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That would definitely be a question for her to ask her doctor, just to be safe.

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Sorry I was wrong...I said she is in her thirties, she is actually 42 (just looks young, ha!)
She is in fabulous condition aside from the neck injury that causes her pain and she used to be a hardcore runner when she was younger and tells me she would like to get back into it eventually.

So I am wondering if the pain med would affect her health while exercising?? Anybody else use hydrocodone for anything? my only experience with it was when I had my wisdom teeth taken out and I had absolutely no tolerance to the point of not being able to stand up straight!! She has much better tolerance than I had.

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5/5/13 7:54 P

I am asking this question for my neighbor....My neighbor who accompanies me on walks sometimes has been prescribed hydrocodone for chronic pain from a neck injury. She still likes to exercise daily (is in her thirties) doing low impact stuff but she also tells me that the pain med makes her dizzy/sleepy which, from my understanding, are the normal side effects of hydrocodone. So is it still safe for her to exercise while on this medicine? I am assuming she should build up a tolerance to it, right? The only concern I had was that if you injured yourself, the pain med could mask the injury, but I don't think that's too much of a concern, all she's doing right now is trying to keep up daily walks (though she did say shed like to be able to run short distances with me eventually).

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