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8/11/11 7:03 P

I have done Leslie Sansone and some walking outside. When I do Leslie Sansone I have found I can't do the side to side step as it really bothers my leg and also when outside walking on uneven terrain bothers it alot.

TPETRIE Posts: 18,677
8/10/11 6:27 P

I do Leslie Sansone WATP 2 mile walk. But I am limited. I have had a lower back fusion, and it is not much better. I also do a stationary bike and even WII bowling. When I can I go outside to do a 1mile walk. I do have problems with my right leg, especially the calf. I have been noticing it is getting worse. I do not have great balance so I have to make sure of my surroundings. You might want to try 10 minute intervals for your walking. Do this 3 times a day and you get your 30 minutes. I am getting worried about the leg pain also. The last time this happened I couldn't walk more than 100 steps and have to elevate my leg. Good luck, it's not easy. emoticon

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8/3/11 9:37 P

Hi, I don't have an exercise, but I do have a remidy for the leg cramps. I use to have them since I was a child and now in my late 50's I found out that 1/4 of tonic water EVERY night will
faithfully take your leg cramps away. I'm not suggesting something bad, but if you've never
tried tonic water, you can add a little alcohol to it and change the taste. Overall, the tonic water
really does work. I use the diet tonic water to not get so much sodium. Take care, I hope it
works. Linda emoticon

SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 42,369
8/2/11 10:22 P

You may want to try posting this in the fitness and exercise forum to get more responses.

Coach Denise

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8/2/11 10:15 P

Hi All

I have lymphedema in both of my lower legs, but for sure worse in the left leg. I have been committed this time to actually try to lose the weight. I also am hypothyroid which creates another challenge. I was doing leslie Sansones walking and I started with the one mile. It hurts my leg so much that it is effecting my sleep. Does anyone else have lyphedema and if so what kind of exercises have you done that provide the necessary cardio, without the severe pain. With this much leg pain its not possible to do the exercises and make it through my regular day.

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