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12/16/13 6:50 A

Swimming or water walking can be beneficial, as the water bears your weight, not your knee.

I agree with speaking with your doctor or a physical therapist as to what you CAN do.


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12/16/13 5:47 A

The elliptical is a lower impact activity that might be an option, and I agree with the previous poster's suggestion for water exercise. Have you discussed the ongoing pain with your doctor to see if there's anything they can do? Have you asked them for advice on exercise options? I'd recommend first discussing it with your doctor to get their suggestions, and hopefully they can help.

Coach Jen

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12/16/13 3:43 A

Thanks for that, I think your suggestion in regards to the core work may be worth working on.

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12/16/13 2:02 A

My old gym had arm cycles, they looked just like bikes, but for your arms.

If I were you I would probably try to focus on core work and strength training, that way you will create muscles that will burn fat even when you are stationary. I love pilates and there is little to no knee strain possibility there.

Swimming might be good too because it is low impact, but I don't personally enjoy that.

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12/16/13 12:17 A

Hi, I am fairly new to SP and thoroughly enjoying everything about it so far. But can anyone share some advise on exercising with injuries.
Several years ago I injured my knee cartlidge which has never fully recovered. I find exercising, even walking sometimes can be very painful.
The best I have found so far is a stationary cycle. Can anybody suggest other forms of exercise which is not going to be too painful or even damage my knee any further? Would welcome any suggestions?

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