why someone else might want to use a pre-made patty.

I cook for my family every day. I enjoy cooking and make a lot of things from scratch. Every so often I feel tired and just don't want to spend extra time on something like forming hamburger patties when I could be doing other things- maybe making all those side dishes or maybe just relaxing.

There are people on this board always posting that they struggle to find time to cook, eat or exercise. Ten extra minutes of free time is worth it to them and they feel it is better than eating a fast food meal.

Not everyone cares to mix spices into their patties. If you don't add spices, the end product isn't that different between shaping your own unseasoned patty vs unseasoned pre-shaped patties.

Some people have a real aversion to handling raw ground meat or messy stuff. Pre-made patties are tidy.

WHOLENEWME79 Posts: 951
5/5/13 6:16 P

I do it for a couple of reasons- Primarily, I hate to handle raw meat. Seriously, it gives me oogies just thinking about it. preformed patties I just toss them in a pan and cool.

Secondly, it is easy for me as a single person to take one and put the rest in the freeze for later use. I never buy the preseasoned patties, though, just the preformed ones.

ANARIE Posts: 13,200
5/5/13 5:10 P

Lots of reasons.

--Price. For some people, their time is worth more than the price difference. If you get paid $60/hr, those 10 minutes are worth ten bucks. A pound of patties doesn't cost $10 more than a pound of loose ground beef. And it's definitely less expensive than buying loose ground beef and not getting around to using it before it spoils.

--Sanitation. Preformed patties are far less likely to drip juice in your car, fridge, or counter, and it's easier to be sure you've cooked them through. They're all the same thickness, so you won't accidentally undercook one out of a batch like you might if you made your own, clumsily.

--Lack of education. Lots of people have no idea how to season a patty; getting them pre-made is a lot easier than learning how to cook. (And going back to #1, if you don't know what you're doing, making your own patties takes a lot more than 10 minutes.)

--Preference. Pre-formed patties have a different texture, and if that's what you've grown up with, that's what you like. They also hold together better on the grill, especially if (#3 again) you don't really know how to form your own.

I don't buy them myself, but I certainly understand why others do and I wouldn't look down on them for it.

WHITECAT19 SparkPoints: (108,003)
Fitness Minutes: (24,432)
Posts: 10,878
5/5/13 5:04 P

Sometimes I make my own patties, but I really, really hate having gooey stuff on my hands, especially raw meat. So I often will use the pre-formed patties. I suppose I should just wear gloves when working with the meat!

YOJULEZ SparkPoints: (15,981)
Fitness Minutes: (120)
Posts: 2,171
5/5/13 4:44 P

I don't get it either, but I suppose it's convenient...saves a step and many people are all about the path of least resistance. It's the same with those individually wrapped chicken breasts... what's so hard about separating out a package of chicken breasts and putting them in baggies individually?

I personally grind my own meat for hamburgers, shape them, then freeze.

FLAMEGLIMMER SparkPoints: (48,147)
Fitness Minutes: (20,320)
Posts: 154
5/5/13 4:40 P

I've bought them before because it's easy to just separate one and cook for a single person. I imagine it would be different for a family.

5/5/13 12:28 P

10 minutes to add in diced onion and seasoning... I still find this weird, and I can be as lazy as all get out, when I think I need to be. Then again, I grew up with home-made burgers, with all sorts of things added in as the family desired. Really amps up the tastebuds!

GRAMCRACKER46 Posts: 1,788
5/5/13 12:15 P

lazy I DH finds the attraction to them for grilling.

5/5/13 12:04 P

I buy ground meat (grass-fed in my case but that's not the question here). WHY do folks buy pre-formed patties, which cost more, than simple ground meat? I really REALLY do not get it. I add in my selection of spices and finely-diced onion, none of which takes up more than ten minutes of my time, and re-mound the burgers to sliders or regular hamburger sized food, depending on desire. Ten minutes of time gained, for what benefit??? I am seriously curious. I simply do not "get it".

Tonight I am going for Mexican spicery. Seasonally approrpriate, and I'd rather season my foods myself. I know what is in there.

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