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12/2/10 1:10 P

Thanks for all the tips everyone. I still have my cough, but I still feel "good" so I feel guilty about not exercising. Don't worry about me lounging around in bed all day, I have two little ones under 3 to chase around, lol. I guess they are plenty of exercise for me for now. I'm taking advantage of my down time by reading extra health articles and focusing on my spiritual practice. It's making me feel better so when I kick the cough I'll be ready to run!! Okay, I'm not a runner, far from it, but I'll be ready for some mall walking and exercise tapes!! Thanks again!!

12/2/10 9:58 A

I'm so glad to read this post. I have a cold and laryngitis right now. Usually every fall (earlier in the season, when ragweed is out) I end up with bronchitis. I'm TERRIFIED of getting bronchitis again. If I'm not feeling better by Monday I'm gonna have to go to the ENT and get started on a steroid course.
I'm sitting here miserable and feeling SO guilty I'm not exercising and worried about breaking my new routines and going back to my old ways. That's why I'm trying to use this time to stay really active on Sparkpeople so I stay motivated through this ordeal.

I will say as a nurse .. for someone with chest congestion don't stay in bed ALL the time. Get up and move around a little (NOT exercise, just get up and walk around a bit) We make surgery patients (including fresh lung and heart surgery patients) get up and sit in the chair for meals and walk a lap around the hall 3x a day...laying in bed can lead to pneumonia (plus other post op complications) Of course most generally healthy people are getting up to go to the bathroom, go fix a light meal etc.

12/2/10 9:40 A

SUPER - if you have a cough and sore throat, then NO. NO EXERCISE IS OKAY. Rest. Your body is telling you that it has to use all its strength to get over your illness.

If you feel a cold coming on but you think you feel okay to exercise a little, go for a walk. Do something light if you feel up to it. If you feel really tired and an overwhelming urge to just go to bed, then do that. Listen to your body. You are not going to gain weight being sick unless you throw your healthy eating plan out the window and start gorging on mac-n-cheese. Your body cannot support intense exercise AND and illness, not even a cold. It's got to have a chance to kick the illness without straining to support your exercise.

12/1/10 1:07 P

What about if you don't have a cough yet? Like, you know that a cold is coming on, but is not quite full blown, is it still better to stop exercising to get over it?

And, if it is a full blown cold and cough and throat aching, is something like hula hooping, pretty light exercise still okay?

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12/1/10 12:48 P

Don't do it. Get rid of the cough first. If you don't, that simple cold could turn into bronchitis. That's what happened to me i.e. it was a simple cold that got worse because I pushed myself when I shouldn't have.

Take a few days to rest. If you're coughing, you don't want to push your body. Get rid of the cough first. Coughing is an indication your body is fighting something. So, let your body use the energy it needs to fight the cough instead of using the energy for exercising.

You will not derail any of your weight loss efforts if you take a few days off to shake this flu/cold. In fact, your workouts will be much more productive if you can work out healthy. If you workout when sick, you really aren't doing your body any good.

So, take some time off. get this bug out of your system. then, when you feel better, you can slowly return to a regular routine.

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12/1/10 12:48 P

If you exercise and if the cough is not better in a week....go see the doctor!

12/1/10 12:41 P

Actually, you shouldn't exercise at all (except for a walk if you feel up to it) until that cough goes away.

When you're sick, here's the skinny on exercise:

Symptoms all in your head, like a head cold or sinus infection, with no symptoms in your throat or below - it's ok to do a light workout if you feel up to it.

If you have a cough, chest congestion, aches, chills, fever, sore throat, extreme fatigue, nausea -DO NOT EXERCISE. Those are symptoms that could progress to a more serious illness if you don't get rest.

SUNNY238 Posts: 1,582
12/1/10 12:38 P

I have had a mild cold for the past week, the only symptom I ever had is this nasty cough that is caused from the yuck building up in my throat. If I get too active it causes a pretty harsh coughing spell, then I'm fine after that. I'm feeling upbeat and perky and I really want to exercise, but it's tough to find something I can do that won't cause me to breathe too hard. Any suggestions to get me going? Please note I am a beginner and even some low intensity stuff get's me pretty worked up. Thanks in advance for your help!! (also note I want to stay home to work out. I want to mall walk, but I don't want to spread this yuck even though I'm sure it's not contagious anymore).

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