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SCD0479 Posts: 1
1/18/10 8:30 P

I live in an upstairs apartment and have two older women who live below me. I started P90X 6 days ago and have had some trouble with a few of the moves. I've had to modify them to less jumping so far. But I am planning on buying a mat that you would put under a treadmill and a yoga mat to help lessen the impact. After doing all that there is not a whole lot more that I can do. But so far, P90X has been so much fun! Just an hour a day. The only thing I am not too fond of is Yoga X (it just plain hurts) and Ab Ripper X. Ab Ripper X just moves so fast and my abs burn like crazy. I've done that one twice now and I am already seeing a bit of a difference. Only time will tell... But I know it already worked for my sister. She lost 40 lbs in 90 days. I'm just looking to gain muscle tone, gain more energy and just plain tone up. But I'm loving it so far!

USFGIRL86 SparkPoints: (0)
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5/17/09 9:39 P

Oh I so know how you feel, I'm on the 3rd floor of an apartment complex. Kickboxing, yoga, walking with Leslie Sansonne all will not shake the apartment. I can manage to do jump rope but I've learned how to do it without making too much noise.

BRIDGIE1028 SparkPoints: (501)
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5/17/09 9:16 P

Another good and quiet DVD is Debbie Siebers Slim in 6. I like to take that one when I have to go to a hotel for work.

KATYDEL1 Posts: 557
5/16/09 8:07 P

Thanks SASHARINTHA...I checked out the free videos and that is great!!! I like doing the sparkpeople videos particularly the bootcamp ones! Or the 10 minute workout videos on the market, helps to mix it up.

MARTY19 Posts: 53,177
5/16/09 7:21 P

I live on the 2nd floor too. I use the Leslie Sansone walking tapes every day and my landlord says it doesn't bother them.

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5/16/09 7:16 P

Check out for boot camp workouts and exercises

We have 13 plus
er-boot-camp.php locations.

4/3/09 2:30 A

You could try going to and check out the free 1, 2 & 3 mile walking videos (for free!!!). I did 2 of the videos tonight, and I really enjoyed it. Plus, I don't think I was loud since the moves really only require more or less walking (no jumping jacks in this cardio workout!).

GRANTER Posts: 42
3/17/09 11:46 P

Do check out craigslist. I got a healthrider rider machine for $25 it's totally silent and gives a great cardio workout. I'm also doing resistance band training with Tony Hortons' Ten Minute Trainer which is almost silent. And remember as long as your not banging around at 3 am there is this motto: "That's apartment living!" Once you live by it, it can be freeing. Peace.

3/17/09 9:58 P

I ended up doing some Wii Fit step aerobics for about 20 minutes today. I was still VERY paranoid about making people mad but so far so good. I should know by tomorrow if anyone complained.

3/17/09 9:08 P

When my mom was doing chemotherapy she was too tired to do much exercise. She found a show (I think on PBS) called "Sit and Be Fit". It's geared to seniors, but you could probably lift a milk jug for extra weight to boost the workout intensity.

ZZYYGGY SparkPoints: (0)
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3/17/09 4:57 P

Try Leslie Sansome's Walk at Home Video. It's 45 minutes of walking in place to music. It doesn't shake the whole building either, and it's very motivating. I live in a third floor apartment and have not heard a word of complaint from any of my neighbors. Also the Spark people fitness section has a number of cardio vides for ten minutes that you can replay as often as you need. They are great too. Good luck.

WAZZU.REN Posts: 3,331
3/17/09 4:53 P

I have this problem, living in a 3rd floor apartment with super creaky floors and paper thin walls. I have a floor mat that I bring out for some workouts that require a lot of jumping or joggin in place. Otherwise, I just make sure its the middle of the day and that I do it in the least noisy area of the living room. I can't wait to be out of an apartment!

SMILLY44 Posts: 82
3/17/09 4:32 P

I was JUST going to ask about this topic! I'm having the same problem as my floors are terribly squeaky! Good suggestions so far... keep them coming :)

BMAPLES1 Posts: 257
3/17/09 4:25 P

Well I can't seem to find the exact one that I purchased online..but it was lg enough to do a workout 'routine' on for the most part..and like I said, it absorbs well. If you are close to a Modell's sporting goods, (in my store at least) it's the only mat not marketed as a 'yoga mat'. It's black and rolls up with a velcro carrying case.

BMAPLES1 Posts: 257
3/17/09 4:13 P

I was having this same problem..I live in nyc and all apts have creaky wood floors. I realized I was actually holding my breath and moving awkwardly in order to do some of the moves in my workout dvds so that I wouldn't bother the neighbors downstairs. So just a couple of days I went to modells and bought a mat - It's NOT the yoga mats they sell...but a thicker, 'spongier' (for lack of a better word) workout mat. I tried it out a little when I got home and it seemed to absorb the noise much better than the yoga mat I had previously been trying to use. It was $25 ...They probably have it online as well. I'll check for you in just a sec...I'm at work right now and it'll take me a min :)

KATELIZA Posts: 50
3/17/09 2:26 P

I live in an apartment and I find that when I try lots of activities they actually are not as loud as I think they will be. I do the 30 day shred and there are only like 2 exercises that I feel are loud. Also I love Lots of the videos are free. I love Ballet Strength, Total Body Pilates, Circuit Training (with Marco), etc. All of those are free. Jumping jacks are also a good exercise and though it seems like they would be disruptive I find they really don't make that much noise. Good luck.

