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6/20/13 11:47 P

Thank you to everyone who reverted for your awesome feedback and Support :-) I'll definitely try and up my intake bit by bit and focus more on protein and then try to tone. emoticon emoticon

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6/20/13 3:25 P

The problem with your diet is that much of your weight loss is not only going to come from fat; it's also going to come from lean muscle tissue and organs. In fact, on VLCDs, the body tends to want to burn ANYTHING *but* fat! It's going to damage your metabolism over time, and the long term results will be that when you return to normal eating patterns, your body will likely put the weight back ON as it tries to store up for your next period of starvation.

You need to be under a doctor's care. VLCDs are not appropriate to do on your own without close medical monitoring to ensure you're healthy and safe, because you aren't taking enough nutrition to power your body's basic functions.

And to answer your original question, no amount of exercise is appropriate, because you are already taking in fewer calories than your body needs to function. Adding exercise on top of that will burn more lean muscle tissue, and compound the long-term effects of the crash diet you're on.

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6/20/13 8:56 A

Shay - as an adult, you're free to do as you wish to your body. Go ahead and give the additional exercise a shot. I can assure you that at some point your body is going to rebel and let you know loud and clear that it's not getting enough fuel to sustain what you're asking of it.

Have you entered your info into Spark and let it compute a calorie range for you? Are you tracking now? If not, try doing so for a few weeks to see where your current plan of eating is lacking. Shortages in calories, protein and fiber will eventually catch up with you.

If your ticker is correct, you probably don't have a lot to lose anyway, so patience and small sustainable changes is going to bring the best and most lasting results for you. You say you know 700 is too low, so why do it? If you lose the weight you want to and then return to your former way of eating, you're going to be right back where you started, probably with some additional weight and a slower metabolism to boot.

Best of luck to you finding the right way!

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6/20/13 6:57 A

You might be losing weight consistently right now, but that's likely to slow down or stop soon since you're eating so few calories. In addition to making weight loss more difficult, eating 700 calories per day is bad for your health since there's no way you can get all of the nutrients your body needs on a daily basis.

I'm sure it's exciting to see the number on the scale going down. But my advice is to find a healthy style of eating you can live with for the rest of your life, because that's how you lose weight but more importantly, keep it off for good.

Honestly, I'm not sure how you'd have the energy to add exercise to your routine on so few calories per day. Exercise is good for your health and can help with weight loss, so it's something I encourage everyone to add to their routine.

Coach Jen

6/20/13 6:31 A

uh-oh.. seems like i stepped over myself with that sorry but its not what i meant.. what my primary query was and still remains is that would, with my current intake, doing cardio+ST help me lose weight at the same/faster pace or would it stagnate/reduce the 2 lb/week loss I currently attain?

Thank you guys for your inputs

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6/20/13 6:11 A

"I heard first 2 weeks of any new exercise causes u to retain water. And as unfeasible as it may sound, the scale readings DO matter to me ALOT as Im still about 10 kgs off my good-weight range as it were 2 years back and Id like to get back there."

Let me get this straight: You don't want to gain water weight because it will increase the difference between your current weight and your goal weight, never mind that in the long run that exercise makes it easier to reach and maintain that weight? Being at a "good" or "healthy" weight means nothing if you have a high body fat percentage due to muscle loss (which is going to happen if you lose weight and don't strength train).

To be honest, it sounds like you have an unhealthy attitude towards the number on the scale. It's more important to you to be within a specific range than to be healthy.

6/20/13 5:11 A

Nope its not prescribed.. I eat till I feel satiated and am never in hunger pangs. Eating as Id described, I lose a little under 2 pounds a week. So I was wondering if doing the cardio+ST would halt my current rate of weight loss or would it enhance/maintain it cus I heard first 2 weeks of any new exercise causes u to retain water. And as unfeasible as it may sound, the scale readings DO matter to me ALOT as Im still about 10 kgs off my good-weight range as it were 2 years back and Id like to get back there.

Thanks for any help :-)!

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6/20/13 4:59 A

You're already in starvation mode on 700 calories a day.

Is your diet doctor prescribed?

6/20/13 3:42 A

Hi everyone...

I currently weigh 68 kgs, am a female and I eat about 700 calories a day with a sedentary lifestyle. I dont have any activity incorporated except for light, easy walks for about 30 mins maybe 2/3/4 days a week (about 2.5 km).

Could someone please tell me that if I begin to exercise (35-40 mins. brisk walking [abt 3.6 kms.]) the next 7 days and thereafter add about 30 mins. of strength training along with some core workout to the cardio, would I still lose weight or would I start gaining weight and/or plateau and/or go into "starvation mode" and not lose anything at all?

Additional info is that im apple shaped, Indian and have a total desk job.

I DO know that this caloric range is too low, but it floats my boat. Thanks in advance for your inputs!!

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