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10/14/12 5:17 P


It was more for ideas on how to combat the loss of energy. And I'm on potassium now, to go with the Lasix, and two other new meds to control the sky high BP.

Just seems weird the BP would sky rocket when I start eating healthy and exercise. I swear it's sabatoged.

Well, I walked a mile and a half today on the treadmill, but had to stop. My back decided to go out. If its not one thing, it's ten. Trust me on this: never say what else can happen.

I'm mostly mad at myself for messing up my streak and missing a day. My body is much happier with its daily walks. I was first surprised at how much it helped with my chronic back pain to walk.

Missing one day really stiffens me up with my neuromuscular disease spasticity issues....more than I had realized before joining SP.

But, at least my weight is finally going down, and the BP, while still high, isn't at stroke levels. I won't be stopping meds without doc approval.

With my history, they always want to admit me, and that never goes well. I have yet to be admitted without getting really sick. Not once. Hospitals are not the place for those with weak immune systems.

Anyone reading this: don't let them touch you at a doctor or hospital u less they wash their hands. Ever.

Thanks for comments.

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10/14/12 2:52 P


You definitely want to talk to your doctor about any new symptoms or side effects from the medications that are causing you problems. Your doctor may decide to change or adjust the dosage based on the information you give them. Don't make any changes on your own without talking to your doctor first.

You are NOT a failure !!! You've got to stop beating yourself up over things you can't control right now. As the old song goes,"try to accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative". Give yourself credit for the positive things you do for yourself and don't beat yourself up if you can't do everything the way you want.


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10/14/12 1:54 P

Hi Shadow,

Please talk with your doctor about your symptoms. He/she is really the best one to seek advice from as he/she is most familiar with you and your medical history. None of our members or experts are in the position to offer any suggestions for those suffering from CHF, even if they have the same diagnosis.

Take care.

Coach Nancy

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10/14/12 1:19 P

Talk to your doctor about the importance of taking your medication. Ask if your heart will get better as there are different types of heart failure.

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10/14/12 1:18 P

What diuretic does your doc have you on? If it's not potassium-sparing, this could greatly affect energy levels.

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10/14/12 12:15 P

Sounds horribly frustrating. With such serious medical issues, you really need to discuss this with your doctor. Under no circumstances should you just discontinue the medications you have been prescribed. Congestive heart failure is life-threatening. (Not trying to scare you, but my mother had it and ended up dying from a massive heart attack.)

Please talk with your doctor about the exhaustion. It may not be the meds but the condition itself that is causing your exhaustion since both your heart and lungs are currently impaired. You said you hardly slept for two days, so your body apparently needed the 20 hours. You may have been asleep, but I bet your body was hard at work trying to recover. Even if it is the meds, the doctor will likely taper or change them once you are out of the immediate crisis.

You have NOT failed in any way. This is just a pause. Your overall health takes precedence over your exercise goals. Please hang in there and discuss this with your doctor. Once your condition has stabilized or meds adjusted, you can get back on track.

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10/14/12 11:30 A


I try to post on one or two panic buttons daily. About a month ago, I started SP again, and was doing great. With multiple health issues, walking and modified 28 day boot camp was what I'd decided on, and, of course, food changes.

The inches were flying off. Literally. I lost a pant size the first week.vnow,vthose new pants slide right down my hips. I ended up getting bursitis in both knees, but got knee supports and kept right on walking, never missing a day without getting in my mile. I got my best mile two days ago. Under 20 mins, which may not seem fast to you all, but for one carting around an 02 tank and a walker,bits pretty fast.

Last Monday, they decidided I was in congestive heart failure due to the swelling. I'm gaining a ton of weight by night.

Herein lies the problem. I don't know what up, but now, I'm having trouble staying awake. I missed my walk yesterday for the first time since I started. I feel like I've failed myself. I didn't stop even with the bursitis or the CHF, but how do I combat exhaustion? I slept probably 20 hours yesterday.

That's after two or so days of barely sleeping at all, and taking a crap load of new meds trying to get my BP down and my lounge clear.

I'm not going over in my calories. Unfortunately, I have the opposite problem right now, no appetite at all. I ate once yesterday. Of course, I was only awake a few hours.

So, suggestions? I'm not going to continue these meds if the reward is exhaustion.

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