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Most pools have a shallow end. Just moving around the pool will be exercise, and easier on the joint. My pool is 6' at the deep end, so I can bounce, and stay above the water. You could just stay in the part that is 5' and less though. I play pool volleyball a lot, or just hang on to the ledge, and kick my feet. Just get moving. You don't have to swim laps in some deep pool, or know how to swim. Even wading will burn calories.

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5/28/14 5:40 P

"Does anyone have any ideas on safe exercises that won't aggravate any of these conditions?"

Your doctor would! Give him/her a call.
My doctors were invaluable, especially in telling me exercises to avoid. No sense making things worse, eh?

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5/28/14 11:37 A


Have you talked to your doctor ? Because we don't know what you can or can't do, it's always best to take the advice of your doctor first. If your doctor has given you the all clear to exercise, you could start with chair aerobics.

If you can't stand for long periods, sit in a chair and do some upper body workouts. Coach Nicole has 2-3 different chair workouts posted in the fitness section. If you go to youtube and search on chair aerobics, you'll find lots more.

In a yoga class I've taken, half the students and the instructor suffered from sciatica. They all said the same thing, taking yoga has helped them manage the pain. So, talk to your doctor and ask them if you are healthy enough to do yoga. Don't start with a DVD, because of your sciatica, you'd need to work with a good instructor. Some poses will help and some could hurt. You would have to know your limitations. But, yoga could help if your doctor approves.

Can you walk ? If you can walk with out any pain, take a daily walk. there are member who will tell you how they lost 100+ pounds just by walking and watching what they ate. If you can only walk for 10 minutes before it gets painful, that's okay. You can break your workouts up into shorter segments and still get all the health benefits. Taking three 10 minute walks spaced out through the day still adds up to a 30 minute walk.

Also, you don't have to swim, there are lots of other things you can do in a pool for exercise. Water aerobics (done in the shallow end) has become extremely popular. So, if you do have access to a pool, see if water aerobics is offered. if so, that could be something else you could try.

And well, it's never too late to learn to swim. Your local Y would be a great place to take swimming lessons if you wanted to try.

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5/28/14 11:03 A

I have several joint issues and I'm looking for some advice on exercising. I have arthritis in my left knee, tendonitis in my left shoulder and sciatica (in my lower back). Does anyone have any ideas on safe exercises that won't aggravate any of these conditions? (I know swimming is usually hailed as a great low-impact exercise...but I can't swim emoticon )

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