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6/30/13 2:16 P

Many companies are stressing employee health. If you're desk is away from customers they may think you show leadership by exercising in your cubicle. Sparks has a great chair exercises. You don't have to do them all at once. One exercise every hour or so will make you feel refreshed and tone your muscles. If you have a high cubicle (over your head) you can do almost any exercise. Maybe reference books for your job could double as weights.

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6/30/13 12:24 P

You can do squats or lunges. I've also done pushups with my palms resting on my desk (I have a sturdy, old-school wooden desk) and my feet extended out behind me, similar to "wall pushups". Also simply stretching is beneficial. I've had back problems for years and it is essential that every hour or two I get up and move around for a few minutes. Fortunately I have a good excuse with drinking so much water. Hope that helps!

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6/30/13 9:28 A

Are you able to find a way to stand while you work? Look up Standing Desks. It is supposed to be much healthier for us to stand rather than sit.

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6/24/13 4:28 P

As everyone else said, as long as your employer is okay with it, there are plenty of seated exercises you can do. The Limited Mobility section of Spark has quite a few seated exercises:

Lower body might be the best way to go overall, as you could obscure your leg movements under your desk. Good luck!

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6/24/13 4:21 P

If your workplace is okay with it, here's a desk workout you might want to try:

My boss encourages getting up for short bouts of activity throughout the day :)

Coach Jen

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6/24/13 3:23 P

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I usually discourage people from exercising at work because what happens if management sees you ? They might wonder if have time to exercise, you mustn't have enough work to keep you occupied.

I know you want to stay active, but you don't want to jeapardize your job either. I have an hour 8 desk job. I do most of workouts before or after work. It's no fun sitting all day, but would you rather have lots of time to exercise because you're not working ?

These days, companies will get rid of anyone they don't consider productive. It's a tough market. So if at all possible, try to do your workouts before or after work. Now, some simple things you can in the meantime... when you drive to work, park at the farthest end of the lot and walk the extra way. Try to take the stairs instead of the elevator. if you're on a very high floor, get off one or two floors before and walk up those stairs. that's something.

because like I said, you don't want management seeing you exercise while you should be working.

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6/24/13 3:17 P

Get up and walk around.

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6/24/13 3:16 P

I don't really exercise at work because sweating @ work = ew. But I will always take the stairs, take the long way to the water machine or the bathroom, and take a walk around the building during lunch.

6/24/13 3:09 P

I need ideas on what exercises I can do while sitting in my cubicle. Having to sit for 8 hrs and only 30 min break is not really anyone's dream of spending your days when you're trying to be fit.

Any ideas?

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