3/17/09 1:57 P

I live in an upstairs apartment, too, and I'm pretty sure that I make a lot of noise. Still, my neighbors are just as noisy and they haven't complained yet! I try to do exercise videos - Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred is a good one because it's circuit training (and doing lots of strength moves in quick succession is much quieter than jumping or running around!).

Try to find the least creaky/noisy part of your apartment and do your workouts there - if it helps, invest in a mat or lay some towels down to absorb the impact. There was another question like this a while ago and someone suggested buying a rebounder (which is like a mini trampoline). I haven't looked into this so I don't know how expensive they are, but I'm sure you can find them (gently) used online :)

3/17/09 1:38 P

If you go to and check the you tube workouts there you will see Mike Rouston doing all of the workouts in his high rise apartment. The variety of workouts is extensive and the equipment he uses is minimal.

For cardio a good quality jump rope is all you need and you will not disturb the downstairs if you use it correctly. Since you only need to lift your feet enough to clear the rope, one inch or less, you will make no more noise than you will walking.

There are some very challenging and tough workouts you can do and make minimal noise. Check the series of Tabata protocol workouts on my team site under the heading "Kick Ass Workouts"

ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (199,967)
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3/17/09 1:31 P

I'm with the Pizza Man on this one. If you've got neighbors smoking pot on either side of your apartment, they'll never know you're doing cardio ! They'll be too stoned to pay attention.

Therefore, feel free to do your own thing.

If you're short on cash, aren't we all, why not go to your local library ? You can borrow all sorts of exercise DVDs there.

You can also check thrift stores for cheap exercise equipment. I've found tons of different things at my local Goodwill. Need a Suzanne Summer's Thigh Master?

Well, they got 'em ! LOL !!!

There are plenty of ways to save money. You can borrow DVDs from the library. You can borrow health and fitness books from the library. You can read health magazines at the library too.

You can buy from thrift stores. You can even dumpster dive. I'll admit it. I've picked stuff up from the trash. It was perfectly good stuff ! why not ???

However, if you live in an apartment with inconsiderate neighbors, don't feel obligated to be nice to these people. They sure aren't considerate of you.

Therefore, get an exercise DVD and do your own thing.

3/17/09 1:11 P

Yes, it includes the stairs. I don't mind doing a little walking outside but I don't want to be out for a long period of time.

It also depends on the day. I happen to live in an apartment building with people on either side of me that smoke pot. They have random people over on some days and that makes me uncomfortable. Other days, they never leave their apartment. I'd have to see what kind of day it was.

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ETWBOK Posts: 262
3/17/09 1:08 P

I know you said you are not comfortable going outside but would that include even the stairs to your apartment? Walking up and down stairs is a great workout and you would never be far from the door to your apartment.

TSANTEZ SparkPoints: (30,405)
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Posts: 28
3/17/09 12:57 P

You can look at craigslist I have got a proform treadmill and elliptical for 100 buck each. There are some really good deals out there but be careful.

The best Resistance bands

Some from walmart

AEOLIUS SparkPoints: (66,245)
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3/17/09 12:45 P

any floor-based exercises would probably be fairly quiet (push-ups, sit-ups, pilates, yoga, etc.) any good cardio is going to be difficult as you can't really jump around without disturbing your neighbors. good luck--that's a tough one.

OCCULTPIZZA Posts: 3,466
3/17/09 12:42 P

Screw em! Unless it is 10pm at night or later, or you have a day sleeper under you screw em! ~smiles~

You won't be doing it that long or hard for anyone to complain, besides most people are probably at work except for other domestic engineers ~smiles~

I try and be hospitable, but I have a goal and no one is going to get in the way of it! ~smiles~.

REJLOC324 Posts: 3
3/17/09 12:41 P

You could try some of the lower impact spark people exercise videos. also has free online workout videos that might be worth a try :)

REJLOC324 Posts: 3
3/17/09 12:40 P

You could try some of the lower impact spark people exercise videos. also has free online workout videos that might be worth a try :)

3/17/09 12:26 P

I probably should have mentioned that I don't have a whole lot of money right now to pour into exercise equipment. My good friend is giving me an exercise ball and I'm going to get some hand weights and resistance bands, but I can't afford an exercise bike or anything.

TSANTEZ SparkPoints: (30,405)
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3/17/09 12:21 P

You can use a number of things, like a recumbent bike, elliptical, workout dvd's, resistance bands etc. Hope this helps.


3/17/09 12:19 P

I live in an upstairs apartment. What are some ways that I can exercise without shaking the whole apartment building?

I would go outside, but I am not really comfortable going outside by myself here. I can exercise outside when my husband is home and can go with me, though.

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